15 of the Greatest Places and Bars To Find Single Cougars In Fresno for 2018

Cougars in Fresno love the artsAre you looking for information on where to find cougars in Fresno, California?  You’ll be happy to know that there are lots of places where you can spot older women having a good time.

Whether hanging out in a cougar bar to have a few drinks or in the company of friends, mature women in the city know how to have fun.

Where Can You Find Cougars In Fresno?

Here are the top places to go to if you want to meet up with a cougar in Fresno, California:

The Standard Restaurant and Lounge  is a cougar favorite

There’s a decent selection of draft beers in this restaurant, and the food is impressive to say the least. The crowd is a mixture of mature patrons and younger clients.

You’d want to be in the patio, where a lot of customers hang out especially in the summer. Be sure to have your pick-up game in sharp form.

One piece of advice— arrive here early on a Friday night as the place gets packed quickly.

The Standard Restaurant and Lounge is located at 9455 N Fort Washington Road.

Cougar Life is as easy as it gets to find cougars in Fresno (click to try for free)

Cougar Life is the top online dating site that specifically caters to mature women in their 30s and 40s.

Every year we conduct a big review of all the top cougar dating websites and Cougar Life has consistently been #1 for the past few years.

Try them out for free with this special offer and you can check them out with your own eyes.

You will be surprised to find a good number of cougars in Fresno who are members of this site.

Chat away or leave a message to a cougar you’re interested in.

Who knows, you will be with her in a week or two!

Shop at Sam’s Italian and Deli Market

There are also lots of cougars who are shopping for great food. One good destination for them is this deli market that celebrates the culinary excellence of southern Italy.

Located at 2415 N. First Street, it is filled with Italian essentials like meat, cheese, olive oil and pastas. Cougars who like to cook are often found here.

You don’t need to be an excellent chef yourself to be able to nail a middle-aged woman here.

But knowing some Italian dining terms and cooking tips can greatly help you in chatting with a mature lady.

Go Artsy at Fresno Art Museum

Not all cougars in Fresno are hanging out in bars hoping to be picked up by younger men. Some are in art museums like the Fresno Art Museum.

Here, they can be seen viewing exhibitions and even attending lectures and panel discussions. You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to be able to get a mature woman’s attention here.

Just put your humor and confidence in full display and you’ll have a real good chance of dating a lady you’re attracted with.

Hang out around the River Park

This is a busy retail spot composed of three different shopping areas—the River Park Plaza, The Market Place, and the Shops.

Yes, three shopping areas make the River Park a dream destination not only for cougars in Fresno but women regardless of their age.

You don’t have to tire yourself going around the park, as there are stores and coffee shops where you can sit down while looking for a cougar to approach.

 Elbow Room has a laid-back ambiance

Of course, you can’t stay away from bars and pubs if you really want to get a cougar as a date. There are lots of establishments in Fresco where cougars flock. Elbow Room is one of them.

This is a huge restaurant with lots of tables, and a bar right smack in the middle. The bar selection isn’t really that impressive but the food is great.

The prices are reasonable so there’s no need to worry about spending too much here.

It helps that the bar has a very laid-back atmosphere. If you can’t get a mature woman in the bar to talk to you, go out to the patio where there are more middle-aged women hanging out.

Lancer’s Bar and Grill to mix it up

The bar plays a diverse set of music. One moment you’ll hear EDM and the next second, you’ll hear a mix of 80s and 90s music.

Perhaps that’s one reason why cougars like it here. Aside from that, the bar serves standard American fare. The prices of both food and drinks are affordable.

If you plan on going here, schedule it on a Friday or Saturday. There’s a karaoke that starts at 9 on both days, with shooter specials at $3.

You can get drinks for as low as $1.5 during happy hours.

Hunt for Cougars in Fresno at Vino & Friends Wine Store

Vino and Friends is the go-to destination of cougars in Fresno who love to sip wine instead of drinking beer and other spirits.

The staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to wine; they’ll give you great advice on which wine to pair with a certain food.

Don’t think that this is your typical upscale restaurant offering wine as the ambiance is very casual and laid-back.

Some patrons come dressed in simple shirt and jeans. Of course, you want to impress a hot momma so be choosy with what you’ll wear.

HCK Kitchen & Cocktails has nice drinks and food selection

This bar and restaurant has a decent selection of beer and food. But you’re not going there to get drunk and full, right?

So stay in the patio and wait for a cougar that will catch your attention. The bar is always full on Friday nights, so arrive here early.

Drop by Neighbors Tap and Cook House

Located at 1175 N. Fowler Avenue, this is a sports bar with a good selection of foods and drinks.  The crowd however, is not as noisy as those in your typical sports bar which makes it a better hunting ground for cougars.

Make sure you have your pick-up lines ready so you can get a cougar to say yes to your advances.

The Hottest Cougar Bars in Fresno

Cougar Bars in Fresno For Hot LadiesOur favorite cougar bars for single women:

Kan Zaman Hookah Lounge merges hookah with cougar bars in Fresno

Does your ideal cougar like to smoke?

If you’re looking for a woman who shares your affinity for tobacco, then you should try this hookah lounge.

Kan Zaman Hookah Lounge is well known for its friendly staff, roomy location, and special house blends of tobacco.

Guests can also enjoy coffee, tea, and other alcoholic drinks while visiting.

Customers love this spot because it’s a great place to unwind and it is open until midnight most of the week.

So if you’re looking for a luscious lady, try visiting Friday through Sunday – its most popular evenings.

The Standard Restaurant and Lounge is a stellar bar with mature females

Located at 9455 N Fort Washington Road, The Standard Restaurant and Lounge needs to be on your list of Fresno cougar bars.

Impress that attractive woman while feasting on crispy calamari, filet mignon, seared ahi or all-American sliders.

Then tantalize her taste buds with a treat from the dessert menu.

Female clientele love the molten lava cake and crème brulee.

For the extra elegant couple, try something off of this bar’s martini menu or cigar, scotch and whiskey menu.

There is also a decent selection of draft beers if your new lady friend prefers a lighter taste.

If you’re looking for a Friday night date, be sure to arrive early as the place gets packed quickly.

Atrium Lounge is your hotel cougar hotspot in Fresno with an outdoor view

If you’re in search of cougar bars in Fresno with style and class, look no further than Atrium Lounge at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton.

Fiery females can be found enjoying a sexy cocktail along the bar.

Young men can further impress these ladies with great conversation while enjoying gourmet appetizers.

If you prefer something other than the cocktail selections, patrons can try Atrium’s list of beers and wines.

Lancer’s Bar and Grill is your cougar bar in Fresno for dive eats

If you’re looking for mellow cougar bars in Fresno to meet an older woman, try Lancer’s Bar and Grill.

During happy hour, cougars love the Lancer’s offerings, especially its drinks for as low as $1.50.

For those young guys who like to lure in the ladies over music, this bar has a great selection of tunes.

At any moment patrons can hear EDM, 80s and 90s music tracks over the speakers.

For the more adventurous types, try visiting on a Friday or Saturday when Lancer’s hosts karaoke.

The singing begins at 9 pm and the bar offers specially priced shooters for $3.

Neighbors Tap and Cook House is your cougar bar in Fresno with live music

Located at 1175 N. Fowler Avenue, this sports bar is known among its female clientele for a great selection of food and drink.

Open Monday through Sunday, Neighbors offers 88 am breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.

Older female patrons love this spot for football viewing, a plethora of beers on tap and generous portions of food.

All of this means that they are certain that Neighbors is bound to attract the men they like – younger gents!

Aside from great food, this cookhouse also hosts live entertainment.

Be sure to check the calendar online for its upcoming shows.

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