Cougar Fling Review – Is Legit or a Fake?

In this Cougar Fling review we will take a deep look at to see if it is a legit site or a fake you should avoid. As we have proven over and over in our Best Cougar Dating Site Review it isn’t easy to find a cougar dating site that is legitimate.

It isn’t always easy to tell if a site like Cougar Fling is legitimate but we have become very good at doing so. Unfortunately you will not be seeing cast in a favorable light in our Best Cougar Dating Site Review. As we will detail below Cougar Fling does not appear to make the grade of a site worth spending any further time with.

Cougar Fling Review

Is Legit or a Scam?

Warning Sign #1 – Outdated website design

CougarFling review homepage of cougarfling.comWhen you first log onto Cougar Fling you are greeted with a website that looks like it is straight from 2005. This makes even more sense when you see that the site was first launched in 2006. Basically this site hasn’t been updated in about a decade!

Online dating is an extremely competitive industry where the users experience on the site is very important. If you look at any of the top sites around, like Cougar Life, you will see modern design. doesn’t have anything near that.

A site like Cougar Fling should have a modern looking design if it is making any money at all. The primary reason that would look so outdated is if it wasn’t making any money. If Cougar Fling isn’t making any money it is most likely because the site doesn’t have many real members. This is a big warning sign.

Warning Sign #2 – Cougar Fling tries to sell you immediately with fake profiles

Fake profiles from the Cougar Fling review of CougarFling.comImmediately after registering on you are sent to a page where you can register for a paid subscription. Even before you can checkout the site they are trying to get you to pay. Not ideal but not that unusual.

What is most alarming is that the profile pictures that are shown on this part of appear to be fake. You can’t click on any of the pictures which in our experiences means they are not real profiles. If this site was legitimate would they need to show you fake profiles to get you to sign up? It’s already looking pretty bad for Cougar Fling at this point.

Warning Sign #3 – Lots of adds for other sites

Cougar Fling addsOnce you get past the sales page on you are immediately sent to a page covered in adds. Legitimate paid sites don’t try to send you to another site as soon as you arrive.

Cougar Fling will constantly bombard you with adds for cam girls and other extremely sketchy looking sites. If this is the type of partner that Cougar Fling looks for we are in the wrong place. There are a lot of pictures of naked women trying to get you spend you time anywhere but on the actual site. Real cougar dating sites don’t do this!

Warnings Sign #4 – Only one cougar online on a Saturday afternoon

Like any man interested in cougar dating online I want to know what type of women are on any particular site. In the case of Cougar Fling we need to keep that singular. On the Saturday afternoon that I investigated the site there was exactly ONE woman online for the whole site! I don’t know about you but those are not good odds.

I went further and continued to explore the profiles of other members on Cougar Fling. Without fail nearly every profile I could find, and 100% of the attractive women, showed that it had been “over two weeks” since they had logged in. Basically, is a ghost town. There simply are no women on this site. There may be thousands of men, I didn’t investigate this population, but almost zero women.


At this point of my investigation it became clear that I had seen enough. Cougar Fling was a dead site and will not be showing up on our Top Cougar Dating Site Review. There may have been a time when had a lot of attractive women on it but that is long in the past. In it’s place is nothing more then an outdated shell that serves only to collect money from men who don’t read reviews like this one or to send them to other sites.

This Cougar Fling review is exactly the reason why reviews are necessary. The internet is filled with sites like that do nothing but waste the time of men interested in dating older women.

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