The 9 Dating Apps in Norfolk That Are Actually Worth Your Time In 2019

The dating apps worth your time in NorfolkDating in Norfolk can sometimes be difficult. Just 31% of the area’s population is currently single and even the people not in relationships tend to be focused on their careers. And who can blame them? Norfolk is a military town and people are busy. This isn’t Salem after all, it’s the heart of southern Virginia. In such a tough situation, what’s a single person to do aside from tracking down the best Norfolk dating apps?

Fortunately, dating apps are a great way to connect with other local singles. They can help you sort through the city’s 243,000 residents to find those whose interests match your own. Whether you’re from Lafayette Shores or Edgewater, dating apps can get you out of the apartment so you can go have some fun. There’s only one problem: how do you know which to choose?

There are so many options that picking the best one for you can be a chore. You’re busy enough as it is and you don’t need to waste hours combing through all the gimmicks and marketing BS just to figure out which app you want to download. Thankfully, we’ve taken the guesswork out by doing the research ourselves.

We have put together a list of the apps we’ve had the most success with along with recommendations from some of our smartest friends in Norfolk. Whether you’re a newly stationed mid looking to meet some locals or a college student from NSU or Old Dominion who needs to find a date for Friday night, these apps are sure to help. Go out, explore, and let us know how these apps helped you in the comments below.

Dating Apps in Norfolk That Actually Work

To begin, we are going to go over several of the dating apps that are most effective to people with specific interests. If your desires align with what these apps have to offer you won’t find a better option in the area.

Guys interested in women over 35 and women interested in younger guys should try Cougar Life’s free trial first

The men in Norfolk are fortunate because there are actually quite a few attractive single women over 35. The problem is finding good places to actually meet them and strike up a conversation. These women tend to have busy lives and don’t hang out in the typical bars and clubs where you can meet women in their 20’s.

Instead, more and more often these women are using Cougar Life (which you can try for free here). When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. What is more efficient than being able to meet other single people 24/7 while relaxing at home? When you have a career but still want a social life you have to rely on technology to make it happen.

For guys in their 20’s and 30’s who are interested in dating older women Cougar Life is really the best option. They are the largest and highest quality app out there that this dedicated to helping women 35+ find success with online dating. There is a bit of a stigma against women dating guys older than they are so an app like this that makes it easy and circumvents any societal judgments is amazing.

If you want to find the best cougar dating app in Norfolk, you found it.

Elite Singles is amazing If you are really only interested in dating college grads

With quite a few colleges and junior colleges in Norfolk (and a large number of college graduates who attended school elsewhere) it’s safe to say that our city is more educated than others might think. One thing that is fairly common among college graduates is a strong desire to date other people who also take their education seriously. That is where Elite Singles really shines.

This app is unique because over 85% of their members have college degrees and on average are doing WAY better for themselves than members of other apps. If you have already gone through the struggle of getting your degree and investing in yourself it makes sense that you would want to date someone who can also understand that.

Elite Singles is still one of the newer apps on the block but they are adding 500,000+ new members a month so the selection is actually pretty good around here. They are in that sweet spot where they are big but not “too big”. Give their free trial a shot and see what we mean. You might not see it in The Virginian but it is great!

The Norfolk dating app singles parent are getting the best results with is eHarmony

Being a single parent is tough enough without throwing dating into the mix. How can you balance your busy schedule with finding someone that:

  • You find attractive
  • Is open to children
  • Is actually good with kids
  • Isn’t married
  • Isn’t crazy
  • Isn’t broke

It can be crazy hard in the best of circumstances and feel outright impossible if you don’t get a little help from technology. That is why we recommend eHarmony to the single parents out there.

There are over 12 Million single parent households out there so you are not alone. The trick to finding dating success for single parents is taking a broader approach. That means using a dating app that has a lot of people that use it and allows for some sophisticated filtering and matching so that you waste as little time as possible.

Where eHarmony really stands out is there are a huge number of members (over 15 Million) and their extremely unique signup and matching process. You will spend a little more time getting set up than with other apps but it is totally worth it in the long-run. By taking the time to fill out their initial questions you can tailor the matches you get better than anywhere else.

Most singles parents have very little free time and the last thing you want to do is waste that on a date with someone that obviously is a bad match for you. eHarmony allows you to eliminate a huge number of bad dates from your life and actually help you find someone who checks all your boxes. Give their trial a shot!

If you’re fortunate to be a very attractive guy (we are talking 9/10 or better) or woman Tinder is going to work pretty well for you

Tinder is extremely popular around here, especially with those 18-28, and for good reason. For the younger crowd it can work amazingly well, at least through your college years. Once you start hitting 23-24+ it really starts to taper off unless you are a very attractive guy or decent looking woman.

The problem with Tinder is that it has kind of become a victim of its own success. There are so many people using it now that the vast majority of matches that actually turn into something go to the best looking guys and a huge percentage of the women use it only for self-validation. You hear a lot about people using Tinder but not a lot that actually have much success.

No good list of apps that work here would be complete without Tinder but if you have hit your mid to late 20’s there is a good chance you can do better elsewhere (even Captatin Ron’s).

Adult FriendFinder is the best app for a quick hookup (unless you are an amazing looking guy)

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be able to make hooking up easy. In reality, especially around Norfolk, there are only two apps that work. We already talked about Tinder and it’s limitations but Adult FriendFinder is really the app that is going to be most useful for the vast majority of people out there.

Now Adult FriendFinder isn’t the newest app around but they have the huge benefit of being by far the largest app of its type (aside from Tinder) with over 25 MILLION visits a month. That’s a lot of people looking for hookups! This is the type of app that works all over the place and not just in New York City or LA.

These types of apps definitely are not for everyone, they are 100% focused on helping men and women find other people to hookup with quickly and easily. If you are tired of hanging out in bars and clubs and just want to get down to business check them out. All the other “hookup apps” are a complete waste of time.

If you’re a big and beautiful woman (or a guy who loves them) BBW Cupid is your spot

Typical dating apps can be unforgiving to women who don’t conform to standard ideas of what’s attractive. Women with a different look can be insulted or completely ignored on more general dating apps. This leads to many of the BBW out there to completely avoid these apps in order to stay away from the negativity. That, in turn, makes it even harder for men who love BBW’s to find them.

It’s a vicious cycle!

The solutions for Norfolk locals is BBW Cupid. They are the largest and most established app out there that is ONLY for BBW and the men that want to date them. There is no shaming here because everyone is on the app for exactly the same reasons. This takes so much pressure off both the men and the women and actual dating success is so much higher.

If you are a BBW (or admirer) that hasn’t had a lot of luck on other apps do yourself a favor and give them a shot.

Christian’s have had the best success with Christian Mingle

Using a dating app to meet people as a Christian can be a frustrating and challenging experience if you don’t know where to start. It can be pretty difficult to filter out people who identify as “Christian” and those that actually take their Christian beliefs seriously. Not to mention the temptation of trying to convert that amazing guy or girl you see who just needs a little help from you to see the light!

Fortunately, we have Christian Mingle. The most popular Christian dating app (they have over 16 million members) it does a really good job of attracting people that have a faith that is very important to them and a prominent part of their life. If that sounds like you, this is the app for you.

If you are looking for the best Christian dating app in Norfolk this should be your first app to try.

Our Time is where the over 50 crowd has been having the best success

As dating apps become more and more mainstream it only natural that the over 50 crowd is getting into the game as well. In fact, dating apps are surprisingly popular around here with a lot of folks you wouldn’t assume are using their phone to meet other single people.

Our Time has the largest number of users over 50 (they get over 7 million users a month) and REALLY does a great job of making an app that is easy to use even if you are not good with technology. Even if you have never used an app for dating and are nervous about the experience they can help.

Finding attractive single people in your age range gets harder and harder as you get older, especially over 50. Our Time the largest and best community for men and women who are a little more experienced but still have a lot of life to live. Give them a shot.

Grindr continues to be the top dating app for gay men in Norfolk while Pink Cupid has been solid for the lesbians

Grindr is the ever-present dating app for gay men in most of the English speaking world and it is no different around here. It has been the go-to app for several years now but more competition is popping up for them every day. None of the new gay dating apps can really compete yet but in a year or two that might change.

One call-out with Grindr is it tends to be very short-term focused. If you are looking for something more long-term you might do better on some of the more standard “dating” apps.

For the ladies, Pink Cupid has been rapidly rising in popularity. There hasn’t really been a clear winner when it comes to the best dating app for lesbians but that seems to be changing. Pink Cupid has been the favorite for lesbians in the area and they have had some pretty good things to say about it.

Long story short, lesbians around Norfolk should check out Pink Cupid and guys interested in the short-term always have Grindr.

General and Free Dating Apps for Norfolk

Now we are going to cover a couple of the more general dating apps that have been working here for us and those we know. These are all broader apps that don’t target a particular group of people or interest.

eHarmony works best for people who are looking for actual relationships

With a massive number of people using it and a truly unique matching process, eHarmony is the dating app that leads to the most actual relationships. They are not the newest app around but newer isn’t always better. You have probably seen their commercials (they are on all the time) so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see them show up here.

One thing eHarmony is very good at is getting their members to actually commit to the process of finding someone new. Their signup process is pretty intensive and involves you answering a lot of questions about yourself and what you are looking for. Then, they take your answers and use them to match you up with other people who you would be compatible with. It takes a little time but it is worth it.

This process is extremely beneficial for two reasons. First, it weeds out all the people who are just looking and not really committed. This allows for a collection of people who are actually motivated to take action instead of just looking at pictures.

Second, it saves you a ton of time mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of profiles. If you don’t have a ton of free time you don’t want to waste hours and hours reading through profiles of people you are not compatible with or worse, actually wasting time and money on bad dates.

eHarmony does a fantastic job of streamlining the process, matching you up with compatible people, and saving you a TON of time and money.

If you are looking for something short term or are low on funds OkCupid is the best free dating app

Okcupid is probably the most well-known and used free dating app out there at the moment. They have a huge number of users and their site is free to use. That is the good news.

Unfortunately, OkCupid suffers from all the same problems that other free apps just more so. Any time you have a free app with a lot of users it becomes very competitive very quickly. Much like on Tinder, the vast majority of communication happens between the top 10% of men and the top 30-40% of women. That’s great if you are a guy in the top 10% but is often a less than great experience for the rest of us.

OkCupid can still work out for more normal people but you have to spend a LOT more time and effort. It really becomes a numbers game. You have to spend a significant amount of time searching through profiles, messaging people, and following up before anything real comes out of it. If you have the time that’s great. If you are busy it might not be a great fit for you and you should consider one of the other apps on our list.

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