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The best dating apps for various cities around the world for singles.
A woman using Texas dating apps while working from home
These Are The Top 5 Dating Apps in Texas to Use in 2022 According to Dating Coaches

In light of the pandemic, dating these days can be more difficult than ever. If you feel like...

The 5 Dating Apps in Florida that You Shouldn't Pass On in 2022 According to Dating Coaches

The pandemic has changed the way we communicate in the world. Nowadays, people are finally starting to get...

A woman calling a cab to meet someone she met on a Tennessee dating app
The Top 5 Tennessee Dating Apps in 2022 Dating Coaches Prefer

Dating in the modern age is a new frontier; it’s never been harder to get out and meet...

A woman in a red shirt checking out the top New York dating apps
The Top 5 New York Dating Apps that Will Get You a Date According to Dating Coaches

Dating has changed, and it’s never been so challenging to get out and meet new people. Almost everyone...

A beautiful woman using a San Juan dating app at the beach
TheTop 5 Dating Apps in San Juan Puerto Rico According to Dating Experts

What are the best dating apps in San Juan, Puerto Rico? If you’re planning to meet people to...

A woman with a tan trying out some new Missouri dating apps
Theas Are The 5 Best Missouri Dating Apps Every Single Person Needs in 2022

If you’re frustrated with modern dating’s reliance on dating apps, you’re not alone. Choosing the best dating apps...

2022's Top 5 Maryland Dating Apps that Dating Experts Recommend

Who isn’t frustrated with these so-called "up and coming" dating apps in Maryland? There’s simply too many to...

A young woman smiling while using her favorite Colorado dating apps
The 5 Unbeatable Colorado Dating Apps to Use in 2022 According to Experts

Frustrated with modern dating? Who isn’t! And choosing the best dating apps in Colorado is more difficult than...

A woman in a green scarf trying out Wisconsin dating apps for the first time
These Are The Best 5 Wisconsin Dating Apps and Sites Worth Checking Out in 2022

Let’s be honest - modern dating apps can lead to plenty of frustration. From having too many choices,...

A woman in a park looking for a date in an Akron dating app
These Are The Top 5 Akron Dating Apps that Experts Recommend in 2022

Finding the right dating apps in Akron can be a bit difficult. In fact, finding the right dating...

The Top 5 Tallahassee Dating Apps of 2022 Dating Coaches Are Recommending

Tallahassee is a huge city--the biggest in Florida's Panhandle region. So you'd think that finding a date would...

A young woman using Salt Lake City dating apps while lounging on the sofa
These Are The 5 Best Salt Lake City Dating Apps for Singles (From the Experts)

Finding the best dating apps in Salt Lake City can take up a ton of your time and...

A woman using the best dating apps in Madison while on the couch
2022's Top 5 Dating Apps in Madison That Dating Coaches Recommend

Have you ever tried choosing dating apps in Madison? If so, you probably know just how difficult it...

Using the best Toledo hookup apps to find a date this evening
The Top 9 Toledo Dating Apps and Sites Dating Coaches Recommend in 2022

Have you found that choosing dating apps in Toledo, Ohio is more difficult than you initially thought? With...

A woman using the best Lubbock dating apps while at work
The Top 5 Lubbock Dating Apps You Should Be Using in 2022

Choosing the best dating apps in Lubbock, Texas is more difficult than it has ever been. Why? There...

The Best Dating Apps in Amarillo that Experts Actually Use in 2022

Dating in a city like Amarillo isn't easy. We know this from experience. As a popular stop along...

A woman picking a match from a Buffalo dating app
The Top 5 Dating Apps in Buffalo That Are Working in 2022

Have you found that choosing dating apps in Buffalo, NY is more difficult than ever? With so many...

The Top Dating Apps in Boise That Dating Coaches Prefer in 2022

Frustrated with modern dating? Choosing the best dating apps in Boise is more difficult than it has ever...

A woman using Washington dating apps while at the lake
Our Top 5 Dating Apps in Washington State That Dating Experts Recommend

Washington's dating scene has always been bustling. Whether it’s the culturally rich city of Seattle or a smaller...

The 5 Top Dating Apps in Arizona that Dating Experts Recommend in 2022

Navigating the dating space can be a difficult task in Arizona. While there are many eligible singles in...

Woman in glasses using a Pennsylvania dating app at a cafe
The 5 Best Dating Apps in Pennsylvania to Try in 2022 According To Dating Experts

The ongoing global pandemic has upended pretty much every aspect of everyday life, including dating. Over the last...

A beautiful woman in a cafe using the top Providence dating apps
The Top 5 Dating Apps in Providence for 2022 That Dating Pros Love

Providence, Rhode Island is the perfect mix of small-town charm with big city living. You've got friendly folks,...

The 5 Best Alabama Dating Apps For Singles in 2022 According to Dating Coaches

Picture this: You're on holiday on the gulf coast, surrounded by lots of beautiful women. You talk to...

A woman in a coffee shop using Modesto dating apps to get a date
2022's 5 Best Modesto Dating Apps That You Need To Try

Ah, good old Modesto, California. Some people say its dating scene is nonexistent. And while the city has...

The Top 5 Dating Apps in McKinney for 2022 Recommended By Dating Coaches

McKinney, Texas is a great place—kind locals, plenty of parks and outdoor activities, and warm weather. It’s no...