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The best dating apps for various cities around the world for singles.
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The 9 Best Washington DC Dating Apps & Sites (The Top Options of 2022)

Although there are plenty of eligible singles in Washington, DC, finding the one for you can be tough....

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Seattle's Best Dating Apps & Sites For Singles (From the Experts)

Meeting singles in person has been tricky for a while now but the pandemic has dramatically changed how...

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The Top Las Vegas Dating Apps & Sites (9 Best Options for 2022)

So many people go to Vegas every year to get away from their daily grind. On the one...

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The 9 Best Portland Dating Apps & Sites in 2022 (Our Favorites)

Portland is a city that never gets bored, especially when it comes to dating. You can meet so...

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The 9 Best Dating Apps & Sites in Oklahoma City for 2022

Finding a date isn’t easy, especially if you’re a busy guy or none of your friends are great...

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The 10 Best Dating Apps and Sites in Chicago That Will Work For You In 2022

Finding a date can be… hard, especially since the pandemic has made us even more hesitant to approach...

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The Top 10 Orlando Dating Apps and Sites That Are Actually Worth Trying In 2022

The best dating apps in Orlando can help you go from zero love life to a full-fledged relationship...

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Tampa's Best Dating Apps & Sites (From the Experts)

Finding the best dating apps in Tampa is always a big challenge if you don't have all day...

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The Best St. Louis Dating Apps & Sites For 2022 (Expert Picks)

Figuring out which of the best dating apps in St. Louis is the right one for you is...

With these 10 Louisville dating sites, you'll be able to find love.
10 of The Best Louisville Dating Sites That Are Well Worth Your Time

Louisville is known for its famous sluggers, the favorite baseball bat of legends like Babe Ruth. But not...