How To Give A Girl Oral: 10 Tips For Rocking Her World

Woman orgasming from man leraning how to give a girl oral

Oral sex can be a great way to show a girl you're truly interested in giving her pleasure. If you're going to learn how to give a girl oral, however, it's important to go all-in on technique. You also want to make sure she's totally on board with this type of sex. 

10 Tips On How To Give A Girl Oral

As with other kinds of intimacy, oral sex is both a physical and mental experience. In other words, there's a lot more to it than just planting your lips on her nether regions. The goal is to give her amazing sex; that means including a little finesse in how you go about it. With this in mind, here are 10 tips for how to give a girl oral she won't forget. 

1. Make sure she's comfortable 

It goes without saying that you should always ask before initiating oral sex. While you might love the giving part, remember that not every woman enjoys receiving. In a 2016 study, 69 percent of women said that receiving oral sex was "very pleasurable." However, this means that another 31 percent didn't enjoy it.

There can be various reasons for this. In some cases, women simply don't like the sensation. In others, past sexual trauma or abuse makes them feel too vulnerable to find oral sex pleasurable.

Whatever the reason, make sure the lady in your life is comfortable with oral sex. Discuss it beforehand and let her know you would enjoy going down on her as long as she agrees. 

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2. How to give a girl oral by finding the best position

Many women already know how they prefer to receive oral. So let her take the lead if she has a favorite position already.

If you're both into experimenting, you can try placing a pillow under her hips to elevate her pelvis. This makes it easier for you to get access to the areas you need to be. And it can also ease pressure on her hips and lower back.

If you're feeling particularly frisky? You can try having her get on all fours while you lie on your back underneath her. Then, let her lower her hips toward your face. This gives her more control over the pressure, which can make her feel sexy and empowered.

You can also take your sexy time to the shower. Have her lean against the wall with one leg braced on a shelf or the edge of the tub. The combination of your mouth and water hitting her nipples and other sensitive parts can make for a memorable experience.  

3. Set a nice and easy pace 

Oral sex isn't a race, and there are no prizes for seeing how quickly you can get a girl off. In fact, slow and steady can be the key to maximizing her pleasure.

According to one study, it takes the average woman 13 minutes and 25 seconds to achieve orgasm. Obviously, this time can vary from woman to woman. In the same study, women's orgasm times ranged from five minutes all the way up to 21 minutes. If you don't pace yourself, you (and your tongue) could tire out long before she's ready to finish.

Also, keep in mind that the clitoris and surrounding anatomy are incredibly sensitive areas. If you go in like a jackhammer, your efforts are more likely to overwhelm and irritate rather than entice and seduce. Start with featherlight licks, then move on to broader, stronger strokes.

You can even suck the clit into your mouth, but only after you've spent some time warming her up. After all, a good song doesn't start with a rocking drum solo. Rather, it starts slow and builds up to a spine-tingling climactic moment. video course

4. How to give a girl oral? It's about more than the clitoris 

When you're thinking about ways to rock your girl's world, anatomy lessons probably aren't the first thing on your mind. However, an alarming number of men are woefully ignorant about the female body.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 50 percent of men can't identify the vagina on a diagram. If you can't find it, how are you going to pleasure it?

Before you dive in, take time to brush up on all the things you should have learned in health class. Get familiar with the vagina, labia, and clitoris. Learning how to give a girl oral sex is about knowing where all the parts are located. That way, you can give each one the attention it deserves.   

5. How to give a girl oral that involves her whole body

Just because you're performing oral doesn't mean you should ignore the rest of her body. In fact, there are some unexpected erogenous zones located around the inner thighs, backs of the knees, and feet.

You can blow her mind by using both your hands and your tongue. Gently massage and tease areas around these pleasure zones while you give her oral. Many women enjoy light and gentle scratching movements—just make sure the pressure isn't so light that it tickles.

Pay attention to other erogenous zones, too. These include the neck, chest, and nipples. You can get her aroused and wet by starting at the top of her body and working your way down. 

6. Vary up your tongue movements

When it comes to oral sex, your tongue is obviously going to play a starring role. There are many techniques to try, including kissing, licking, sucking, and maybe even the occasional nibble.

Just remember that men and women usually experience oral sex differently. The pressure and sensations that feel good to you during oral sex might be too abrasive for her.

If you're unsure what she likes or dislikes, just ask. Communication is always a good idea during sex. Ask her to tell you what feels good and what's less pleasurable. This can help you become an expert on how to give her toe-curling oral sex every time. 

7. Focus on pleasure, not orgasm

Television and movies might give the impression that women aren't sexually satisfied unless they have an earth-shattering orgasm. But this simply isn't true.

Oral sex can be about much more than climax. It's a great way to foster intimacy and deepen your relationship. Above all else, it should be about pleasuring her however she wants to experience pleasure.

This means making the focus what she wants—not necessarily what you want. In one study, researchers found that some women declined oral sex from a male partner because they didn't want to feel pressured to reciprocate. Make it clear that you're in this to deliver pleasure, not set up some kind of quid pro quo.

8. How to give a girl oral by using toys

In many cases, you can increase the intensity of oral sex by using toys like a vibrator. Most vibrators are small enough to let you maneuver them while still having plenty of room to use your mouth.

The combination of your tongue and the vibration can be a powerful duo that takes her to the edge and beyond. According to one study, chances are she's already using one. Research shows that about half of all Americans use a vibrator during sex. It also shows women who use vibrators report higher sexual satisfaction and higher rates of orgasm.

9. Know how she feels about post-oral kissing

Specifically, not every woman is okay with it. You might prefer to avoid smooching after she goes down on you. And some women like a little mouthwash action before locking lips after oral sex.

You might feel embarrassed talking about these types of things beforehand. But having a frank discussion ahead of time can prevent awkward encounters in the heat of the moment.

In some cases, you won't even have to ask if your girl is down with a post-oral kiss. If she's really fired up, she might initiate the kiss on her own. That's definitely one way to remove all doubt.

10. Skip the ABCs

There's no shortage of oral sex advice that recommends mouthing the alphabet as a way of discovering what turns her on.

While it might sound good in theory, the reality is that most women just find this weird. By only tracing out each letter once, you're more likely to annoy her than make her squirm with lust.

A better technique is to try one type of movement several times in a row, then switch it up. Then you can ask her which sensation feels better so you can duplicate it.

How to Give a Girl Oral She Won't Forget

If you're new to learning how to give a girl oral, getting started might feel a little intimidating. However, good communication and a willingness to listen to what she likes can ensure a thrilling experience for both of you. 

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