How To Have Sex With An Older Woman She’ll Brag To Her Friends About

Man who knows how to have sex with older women

There's nothing more life-changing for a man than having sex with an older woman who knows what she is doing. What he learns in that bedroom can serve him for a lifetime. In the future, if he ever pursues a woman in his age range, he'll absolutely rock her world.

Be warned. Older women are pros in the bedroom. They likely have decades of experience, and they know exactly what they want. To aid you, we've assembled a guide on how to have sex with an older woman. By the time you’re finished she’ll be bragging about you to her friends.

1) Dominance


An older independent woman is often dominant in nearly every aspect of her life -- she pays her own bills, likely holds a position of authority at her workplace, runs her household, punishes her kids when they're bad, and so on. The bedroom, however, is likely the one place where she’s willing to be submissive.

Women love to be dominated in the bedroom. Many women want the man to take charge during sex. But many guys like to be nice. They ask if it's okay to do ‘this’ or ‘that’ during sex. Throw out that type of thinking right now. If you want an older woman to brag to her friends about her kinky encounter with you, you're going to have to turn up your domination game by several factors.

So, don't ask her if she likes what you're doing to her. Learn to read body language. Study the way she's reacting. If she's moaning and looking like she’s genuinely having a good time you should definitely keep doing what you’re doing. If she looks bored, change up your strategy.

Be physical with her. Don't toss her around or start slapping her (unless she's into that kind of thing), but forcefully flip her into various positions. Let her give in and enjoy being dominated by you. This is where you unleash your inner caveman!

2) Stamina


Having sex with an older woman isn't typically a five-minute affair. The session can likely go on for hours. That's especially the case if you want her to walk away feeling satisfied. Thus, building up your bedroom stamina is essential.

Here are a few tips to help you  build up and conserve your stamina while in the throes of wild passion with a cougar:

  • Incorporate weight lifting and cardio into your life. Get a gym membership and visit at least 2 to 3 times a week. Exercise is a great way to build up your stamina in the bedroom.
  • Take it slow in the bedroom. You don't have to pound away like a madman. First of all, having wild sex is great for only so long before you completely tire yourself (and your partner) out. Second, that's a great way to finish fast. Take your time. Go hard, slow down, go hard, and then slow down again. Switch up between thrusting and using circular motions. You'll definitely conserve much more energy that way and last significantly longer.
  • Learn to focus your thoughts. Be present in the moment. Many times you can stop yourself from finishing early by mere willpower alone. You can build up willpower through meditation. A 10-minute daily session works well to build willpower which in turn can exponentially build stamina in the bedroom.

3) Communication

Dominance and stamina are both well and good, but communication can arguably trump them both in terms of importance. It doesn't take much for a man to have sex with a woman. Typically, we need about all of 10 seconds of mental preparation before we’re ready to hit the sack.

However, women need a much stronger trigger before she decides to have sex with a man. She wants to feel the raw passion of a strong young man. Older women have likely experienced meaningless sex before. If she's going to have sex with you, she needs to connect at an emotional level.

Thus, it all begins with a simple conversation that happens before, during and after sex.

Before sex

Probe into her past sex life. Find out what she's done. Perhaps prod her into sharing a funny story. Find out what she likes. Learn about her craziest sex stories. Make the conversation interesting, fun, and most importantly stimulating. The conversation is all about her, not you. But of course, you should share your own stories if prompted or if it relates to something she has shared.

During sex

Don’t just sit there with a bored expression on your face --make noise. There are many guys who prefer hiding their emotions during sex, refusing to moan and uttering the occasional grunt here and there. That's boring. Be audible with your pleasure. Talk dirty to her and stare her in the eyes while you’re doing it. You'll definitely be brag-worthy if you do that.

After sex

Ask her what she liked and disliked. Were you too aggressive? Did she like it how you talked dirty to her? Did your breath stink? Remember, all feedback is good feedback because it will serve to make you a better lover during the next round.

4) Knowing your way around female anatomy

Let's dive a bit into the female anatomy. An older woman doesn't have time to waste on a man who doesn't know his way around her most intimate areas. You're definitely going to disappoint her if you're spending too much time in the wrong place.

She expects you to know where everything is and how to stimulate it. Quite frankly, if you don't know anything else, learn where the clitoris is. The clitoris is located above the vagina. This is a very sensitive area of her body, and if stimulated correctly, can lead to an explosive orgasm.

5) Compliment her

A woman's confidence in the bedroom is often derived from the compliments she receives from her partner. She needs to know how she looks, smells, feels and so on. Even older women feel self-conscious with the bumps, lumps, and rolls on her body. Women are under enormous societal pressure to look their best at all times. They have to be thin, fit, and beautiful 24/7.

That’s often not the reality for most women. Who cares if she has a few rolls here or there. Tell her she's beautiful. Tell her she smells good. Compliment her in every way you can in the most intimate way you can.

Keep it simple, but charming:

"I love your body."

"Your perfume is turning me on."

Make her feel like a supermodel and the sex will be overly abundant. Plus, that'll ensure that she'll definitely brag about you to her friends.

6) Throw out your ego and follower her guidance

Older women know what they want. They have enough experience to know when a man is an absolute stallion in the bed or a dud. So if she offers you some advice on how to improve, don't take that as an affront to your ego. Humble yourself and let her be your teacher. She's not looking to hurt you. She's merely trying to enhance the experience.

The awesome part about her taking control and guiding you is that you're going to learn some killer tricks that you can take with you into your next relationship. Getting defensive or combative when she offers you advice on how to get her off showcases your lack of confidence front and center.

Have an open mind. In fact, go into the encounter with the intent of learning. You should look forward to when she shows you something new. She's slowly transforming you into a true lady killer!

7) Foreplay

The act of foreplay can be as important as actually having sex. That's because when done right, she'll be so turned on she'll practically be begging you to ravage her...or she may just pounce on you. You're a winner both ways.

You don't need to be naked to get started with foreplay. Making out is always a good way to turn her on, but you could always turn to the tried and tested sexual massage. If you're good with your hands, massages almost always lead to sex and serves as one of the best ways to turn her on.

Even if you're ready to go at that moment, draw the massage out. Rub her up and down. Glide across her body as you occasionally "brush" against her breasts and vagina, but don't move in for the kill right away. Build tension by continuing to tease her.

Get close to sensitive areas, but then back away at the last moment. When the massage has reached its climax, nip at her inner thighs with your tongue and then hover over her vagina and breath softly. The goal here is to drive her so crazy that she shoves your head down! If that happens, I'd say you've done a masterful job engaging in foreplay.

Sex with an older woman doesn't have to be complicated. It's all about being dominant and knowing exactly what you want which in turn will allow you to give her what she wants. Once you've applied the above principles in the bedroom, don't be surprised if she starts bragging about you to her friends.

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