How to Make a Girl Wet (6 Tips That Will Get Her Aroused)

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When most guys think about sex, their minds usually zip straight to the grand finale. For women however, sexual attraction tends to be more nuanced. It's influenced by things like how a man looks, what he smells like, and even how he speaks. Which is why how to make a girl wet can seem like a complicated process.

According to psychologists, this probably explains why women get more turned on by romance novels than porn. A written love story can show the slow, steady build-up of attraction and desire. Along with all the little details that make a couple hot for each other.  

If you want to know how to make a girl wet, you can take a cue from romance books. This means paying attention to the way you look and smell, as well as making an effort to be seductive. It might take a bit of work, but the payoff can mean experiencing some of the best sex of your life.

6 Tips For How To Make A Girl Wet

Savvy guys know that getting a girl turned on involves more than booty calls and offers to "Netflix and chill". Want to know how to make a girl wet? Take a page from the $1 billion romance novel industry and focus on becoming a master of seduction. Here are six tips to help you do just that. 

1. Make her feel desired

If you want to know how to make a girl wet, this is a good place to start. You'll want to make her feel like she's the most gorgeous creature on the planet. 

Science backs this up, such as this study of 662 women. In it, researchers found that three things make a woman more likely to feel desire toward a partner. These factors were intimacy, celebrated otherness, and object of desire affirmation.

In the study, researchers defined intimacy as feelings of caring and closeness. Men can create intimacy in a variety of ways, but it's often the little things women appreciate the most. For example, brushing snow off her windshield in the morning, or packing her a healthy lunch for work. These actions let a woman know you cherish her and want her to feel cared for and loved.  

"Celebrated otherness" referred to the idea of viewing a sexual partner as separate and different. For men, this might mean emphasizing a female partner's femininity, especially as compared to masculine traits. Tell her how much her curves and softness drive you wild, or how you're crazy about her long hair. Everyone loves a compliment, and women are especially responsive when men genuinely appreciate their uniquely feminine characteristics. 

The study also found that women want to feel like the sole object of a man's desires. Women in the study reported feeling turned on by the idea of their male partner fantasizing about them.

Guys can capitalize on this by letting their girl know how much they think about them during the day. Turn up the heat by engaging in a little naughty sexting action designed to drive her wild. 

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2. Consider trying BDSM

In one Canadian study, up to 60 percent of women said they fantasized about some BDSM activities. Such as their partner tying them up or acting in a more dominant manner during sex.

This might explain why the "50 Shades" novels were such a big hit. However, researchers noted that women's fantasies differed from what they desired in reality. They might get turned on reading about an erotic spanking but might not want to experience one in real life. 

On the other hand, this doesn't mean you can't introduce some light bondage or submission role play into the bedroom. If your girl is a BDSM beginner, a good idea is to start by blindfolding her and then gently stimulating her body. Use your hands, ice cubes, warming oil, or a (clean) feather duster to trail a sensual path over her skin.  

Keep the focus on her and take your time exploring every inch of her body. The blindfold can stimulate a feeling of helplessness without making her feel unsafe. If you're feeling extra adventurous—and she's totally up for it—you can even try restraining her. Nylons and silk scarves work great for lightly tying the wrists and ankles without causing chafing or injury. 

Of course, you should always get her permission for engaging in this type of play. It's also a good idea to pick a safe word she can use. That way, if she wants to stop your erotic play at any point, it's easy to do so. 

3. Ask her what turns her on 

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a girl wet is to simply ask her what gets her aroused. Every woman is different, and what works for one girl won't necessarily make things happen for another. 

For example, some women love oral sex, while others aren't comfortable with it. Likewise, one woman might get hot and bothered by kissing, whereas another might prefer to skip it.

You might be surprised to discover that most women know precisely what types of touching hit all their triggers. In a survey of more than 8,000 Finnish women, researchers found most women under 35 achieved their first orgasm through masturbation.  

You can't go wrong by asking your girl to describe what makes her hot—and what doesn't. By asking her how she likes to be touched, you're letting her know you care about pleasing her. Once she tells you exactly what to do, you can have fun by acting on it.

Want to really spice things up? Have her show you how and where she enjoys being touched. Adding a little voyeurism to the mix can be a huge turn-on for both of you. video course

4. Take things nice and slow

It goes without saying that sex should never come with pressure. Don't rush through foreplay or attempt to race right to the finish line. Also, keep in mind that many women don't orgasm through intercourse alone. 

In fact, just six percent of women say they orgasm that way. In a 2017 paper, sexual health researchers found that 36.6 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

This means it's important for men to be willing to take their time and make sure their female partner is fully aroused.

Also, don't be afraid to experiment with foreplay. It can involve anything from cooking her a fabulous meal to building a fire and asking her to cuddle by it. This shows her you're interested in more than just the main event. Be invested in what turns her on—and be willing to make foreplay last. That way, you can learn what types of things are guaranteed to get her fired up.    

5. Don't neglect her erogenous zones 

Focus on exploring all her erogenous zones, including the ones you might have overlooked in the past. For most women, the main erogenous zones include the breasts, lips, butt, and clitoris. 

However, there are plenty of other parts of the body that can get her hot and bothered. Some unexpected pleasure zones include the eyelids, ears, feet, inner thighs, stomach, and lower back.

One way to hit up all these erogenous zones is by offering to give her a sensual massage. You don't have to be a professional masseur to make this happen. All you need is some dim lighting, soft music, and a bottle of massage oil. With that, you can give her a relaxing and sexy massage designed to make her melt. 

As a bonus, pleasure zones like the feet and lower back are also common areas for strain and discomfort. Is she on her feet at work all day or stuck sitting at a desk? Show her some love by paying special attention to these areas. This lets her know you care about her well-being, which can be the best turn on of all. 

6. Kiss her the right way 

Did you know that men and women kiss differently? Compared to men, women are more likely to desire kissing before, during, and after sex. Unlike men, however, they tend to prefer less tongue as well as a drier kiss. 

Instead of barging in with an aggressive, saliva-laden kiss, approach things with a bit more reserve. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore her erogenous zones. Gently kiss her neck, eyelids, or her forehead. As things heat up, follow her lead.

Make A Girl Wet And Eager For More

Most guys want to know how to make a girl wet. If you're committed to sweeping her off her feet and making her feel like she's the center of your world? You'll achieve much more than basic sexual desire. Making the woman in your life feel special is key to forging lasting intimacy and a mutually satisfying sex life.

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