An Experts Guide on How to Make a Woman Orgasm (Step-By-Step)

A man who knows how to make a woman orgasm

The female orgasm has mystified humanity for centuries. Its notoriety is up there with Nessie and Atlantis. I mean, sure, opinions abound. Some guy swears he has a method for how to make a woman orgasm. Another ladies man will tell you his secrets for $500. Meanwhile, women everywhere roll their eyes. And the enigma continues to bewilder.

Then science rides in on its white horse and solves the riddle, like a rudimentary Rubik's Cube. Finally, concrete answers to one of Man's greatest mysteries.

There's a reason the female orgasm has been so mysterious. Women orgasm 20-60% of the time; least often during vaginal sex, the most popular form of sex.

We've only recently started practicing effective methods of orgasm—clitoral stimulation, oral, kink. And we're just beginning to talk about how important women's orgasms are. Happy wife happy life, sure. But get yourself a woman who orgasms, and she'll live a long and happy life.

Follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to learn:

  • how to make a woman orgasm;
  • how many times can a girl orgasm;
  • and how to avoid barriers to orgasm

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

Orgasms are different for women. Men are visual while women are driven mentally and physically. Knowing how to touch a woman and how to tune into her will make you a stud in the orgasm department. That's why the knowledge in this tutorial is critical for knowing how to make a woman orgasm.


I can give you all the advice in the world, but none of it's worth a damn unless you make communication a priority. Communication is the principal ingredient to being a good lover.

Many women struggle with orgasms because of trauma, physical complications or mental barriers. The most common obstacles are fatigue, stress and difficulty concentrating. The only way to know what you're dealing with is to talk and work through the issues together. Communication can resolve most barriers. But even if a woman orgasms without difficulty, your experience with her is unique. Talk before, during and after sex to find out how to make her cum.

You need to try this

Fake orgasms

Insecurities, fears and pain often lead to fake orgasms. According to science, up to 80% of women have faked an orgasm. Fake orgasms also can create longterm issues—misunderstandings, ambiguity, and unrealistic expectations. Imagine how much lower that number could be if everyone took the time to communicate.

Body language

When you're doing the deed, nonverbal communication reigns supreme. A woman lets you know what she likes (and doesn't like) through her body language. Pay close attention to how she reacts, so you'll know what to do.

If she's giving you pleasure cues, then that means she loves what you're doing and wants more. So keep on keeping on. If she's showing signs of displeasure, then make adjustments. If she continues to show signs of displeasure, don't be afraid to ask her how to make her cum.

Pleasure cues 

  • Smiling
  • Parting or biting her lips
  • Tipping her head back
  • Clutching the sheets or you
  • Softly arching her back
  • Pressing her hips up or into you
  • Moaning or grunting (in pleasure) video course

Displeasure cues

  • Cringing or pressing her lips together tightly
  • Squinting hard
  • Tensing up or arching her back suddenly
  • Jolting up into a sitting position
  • Moaning or grunting (in pain or displeasure)
  • Pushing you away

The G-spot

Despite some uncertainty, the G-spot is real. It's an erogenous zone in the vagina, about halfway up toward her belly button. And that baby boy can make a woman orgasm. About 18% of women can orgasm through vaginal sex, thanks to the mighty g-spot.

The key to making a woman orgasm via the g-spot is:

1. Finding the right sex position (see below). Position yourself so that your angle allows you to press that button. But if you can't reach it with your penis, don't worry; it's often easier to reach with fingers and toys.

2. Once you find it, watch and listen to your lady's nonverbal cues. Keep rubbing the g-spot until she orgasms.

The Clitoris

More important than the G-spot is the coveted C-spot.

The clitoris has a lot in common with the head of a penis. It has about 7000 nerve endings, but it's a tenth of the size, making it more sensitive than any part of the male body.

One study dived into the specifics of how to make a woman cum fast. They found that the clitoris is the superhighway to orgasm. They found that 37% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. And an extra 36% of women have better orgasms when you play with their clitoris.

Specific movements and pressure feel better on the clit, compared to others.

These are the most popular clitoral strokes.

  • 64% like up-and-down motions directly on their clitoris
  • 52% like circular motions directly on their clitoris
  • 31% like side-to-side motions directly on their clitoris

What about indirect stimulation?

  • 69% of women prefer being touched “through the skin above the hood”
  • 28% prefer being touched “through both lips pushed together (like a sandwich)"

The pressure is also important.

  • Most women prefer light-to-medium pressure
  • Only about 10% of women prefer firm pressure

Using lube on the clitoris is the secret to how to make a woman cum fast. So keep that baby slick for maximum enjoyment.

The Golden Trio

Recently, curious scientists wanted to unlock the mystery of the orgasm. After studying over fifty thousand people, they had the answer.

There are three maneuvers—a "golden trio"—guaranteed to make a woman orgasm. Who's going to argue with science?

This is the golden trio of orgasm bliss.

1. Oral sex

Women who get oral sex are more likely to orgasm. That doesn't mean they always orgasm through oral alone; it means foreplay is a critical component of good sex. A key element to making a woman orgasm is variety. You can bring variety by including oral sex with other sexual techniques. The researchers found that 80% of women orgasm from this specific combination:

  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Manual (hand) clitoral stimulation
  • Deep kissing

2. Sexual endurance

You don't have to be a marathon man, but your woman isn't going to orgasm if you've been humping for five minutes. Women are more likely to orgasm if sex lasts longer than 15 minutes. And she's even more likely to orgasm if it goes longer than 30 minutes (or an hour). Quickies are sexy in particular times and places, but a woman's orgasm may not be the primary goal.

3. Happy relationship

What a novel idea. As fun as angry sex might be (sometimes), happy sex is much better for orgasm. Relationship happiness is one of the best predictors of orgasm. Treat your woman right and she's more likely to relax, enjoy herself and let the orgasm come to her.

The researchers also stumbled on a few other things likely to make a woman orgasm:

  • Trying new positions
  • Acting out her fantasies
  • Asking for what she wants during sex
  • Showing expressions of love during sex
  • Praise her partner for something he did during sex
  • Wearing sexy lingerie
  • Sexting her partner

How to Make a Woman Orgasm Multiple Times

You may ask yourself: how many times can a girl orgasm? One international study showed 77% of women experience multiple orgasms. A rare study reported that it takes, on average, one to two minutes for most women to reach their second orgasm. Most women have two or three, but some women regularly have up to 30 orgasms.

Follow these steps to improve your chances of giving a woman multiple orgasms.

Build sexual tension

Foreplay is important. Whether you're talking dirty, teasing, or kissing, the point is to build tension. By the time you start having sex, she should be ready to burst. Edging is the next level in tension-building. Right before she orgasms, pause. Don't let her have it yet. Then listen to her moans and body language, so you know when she's about to cum. That's when you slow down or pause. Bring her to the brink of orgasm (or, the edge), then pull her back a little. Do that a few times to build the tension even more.

Keep going

When she orgasms, slow your pace (so you don't overwhelm her nerves), but don't stop. Feel free to mix up your technique — change positions, speed, movements — but keep sexing her. When she starts to calm down, pick up the pace. Then thrust harder or faster, lick more vigorously or give her clitoris some sweet loving. Round two is on.

You'll be most likely to give her a second orgasm if you pay attention to her clitoris and make it more complicated. In other words, make use of multiple body parts. Have sex while you play with her clitoris, or lick her while you finger her nipples. Overwhelm her body with sensation.

Work the clitoris

When it comes to orgasms, the clitoris is your ticket to success. If you want to improve your chances for a second or third orgasm, pay attention to that clit.

Step back

If nothing else works, let her take control. She knows her body better than anyone, and sometimes it's best to take a back seat and let her explore her options.

Orgasmic sex positions

The easiest way to make a woman orgasm is to stimulate her G-spot or clitoris. Sex positions that emphasize one or both erogenous zones are your best bet for driving your lady wild. There are a few positions known to make a woman orgasm time and time again. These are also the best sex positions to make a woman orgasm.

1. Cat

This is an amended missionary position. By sliding your body up about six inches, your penis rubs against her clitoris. She gets double action between the G-spot and C-spot. It's also intimate, allowing you to kiss her and make eye contact.

2. Cowgirl

In this position, she has complete control over the speed, angle and depth. She knows when you're hitting the right spot. You can play with her nipples or rub her clitoris. Reverse Cowgirl gives her control with a different angle; you can grab her hips and help guide her.

3. Doggy Style

You're more likely to hit her G-spot from this angle. You can bend over her and rub her clitoris, with your hand or a vibrator (or she can rub it herself). The sensory overload will drive her crazy. Or, with the Bizet, you're getting similar benefits, but lying down.

4. Workout

Also known as standing sex; you can hold her by the waist or hips. From this angle, you can penetrate deep while still clicking that G-spot. It's also a great way to kiss and get close.

5. Idyll

Also known as 69. This position maximizes the pleasures of oral sex. By giving and receiving at the same time, you and your partner reach a symbiotic state of harmony. You can lick her clitoris until she explodes and gets pleasure at the same time.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm: The Conclusion

This tutorial outlines the top players in orgasm, but you can up your game with extracurriculars: foreplay (preferably 20 minutes), erogenous zones, dirty talk, toys and edging. And communication will fill in any blank spaces or lingering questions.

If it doesn't happen the first few times, that's ok; try, try again. Orgasms can take time — all the more reason to have sex. In the end, you'll end up knowing your partner better and being the best damn lover you can be.

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