Our Top 10 Places to Meet Wollongong Girls in 2020 (Try Them)

Two single Wollongong girls

When you’re single and looking to meet Wollongong girls, it might feel daunting to try out new places. Not all bars and clubs attract single girls. Plus, you may also want to find other places, like coffee shops and gyms, where you can approach by day and improve your chances.

To make things worse, only 26% of people in the city are single, so finding a mate is not that easy and you may need a helping hand. Lucky for you, this is our curated list of the best places to pick up girls in Wollongong. We’ve personally tried every single place on the list to make sure it will improve your odds. No more hanging out at dank pubs full of old dudes!

Whether you’re from a Wollongong suburb like Albion Park or Figtree or study at the University of Wollongong (or other colleges in the city), you’ll certainly find the right place for you to unwind and meet girls!

Here are the Best Places to Meet Hot Wollongong Girls

Here are the top places to meet single girls in Wollongong. They’re always full of attractive girls because they’re the most popular spots in the city. Don’t miss them if you want to start going on dates and meet someone new!

See which bars are the best ones to meet sexy Wollongong girls

When you think of a place to meet a new potential girlfriend, you immediately think about bars, right? Here are the trendiest ones in Wollongong where you’ll find many hot girls.

The Throsby is a trendy spot to enjoy a cheese plate and a glass of fine wine

Afternoon drinks at The Throsby


This elegant bar is the best choice for older guys who want to meet sophisticated Wollongong girls. It’s the best setting for people who want the best out of life. The menu includes cheeses from all around the world, and you can enjoy them in a nice appetizer board accompanied with a glass of your favourite wine.

With wine comes girls who want a little buzz without getting drunk. So expect to see lots of them here, just looking for guys to chat up. The Throsby is one of the best places to pick up girls in Wollongong for this very reason.

Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms is more than just your typical bar

Friends who tried a game at Breakout Bar and Escape Rooms


Not a fan of just drinking and talking? Breakout Bar features karaoke, escape rooms and so much more! What’s better than a karaoke night to lose your inhibitions? At Breakout Bar, karaoke brings the crowd together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a terrible singer, chances are, no one’s winning any Australian Idol awards in this crowd!

If you can’t sing in front of a crowd, grab a drink and play one of the escape room games. Bring along that cute girl you’ve been eyeing along with her friends and see if you solve the mysteries in each room. Nothing brings singles together better than drinks and a challenge!

Honourable mentions

Wollongong has so many great bars that we just had to mention a few more:

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Wollongong may have a reputation for being a family-friendly city where most people are looking to settle down. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of hundred people who just prefer to stay single while engaging in the occasional fling. You might not find them out in the open, but you will find them on Adult FriendFinder.

Hailed as a lifesaver among singles looking to mingle (the naughty way), Adult FriendFinder is a site that focuses on helping you find flings. Lots of girls use the site to meet guys who aren’t after anything more serious than a casual relationship. So if that’s what you’re after, you’ll love Adult FriendFinder.

As one of the best sites for quick flings, Adult FriendFinder brings together horny adults who are sexually compatible. No need to look like an underwear model to get results here! Try out the Adult FriendFinder free trial and you won’t regret it!

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Clubs offer excellent opportunities to meet single girls in Wollongong

Here are our favourite clubs to meet hot Wollongong girls. The city has a vibrant nightlife, so you won’t have any issue finding a venue with the right vibe for you.

Mr. Crown is one of the top nightclubs in the CBD

A variety of colorful cocktails from Mr. Crown


College girls in the city have all the dive bars they want. But for young professionals in their mid-20s, there’s Mr. Crown. This classy, sophisticated nightclub right in the heart of the Central Business District is popular among professionals who want to unwind after work.

With elegant decor, delicious meals and a huge selection of drinks, what more can you want? Oh, right, the girls! You can be assured that throughout the week, beautiful girls from all over The Gong go here to have some fun. Most of them are single, and even more are looking for the right guy. That could be you. So check out Mr. Crown because it’s one of the best places to pick up girls in Wollongong!

The Grand Hotel is a nightclub, beer garden and pub all in one

Wollongong girls on the dance floor of The Grand Hotel


Can’t decide whether you want to go to a pub or a club? Why not go to both? The Grand Hotel is, as you might assume, not a hotel. It’s a boisterous nightclub that also knows how to settle down. With a more relaxed pub area, a sunny beer garden and a dance floor with amazing guest DJs, it’s your all-in-one spot for meeting girls!

Open from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., you can spend the entire day here. Start with a spot of brunch at the breezy patio with friends. Have a few beers while the sun is up and get some pub grub for dinner. Once the evening crowd comes in, don your dancing shoes because the dance floor will be full of hot Wollongong girls!

Honourable mentions

Need a few more clubs to check out? Here are other venues we like:

If you like Mediterranean food, try approaching girls at Living Room

Tacos from Living Room


Here’s another Keira St favourite. Living Room is a trendy restaurant that’s always full of girls. The food definitely draws them in, but the artsy, rustic ambiance of the places makes them stay.

Serving a delightful selection of keftedes, gyros and feta-infused anything, this brunch spot is one you can’t miss. They also serve fine wines to go with every dish as well as beers and cocktails. Drop by on a Saturday morning and you’ll find groups of girls hanging out and catching up!

Plus Fitness is one of the city’s friendliest gyms

Inside Plus Fitness


The great thing about Plus Fitness is that it’s open 24/7. You can drop in any time you’re free, whether it’s before work, after work or in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. This is also why so many girls love working out here. They get to work out in peace whenever they want!

If you’re a more social guy, no need to worry about getting lonely if you don’t meet girls at once. You can join some of the fitness classes and meet some new friends. We suggest a class with lots of girls like yoga, pilates or cycling. Let the endorphins work in your favour as you chat up the girls post-workout!

Timbermill Café is another one of the best places to pick up girls in Wollongong

Dinnertime at Timber Mill Studios


This rustic café is very popular for breakfast and lunch. The kitchen only serves fresh food made from locally sourced ingredients. The café is part of the Timbermill Studios, where you can join yoga and pilates classes, as well as cultural events. Some artists even hold exhibits here, making it a hotspot for artsy girls from UOW. All of these are great opportunities to meet single girls in Wollongong!

More Options to Meet Single Girls in Wollongong

Need more options? Here are other places where we had a lot of success meeting fellow singles!

Bostons Espresso is an obvious favourite among Wollongong girls

Fruits and cream on toast from Boston Espresso


At this cute coffee shop, you’ll find strong coffee and attractive girls. Many students spend their afternoon in the cozy seating area studying and doing homework. You’ll also find several freelancers who choose to make this relaxed spot their office.

With great food, top-notch coffee and lots of people coming in and out, Bostons is one of the best places to pick up girls in Wollongong for you.

How could we not mention Tinder?

In the internet era, what do you do when you’re looking for a partner? You sign up for Tinder, right? Despite many urban myths, we think that the app is truly effective at helping people find a partner, whether you just want a fling or something more serious.

The thing with Tinder is that you’ll have to put a bit of time and effort into creating a meaningful Tinder bio and a quality profile with many details and good photos. Otherwise, with all the competition on the app, you’ll probably end up swiping for weeks to no avail.

The Travelling Film Festival may help you to find a nerdy partner

A fun film event at the Travelling Film Festival

Wollongong has a small but lively art scene. One of the most prominent groups is the film lovers. So if you love moves (or “films”), the Travelling Film Festival is one event you can’t miss. You can attend exclusive screenings of national and international films and documentaries that are not available on the big screen.

If you’re really into film, you can even attend talks and workshops featuring famous directors and industry personalities. These talks are very interactive, which means you can talk to just about anyone in the room. That includes any girls who look like they’re into the same films you are!

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