Get the Green Light: Write First Messages that Get Girls to Reply

I surveyed MenAskEm readers about their biggest online dating frustration: messaging.

Their responses unanimously fell into 1 of 4 categories, wanting to know HOW TO:

1) Stand Out as a Good Guy
2) Get More Replies
3) Figure Out What to Say and How to Say it
4) Keep the Conversation Going

This eBook is 40 pages of specific prompts for what to say, message examples you can send today, and tips to stand out and make her want to meet you.

Get the Green Light: Write First Messages that Get Girls to Reply, $15.99



As you know from reading my articles on MenAskEm, I am not interested in selling you cheap tricks or the games pickup artists play.

Those don’t work in the long-run, they don’t help you meet the right girls for you – and they don’t make online dating a better place for anyone.

This is about quality over quantity. 

These are the smart, proven strategies I’ve learned from:

  • Analyzing thousands of messages
  • Researching online dating studies
  • Interviewing other men and women about their best strategies & worst pet peeves
  • Working 1-on-1 helping clients meet more women

If you’re interested in creating quality, lasting results for yourself, this is the eBook for you.


Get the Green Light: Write First Messages that Get Girls to Reply

15 Prompts for What to Say
35 Message Examples
50 Tips to Stand Out & Initiate Conversation
+ Make Her Want to Meet You!