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The Top 10 Signs She Wants You To Ask Her Out That Never Fail


Some can just ask women out anytime, anywhere and without a care in the world as to what the response will be. This is the type of man you want to be! That’s far better than wasting time and missing opportunities by wondering “Is she into me?” or “Should I ask her out?”.

Figuring out the top 10 signs she wants you to ask her out can be a total game changer! It can be tricky to decipher whether she wants to date you or just likes you as a person. Many women tend to be warm and expressive, so you may not know if you’re dealing with flirtation or friendliness.

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Most guys would rather minimize the odds of an awkward moment when trying to attract a woman. Here are some pointers on how to detect a woman’s interest.

Top 10 Signs She Wants You

If you pay close attention to a woman’s interactions with you, the signs she wants you to ask her out will start to show. We’ve done the hard part and compiled a list of the top 10 signs she wants you. Here they are:

  1. Eye contact and body language
  2. She stops what she's doing to talk to you
  3. She asks you a lot of questions
  4. She shares personal information about herself
  5. She draws attention to similarities
  6. She goes out of her way to include you
  7. Her friends drop hints
  8. She's asking your friends about you
  9. Her actions show she's thinking of you
  10. She mentioned places and events of interest to her

Nothing’s foolproof, but if you’re seeing these signs, like those she shows when she wants you to kiss her, it’s probably worth your while to ask her out. Learn these signs and you’ll never need to waste time wondering: “Does she want me?”

Eye contact and body language

The way she responds to you with her body says a lot, as does what her eye contact is telling you. Watch her watching you. Note whether or not you’re getting a little extra attention compared to other guys.

When you pass by, does her gaze follow you? Do you turn and see her looking in your direction? If so, do you both hold the gaze for a moment? When you talk to her, is she making eye contact?

Her body language can also be a good reflector of what she’s feeling. Notice whether or not she seems open or guarded with you. For instance, are her arms folded or does she have them open? Is she leaning in to speak with you or holding back a bit?

If a woman isn’t interested in dating you, she’ll probably be a bit closed off during your interactions. She may turn her body away from you as though she’s trying to exit the conversation. Or she might use folded arms to keep a sense of distance from you. However, if she’s positioned toward you in a comfortable stance with open arms, it’s a good sign and may even mean she wants you to kiss her.

She stops what she’s doing to talk to you

Pay attention to a woman’s reaction when you approach her or enter her space. Take note if she stops what she’s doing and shifts her focus to you. This is something to look out for in social situations as well as if you're trying to tell if a girl likes you at work.

For instance, if she’s working on a computer, does she look up? Does she stop typing? Or better yet, does she look up, stop typing and actually stand up to talk to you?

While having a conversation with someone else, does she go out of her way to include you in the conversation? Or maybe even end that conversation to start one with you?

When she’s on the go and crosses your path, does she say a quick hello and hurry on, or does she stop to chat, even for a minute?

If a woman stops what she’s doing to talk to you, especially if it's a female coworker you're interested in, it’s apparent she thinks you’re worth her time. That’s an excellent indicator of a positive response to a date invite.

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She asks you a lot of questions

When a woman is interested in you, she’ll ask questions that extend beyond small talk. If you’ve answered a basic question and she probes further, take notice. Asking a lot of questions about you is another of the top 10 signs she wants you. This is especially true when you're dealing with a shy girl.

She’s taking the time to learn more about you, although she could have ended the conversation with a succinct response. For instance, you may think the discussion is over if she has asked where you’re from and you’ve replied. However, she may move to a second-level question, like what that environment was like or what interests you developed there. You also might want to have a few funny questions to ask a girl of your own that you can throw in.

By asking further questions, a woman shows that she’s actively trying to continue a conversation with you. Also, the fact that her questions are about you is a great sign, especially if she has a big smile while asking them. It indicates that she wants to learn more about you personally. This is different from asking probing questions about a work project or such.

No need to ask yourself “is she into me?” at this point. The signs are clear as day.

She shares personal information about herself

Just as she’s trying to learn more about you, an interested woman often wants you to know her better, too. Thus, one of the top 10 signs she wants you is volunteering information about herself.

She might do this by expanding on an answer to a question and adding details that aren’t necessary. She also might grab onto a topic you’ve brought up and offer a personal story she can relate to it.

A personal story being brought up suddenly is another big thing to note. By talking to you about her life, she’s showing comfort with moving beyond a “strictly business” zone which is a huge sign that she wants more, maybe even to sleep with you.

It’s also important to note what kind of information she’s sharing about herself. If she lets you know she’s single without you asking, she wants you to know she’s available. If she mentions qualities she adores in a guy and they seem to describe you, definitely don’t waste time, she's not being subtle here. Ask that woman out!

She draws attention to similarities

The next of the top 10 signs she wants you is an attempt to bond over common ground. If a woman’s interested, she’ll probably try to find a commonality with you.

When you’re talking, does she often nod with understanding as if she totally gets it? There’s a good chance she wants you to know that she’s on the same page. She’s showing you she’s engaged and interested, you don't need to test her to find out if she likes you.

When you tell a story, does she chime in that it reminds her of an experience she had? She’s taking the opportunity to connect with you.

Does she point out your shared interests? For instance, if you’re talking about the lunch you just had at a sushi restaurant and she gushes that she loves sushi, take note. Or if you mention a sport you like and she jumps in with her passion for it, listen up.

She definitely wants you to know that you and she have something in common. She also knows many of these interests could make great dates. These commonalities can be your starting point to attracting her.

Especially pay attention to her level of excitement at discovering things you have in common. If she seems incredibly stoked that you drink the same flavor of Gatorade, it may mean something. You could be well on your way to making her fall in love with you.

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She goes out of her way to include you

The next of the top 10 signs she wants you is her effort to include you. If she picks you out to take part in whatever she’s doing, it’s a great indicator that she likes you, especially if she's touching your arm in a few different ways.

Take notice if a woman is speaking with other people and actually goes out of her way to involve you in the discussion. It’s no small thing that she’s not only distracted by you but also actively seeks to include you.

If a woman makes a point to invite you to a group lunch, for instance, she wants your company. Yes, maybe she’s just welcoming, but you now have enough reason to be confident about asking her out.

Her friends drop hints

It’s not always going to be the woman who throws signals your way. She’s likely told a friend or two she’s interested in you, and the hints may come from them. And if there's one thing you should understand about women, it's that their friends' opinions matter.

A woman’s friends often are “in the know” when a man has caught her eye. They also tend to have a deep desire to help out in this department. Girl friends love to play matchmaker. They want to see their friend happy and don’t mind meddling to make that happen.

Notice if a woman’s name is brought up to you repeatedly by her friends. If they’re mentioning her often and without prompting, pay attention. They may be trying to gauge your reaction.

Her friends may also try to do some sleuthing for her. They could, for instance, try to determine your dating status in order to report back to her. Many women confide in their friends that they're into a guy sexually and use their friends to find out more information. This is true for women of almost all ages, whether she's in her 20s or a 40-something woman who likes you.

How do you know if someone is asking for themselves or their friends? First of all, if they’re not single themselves, they are probably asking for someone else. Secondly, watch out for the presence of one or more of the other top 10 signs she wants you. If any of those are coupled with this one, she might be asking for herself.

She’s asking your friends about you

The next of the top 10 signs she wants you won’t necessarily be brought to your attention, so be grateful when it is. What happens here is she’s digging around to find out what you’re all about.

Sometimes people will tell you if someone’s asking about you, but not always. It just might not seem like a crucial thing to pass on. If you do happen to be told that a woman’s been inquiring about you, ask about the context. It’s important to know if she just mentioned you out of the blue.

If she went out of her way to introduce your name into the conversation, it’s a very good sign. When a woman asks questions about you, especially regarding your relationship status, you should feel comfortable asking her out.

Her actions show she’s thinking of you

When a woman takes the time and energy to extend kindness to you, you’re definitely on her radar and it is probably time to make a move. A woman tends to do thoughtful things for people she cares about. She may be trying to show you how she feels, or maybe it’s just her natural reaction to you. She might not even realize she’s doing it, but if a woman is being especially considerate, pay attention.

This could take the form of picking up a sandwich for you when she’s out getting her own lunch. Or maybe she calls you to find out how you’re doing if you’ve been sick or had a bad day. Maybe she saves a seat for you at a meeting.

If a woman is dropping the hints of thoughtfulness, be sure to pick them up. Thinking of you and showing it definitely makes the list of top 10 signs she wants you. And if you see these signs, it might be time for you to try to seduce her.

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She mentions places and events of interest to her

One of the best of the top 10 signs for how to know if she wants to date you is when a woman talks to you about places or events that interest her. What makes this one so desirable is that it gives you a very easy pathway to asking her out.

If a woman starts talking about places she’d like to go, she’s giving you a great opening to echo the same. From there, it’s not difficult to suggest going together.

She also may mention an upcoming event she’s dying to go to. She may even say she wants to attend, but doesn’t want to go alone. Do not miss this opportunity to offer your companionship!

A woman will often let you know that it’s okay to ask her out without actually saying it. You just need to stay tuned into the signals.

If you’re ever wondering “Should I ask her out?”, review these top 10 signs for how to tell if she likes you whenever you need a reminder of what to look for. And you see them, go on and ask her out! Your chances are good.

Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out

Now you know how to tell if she likes you, the next step is to ask her out on a date.

After all, there’s no difference between the signs for how to know a girl is interested in you, and the signs she wants you to ask her out. It’s mostly just a matter of finding the right time to ask her out. Maybe send her a text and ask her to meet up for coffee. Invite her to an event you both might be enjoy.

So, once you see these signs, don’t waste time wondering “Does she want me?” or “Should I ask her out?”. Just do it!

For more detailed tips on how to do that, see our guide on how to seduce women.


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