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10 Important Signs She Wants To Sleep With You That Are Easy To Miss

Don't miss the signs she wants to sleep with you

Want to know the signs she wants to sleep with you? It’s a known fact that ladies are more subtle than men when they want to express sexual attraction. The reason is that society often labels sexually-adventurous women as sluts, so they learnt to be cautious when asking a potential partner for sex.

These subtle signs, however, may confuse men. But don’t worry, we got you covered! This guide will help you decipher women’s body language and discover when they truly want to get laid!

Discover the Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

Here are 10 signs she’s attracted to you in a sexual way. When you spot them, make sure to keep flirting until things escalate towards sex. Don’t miss the chance to get a beautiful woman into bed!

She opens up with you about her sex life

You know when a woman confesses to you how long she’s gone without sex? Or that her ex was so bad in bed she never achieved an orgasm? Well, this is one of the biggest signs she wants to sleep with you. Basically, she’s asking you to save her from bad sex or abstinence.

Remember that women are taught from a very young age not to talk to men about sex to avoid slut-shaming. For this reason, they tend to bring up the topic only with guys they’re attracted to in a sexual way. It means that she considers you a potential partner.

Sometimes, a woman will tell you that she has no intention of sleeping with you immediately. Most guys don’t realize that this is actually a good sign. It means that she has sex on her mind, but she’s afraid that you’ll label her as a slut. So, she puts sex off the table for now, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to get intimate later . . .

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She constantly likes your photos on social media

Social media sites give women an extra opportunity to express their interest in a guy without being too direct. If she likes all your photos, she probably wants to tell you that she finds you attractive.

Alternatively, she could try to get your attention by liking and commenting your statuses, tagging you in her Tweets, sharing links on your Facebook wall, and so on. If she does this constantly, it’s a sign that she likes you and wants to get to know you better. You should then move the conversation from your public profile to her direct messages.

While a little flirtation on social media isn’t a sign that she wants to sleep with you, it’s a good start. You can start building some sexual chemistry once you start sending private messages. She can be more uninhibited about her sexual desire in your private conversations. And you might soon be able to hook up with her.

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She initiates sexting: one of the most obvious signs she wants to sleep with you

We previously said that a woman who feels sexual attraction towards you might start talking about her sex life or using naughty innuendos. However, some ladies are too shy to do it face-to-face, so they use texting instead. In fact, sexting on Whatsapp is incredibly popular, especially among younger singles.

Some women blatantly offer to send you sexy photos. Not necessarily nude snaps: she might send you a photo of herself in heels and stockings or in a bathrobe after showering. In any case, this is a great sign! No woman sends sexy pics to a man she isn’t attracted to!

Other ladies, instead, opt for a subtler seduction technique. They try to turn you on by texting things like “I had a wild dream about you last night” or “Wish you were here in bed with me.” When she does this, don’t be shy: Keep flirting, and bring the conversation on a naughtier level.

You can ask her what she’s wearing or compliment her on her body or her naughty imagination. When things get hot, make sure to ask her about her sexual fantasies. If you learn what she likes and dislikes in bed, you’ll be able to blow her mind when you meet her in person!

She always tries to touch you

This is one of the most overlooked signs she wants to sleep with you. It’s amazing how many guys overlook touch as a signal of attraction. Women usually touch guys they’re at least a little interested in. So even if it seems like she accidentally touched your arm, it can mean a lot of things.

But what does “accidental touching” mean? For example, when a woman fixes your shirt’s collar or keeps bumping into you when in a crowded place. This could mean that she’s attracted to you but is too shy to initiate physical contact.

If she’s more daring, she could put her hands on your shoulder or arm. When she initiates touch, the best thing to do is engaging in kino escalation to build sexual tension. Start touching her in a confident but casual way, then slowly progress towards sexier forms of touch.

For example, you can start by touching her arms and shoulders, then put a hand around her waist or play with her hair.

She makes sure she looks her best when she’s with you

When a woman shows a little cleavage or wears a revealing dress on a date with you, she’s probably sexually attracted to you. Same if you notice that she’s wearing more makeup than usual. You might notice this especially if you want to get laid in college. The girl you like might start dressing up a little nicer when she knows she has a class with you.

For a woman, getting a full face of makeup and choosing the perfect outfit takes quite a lot of effort. For this reason, she wouldn’t do it if she’s not 100% sure she likes you.

Another good sign of attraction is when a woman preens herself in front of you. She may touch up her lipstick, put her hair up or fix her clothes. The reason she does this is that she wants to look great for you, but she may also try to attract your attention towards sexy parts of her body, like her lips.

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Her body language may reveal several signs she wants to sleep with you

Speaking of sexy parts of her body, she might try to make you notice them in several ways. Usually, the ladies do this in a very subtle way, so you’ll have to pay close attention to her body language.

For example, when a woman is into you, she might lick or bite her lips. While sometimes she does it subconsciously, most of the time she wants to hint she’d like you to kiss her. Don’t hesitate to flirt and escalate things quickly.

Another thing ladies do when they want to sleep with you is caressing their own bodies. They may subtly touch their thighs, arms or hair in front of you. When a woman does this, it usually means that she wants you to touch her where she’s touching herself.

If she caresses her neck, she’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. Plus, the neck is a very sexy body part!

She asks you to cuddle

This is one of the most obvious signs she wants to sleep with you, yet many guys underestimate it!

You know, a woman’s arousal works in a different way than a man’s. Ladies typically need cuddles and caresses in order to feel ready for sex. If she asks you to cuddle on the sofa, she’s basically asking for foreplay!

Even if she asks you to cuddle in a seemingly platonic way, rest assured that she really likes you. Women don’t cuddle with male friends, they usually only do so with potential partners.

When she asks you to cuddle, do it! Physical closeness helps release oxytocin, a precious hormone that makes her feel emotionally connected to you.

A sure sign she wants to sleep with you: she invites you to her place

Inviting you to her place is a huge sign that she trusts you and that—very possibly—she wants something from you. In fact, you might even be her booty call and you don't even know it!

While it isn’t a seal of approval that she wants to have hot sex with you on the sofa, it’s a massive step in the right direction. Again, this isn’t an invite she’d extend to “just anyone.”

So the next time she asks you over to listen to some music and have some beers? Don’t be a bore. Get on over and see what can happen.

It's usually best not to pounce on her the moment you step in the door. Instead, chill, flirt a little and let yourself get used to being in her home.

If she makes excuses for you to check out her bedroom—or agrees that your reasons to do so are an awesome idea—that's a huge signal to make your move. Get out there, be confident in bed and this could turn into a regular thing!

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She laughs too hard at your jokes

Most guys like to think they're insanely funny, but we're not all Dave Chappelle. It’s tough to have people falling over themselves with uncontrollable laughter.

Often, if a woman is in hysterics at your jokes, it's because she wants to sleep with you.

Don't be butthurt about this. At least you get to have sex . . .

If you want to test the waters, try making a gag that really isn't that funny. (Anything from The Big Bang Theory should work). If she's still in fits of laughter, you can be sure that she's into you.

If she gets deep into her personal life, it's a sign she might want to sleep with you

Before they sleep with a man, women need to experience more than just attraction. They also need to feel they can trust him and that he has her best interests at heart.

If she shares her personal stories with you, it shows she’s getting closer to you. That’s a great sign that she’s beginning to feel comfortable enough to sleep with you.

It’s easy to assume that if a woman starts talking to us about her personal life, she just sees us as a brother or a shoulder to cry on. But for a woman to share such personal stuff with you, it takes a lot of trust and confidence.

You can draw these types of stories out of her by first telling personal tales about yourself. By showing any sort of vulnerability or trust towards her, it communicates that she's not just “the next girl.” Any behavior that communicates this will help her trust you. From there, you can encourage her to share her story with you by asking questions and showing genuine interest.

These are 10 important signs she wants to sleep with you that are easy to miss. If she dresses up, laughs at your jokes, touches your arm and invites you back to her place—don’t make excuses about needing to be up early for work. Get over there!


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