How To Tell If A Girl Likes You From Her Body Language

You need to learn how to tell if a girl likes you from her body languageIf you want an unfair advantage over other guys when it comes to dating learn how to tell if a girl likes you from her body language. You see, us guys don’t have it easy when it comes to dating.

Women can be confusing, give off mixed signals, say one thing and mean another so any advantages we have are much appreciated.

Learning How To Tell If A Girl Likes You From Her Body Language

“How do I know if she likes me?”

“How do I know if I can move forward?”

“What if she thinks I’m a creep?”

Most guys look for things women say or outright do, but that’s not how it works.

Usually it’s GUYS that are very good at telegraphing interest and being open.

Women, because of societal conditioning and feminine energy, are usually more reserved, shy, and closed off.

However, there are several tell-tale signs a woman gives off in her body language if she likes you and is interested in you.

She usually can’t control these signs and if you know what to look out for, you can save yourself from potentially walking away from a woman who really wants to know you and genuinely likes you… She just might be a bit too scared to say or do something directly.

Guys are usually looking for all the “right signs” and women give them off in spades.

You need to try this

You just have to know what to look for:

1. Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you from her body language quickly? She makes eye contact with you.

This is the biggest one: If she looks at you, she likes you.

She’s saying, “Please come talk to me.”

Notice if she looks down, to the side, or up as she does this.

While eye contact in general gives off interest, you can break down the eye contact a woman gives off into more detail:

  • Looking up means she might be a bit stand-offish. She might roll her eyes and in this case while she might have some interest in you, she might not be that open to you talking to her.
  • Looking to the side means that she could be interested or not, and it’s up to you to change her mind. She could go either way, and depending on how you approach her or talk to her, you could turn her “maybe” into a “YES!”.
  • Looking down means, “Oops, you caught me looking at you.” This is submissive.
  • She does like you and is shy that you caught her.
  • If you see her look down, GO TALK TO HER.

Either way, eye contact is almost always a good thing when it comes to women.

Go say hi, she won’t bite. 🙂

2. She physically moves closer to you.

If a woman is interested in you, she’ll WANT to be closer to you.

She wants to be mentally and emotionally closer, she wants to connect with you, and so she’ll physically close the gap between you two.

Her body moves with her mind.

Here are some examples of this.

You might notice her:

  • Leaning in to you while you’re talking,
  • Moving her head and face closer to you so she can hear you in a night club,
  • Leaning over the table during a dinner date.
  • Walking up to you.

If you see ANYTHING likes this… she’s interested in you.

3. She actually touches you.

Usually men are the aggressors and escalate physically.

But a woman can do the same by touching your arm, muscles, hair, or face.

You’ll probably have to initiate the physical contact, but we don’t touch people we don’t like.

If we don’t like them, we are turned off and want to keep our distance.

Physical contact implies a certain amount familiarity, intimacy, and comfort.

If you notice her touching you, it means she wants to get even MORE physical with you…

Do the math. 😉

4. She smiles… A LOT.

If you’re happy, you can’t help but smile.

If you see something you like, you’re going to smile too.

If you see a girl smiling at you from far away, during your conversation, when you suggest you do something together… She likes you and what you’re saying, so keep going!

Seeing a girl smile at you is one of the EASIEST ways to learn how to tell if a girl likes you from her body language.

Also, as guys, we make mistakes.

We might say something stupid or give off nervous ticks.

If she’s laughing and smiling at all your stupid jokes (even if they aren’t that good) and keeps it going through EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you do, she really likes you.

5. She gives you her undivided attention when you are together.

Many people today have lost the art of conversation.

Have you ever seen a typical couple at a restaurant?

They’re sitting across from each other physically there, but their minds are elsewhere on work, gazing out the window, looking at other people, or worst of all: browsing the internet and social media.

This is the state of society today.

As our attention spans drop further and further, looking for the newest, shiniest object, we have a hard time connecting and relating.

In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie said the best way to be seen as a great conversationalist is to be genuinely interested in what someone has to say.

If a girl is staring directly into your eyes with her cell phone and all distractions away, not looking around, she wants to hear what you have to say and likes you.

6. She looks at your lips.

She’s thinking about kissing you.


If you catch her looking at your lips or “triangle-gazing”: looking from the top of your head, to your eyes, to your lips, and back again… She likes you and wants you to make a move.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity!

7. She draws attention to her own lips.

Just like the point above, if she draws attention to her own lips, she wants them to be touched or kissed.

Here are some things she could do:

  • Apply lipstick.
  • Touch her lips with her hands.
  • Pucker or smack them together.
  • Lick them.

If you see any of these… Go it for it, bro!

8. She maintains open body language.

When we are defensive or closed off to someone, our body language demonstrates this: We close our arms over our chests, we keep our palms faced towards us (“I don’t want to show you what I have”), hunch over protectively, and may physically turn away from the person we aren’t interested in.

All of this is to state, “I don’t like you or trust you.”

On the other hand if we maintain open body language, we like the person.

Noticing a girl giving off an open posture is a key indicator of how to tell if a girl likes you from her body language.

If you notice a woman doing some of these things, she’s open to you:

  • She keeps her arms un-crossed.
  • She keeps her arms at her sides.
  • She stands straight up and not hunched over.
  • She is physically turned so her front is directly facing you.
  • She doesn’t flinch or move away when you touch her or physically escalate.
  • She looks up and towards you, directly into your eyes (which displays a large amount of trust).

Keep going.

9. She plays with, or tosses her hair.

This is one of the tell-tale signs coded into a woman’s genetics that she just CAN’T help but do.

Girls get annoyed that they do this so instinctively, but if you notice her playing with her hair in any way, she’s flirting with you and likes you.

She could twirl it, toss it back, push it behind her ear, or start re-arranging it.

This is an easy way to learn how to tell if a girl likes you from her body language.

Anything to do with her hair means, “I like you.”

10. You noticed her pupils are dilated and her eyes are wide.

Our eyes become wide when we see something we like and so do our pupils.

This can be with food, an achievement, a sight of beauty in nature…

But it also applies to people we like.

If you notice a woman’s eyes and specifically, her pupils, getting bigger and wider, it’s her unconscious mind manifesting itself through her physical person saying, “I like this guy.”

11. She blinks and flaps her eyelashes a lot.

This is another classic sign of flirtation.

Women will flap and bat their eyelashes at you if they like you.

It’s another unconscious action that they can’t help.

However, some women will do it consciously to say, “HEY BUDDY, I LIKE YOU. PLEASE TAKE MY NUMBER!”

You see this a lot in older movies, but if you notice it as you talk to women, take it as a sign that they like you.

12. She uses her fingers and hands to nervously re-arrange or play with things on her body or that are near her.

Women who like you will gently touch and move over their erogenous zones on their body, play with things on their person, or whatever’s nearby.

Touching her erogenous zones

In case you don’t know, “An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.” [Wikipedia].

If a woman touches her:

  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Collarbones
  • Nose

It’s a signal that she wants YOU to touch them.

She’s subconsciously sending your attention to these zones (which are programmed into our DNA as men to be thought of as attractive and sexy on women), and showing that she wants you.

Playing with her jewelry or glasses

When girls are around people who they’re interested in, they get more excited, and their heart rates speed up.

They feel anxious, nervous, and have “butterflies” in their stomachs.

To release the pent up tension, you might see a woman fidgeting with anything she can, like jewelry, as a way to release the nervous energy.

Does she:

  • Move her glasses?
  • Twist the rings that she’s wearing?
  • Play with her earrings?
  • Pull on her necklace?
  • Start taking her watch on and off?

If you see any of these things, consider them good signs.

Playing with objects nearby

If you notice a woman making controlled movements, like circling the rim of a glass, or moving a straw in and out of a drink, she’s flirting with you.

13. She crosses her legs towards you.

Women who are interested in you will usually cross their legs.

If you notice that the top leg is pointed towards you, she’s usually indicating that she’s attracted or inclined towards you.

You might also notice her touching her lower thigh, or straightening your pants to draw attention to her legs (to get you attracted to her).

If you also notice her bouncing her leg up and down, it can be a way to release the same nervous energy as when playing with her jewelry.

You might need some calibration to know if it’s that or her saying, “I can’t wait to get out of here,” though.

14. She mirrors whatever you do.

When someone is attracted to you they often mirror what you do.

Not only does this happen with body language and facial expressions, but also vocal speed, pitch, and tonality.

It’s her sub-consciously saying, “I’m with you.

I agree with you.

I want to be with you.”

While women aren’t the easiest to figure out at times, by looking for these signs, you’ll be able to read a woman’s body language and get some clues to see if she likes you or not.

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    thanks 4 help 🙂

  • Anonymous

    A very useful article, one that I'll keep as a reference. There is a girl at work that I like a lot. I made a tally whilst reading the above and recognized at least 6 of the signs that you have mentioned. Despite this, I remain hesitant, because as is often the case in these situations there are many variables involved and ones perception can be skewed. Still, going forward, I feel that your words have provided me with a base from which to work and I appreciate that.

    Thank you Emily!

  • jake

    GOI NG THRU THS RIGHT NOW WITH A GIRL/WOMAN up the street but she is involved strange thing is as soon as i seen her i had a strange feling (not ego) that this woman was going to fall for me her type her lok etc her personallity just alarm bells and she has a partner and kids...she does look about comes over to me and pretends to be looking for a something loking al around then at me her back is weak her knees bending like the feeling is painful..hvering around me with her bottom ner my nose,fiddling with objects doing the look about around the house then comming back and seing if im missing her touching her neck color bone and chest not changing her hair taking off puting back on her silly dressing gown or tracksuit top or other house lay around item she wears...making coments about how i escaped a bad situation NEDED TO ESCAPE IT she acts like im here to save her..imnot going to doanything but she is lovely and clearly lonely and trapped but she needs to sort her ownlife out not think i can do it for her

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