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How to Tell if a Girl Likes You: The 11 Signs Guys Can Look Out For

How to tell if a girl likes you even if she's shy

Do you have no idea how to tell if a girl likes you? Need a little help figuring out the signals she’s sending out? It’s honestly not that hard once you keep your wits about you. There are 11 telltale signs girls like you that are almost always dead giveaways.

That said, it’s important to keep the context of the situation in mind. If she is taking your order at a restaurant and she smiles, chats and makes eye contact with you, it doesn’t mean she wants to rip your clothes off. It probably means she’s angling for a good tip. If, however, she does those same things in a social situation, she’s probably trying to let you know that she likes you.

So, if you’re wondering if the girl you have your eye on is attracted to you, here are the signs to look for to help you decide if she really does like you or if she’s just being polite.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You if She’s Shy

A shy woman may not voice her feelings or give overt signals — but here are the signs shy girls like you:

Sign 1: She’s fidgety

If a woman is shy, she may not hold your gaze or openly flirt with you. But don’t take that as a sign of disinterest. Too much eye contact will make her blush or stammer over her words. And that’s something she’ll want to avoid at all costs. She won’t want to look silly in front of you. So she’ll keep her mind off of her nerves by fidgeting. She may play with her hair a lot, twirl her straw or adjust her clothing. It means you make her nervous — in a good way.

It’s just one of the many very subtle signs girls are attracted to you, but it can depend on where you meet. If a woman isn’t comfortable there or there is a lot going on, it can seem like she’s fidgety when she really isn’t.

Sign 2: You can tell if a girl likes you when she primps for you

A shy woman may not tell you with words that she’s into you, but if you notice she’s done some extra primping, that’s always a good sign.

If you meet a woman at a bar for instance and she excuses herself to use the ladies’ room, pay attention to how she looks when she returns. If she comes back with her hair freshly combed or with brighter lipstick, you’ll know she was trying to catch your attention by looking her best.

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Sign 3: She stares at you when you’re not looking

While a shy woman won’t make a lot of eye contact, she’ll take every opportunity to look at you when she thinks you won’t notice. If you’re conversing in a group, for instance, she’ll stare at you when your eyes are on another person, but she’ll look away quickly when you return her gaze.

If you do manage to make eye contact before she turns away she may give you a quick smile or her cheeks might turn pink. A little eye contact can be enough to make a girl want you. These are all great signs that she’s into you.

Sign 4: She leans toward you

If she leans forward a bit when you’re talking to her, it’s a subconscious signal that she’s really interested in what you have to say. That she’s fully engaged. That you have her complete attention. She may even position herself so she is standing close to you.

This one is huge, guys. If a shy woman is standing closer to you than most women do, it definitely means she’s into you.

Signs Girls Like You if They’re the Confident Type

Now, let’s talk about confident women. Even an outgoing woman can be hard to read. Many guys struggle to know if she’s just being friendly or if she’s actually into you. Here are some of the best signs to watch for:

Sign 1: One of the biggest signs a girl likes you is that she compliments you

A woman who’s into you is more apt to pay you compliments. Unless she’s super bold, she probably won’t tell you that you’re hot or that she likes your biceps. But she will tell you that you’re funny or that she loves your shirt. If a woman gives you more than one compliment, it’s a pretty sure sign that she likes you.

Sign 2: She asks you a lot of questions

If a woman is asking a lot of questions about you and your interests, it means she wants to know you better. And there’s no better way to do that than by asking questions. So if she’s intensely interested in what you have to say and asks lots of follow-up questions, she definitely likes you.

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Sign 3: She thinks you’re hilarious

Having a sense of humor is one of the surefire ways to get a girl to chase you. Women can't resist a guy who can make them laugh!

If a woman is laughing at all of your jokes — and you’re not actually a comedian — chances are, she’s into you. A woman naturally finds a man she’s into funnier than other guys. So, if she laughs at all of your jokes, even if they’re not that funny, it means she’s into you.

Sign 4: She teases you

She might make fun of you in a good-natured way. She'll slap your arm playfully or tickles you to make you laugh. Those are some pretty sure ways to tell if a girl likes you. She won’t make the effort to tease you if she’s not into you.

Sign 5: You know if a girl likes you if she gets touchy-feely

Unlike the rest of our advice, this one doesn’t work online. Some people are just naturally touchy-feely with everyone. But if you notice a woman is touching you more than anyone else, that’s a great sign. For example, a girl at work may make sure that your arms brush when you’re standing near her. She might even lightly touch your arm to make a point when she’s chatting with you. No matter what type of contact she makes, if she does it often, that’s a great sign.

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Sign 6: She contacts you after you’ve met

If a woman texts you after a first date or after meeting you, that's a great sign. If it's to tell you she had a great time meeting you, she’s not just being polite. A woman won’t bother to text that kind of a message to a guy she’s not into.

On top of that, if she’s the one to message you first, you can be sure that she likes you enough to not wait for you to message her!

If you’ve ever wished you could tell if a girl likes you, watch out for these 10 signs a girl likes you. Once you know what to look for, you can approach, talk and ask women out with more confidence.


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