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34 Online Dating Message Mistakes To Avoid - Hall Of Shame

Examples of many bad online dating messages

Meeting women online is so much easier these days thanks to all the apps. But the problem is that people tend to think it’s too easy. It’s as if saying “hi” is all it takes to make women want to meet up ASAP. If you think the generic greeting is fine, then youré probably committing one (or many) of the biggest online dating message mistakes to avoid.

Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make when trying to meet women online. Don’t be one of these guys!

The Biggest Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

"If you can't be a good example, then at least be a horrible warning."

Nothing embodies that sentiment more than these guys. So don't make any of the huge online dating mistakes, k?

1. Why bother crafting a message based on their profile when you just copy and paste the lyrics of a dreary country song?

Why you need to read her profile

2. A 5-year-old could do better than this.

Bad grammar

This sounds more like a caveman than Prince Charming. You're a grown man now.

3. An impressive amount of cringe in such few words.

Next time, do your Google Maps search before sending a message, and maybe suggest the naked hang-out once you’ve gotten to know each other.

4. This is what is known as “word vomit”.

Don't give her a reason not to like you

My man started well before drunk-driving this conversation off a cliff. This message has the potential to be the worst one yet.

5. We’re not here to kink-shame but...

Maybe start with some innocent small talk instead of launching straight into pegging.

New course

6. Perhaps this guy was due to leave the country later that day. There’s really no other excuse to be so direct.

7. Everyone knows that ALL CAPS is the texting equivalent of shouting.

If you wouldn’t shout this over her “unworthy suitors” in a bar, then stick to lower case. Also, if you’re calling your own opener mundane, that’s a clear sign you need to up your Tinder game.

8. Surely you can do better than “good guy”.

Your bio is your opportunity to sell yourself. Not like this, though. But we like that he has standards and would seemingly settle for a girl who is a little bit crazy, as long as she “likes to have fun”.

9. This one isn’t so bad.

A cheeky metaphor that implies something romantic. However, it could also imply something extremely sinister. We’re not sure if he wants her as a blanket in a cute way, or in a “Silence of the Lambs” way.

10. This is so cringy, and the emojis don't help.

This guy is clearly a poet at heart. The proposal might have come a bit fast, but his main problem is this emoji situation is out of control. Probably best avoid asking “pretty please” to any potential dates too.

11. That’s not the spirit, Dan!

If you can’t back yourself, how is she meant to back you?? I’m sure you’ve got plenty of qualities to help you stand out from the competition. For starters, you used the correct version of "You’re".

12. Your 5/10 haircut isn’t private. The whole world has to see it whenever you step outside.

This prompt is your opportunity to stand out. Most guys usually write something boring like “I have this profile”. This guy went a bit too far against the grain.

13. Of all the pick-up lines she’s seen a million times before, this has to be one of the most mundane.

Most canned lines belong in the trash. But if you insist on using one, try to make it original and funny.

14. Remember how we just said most canned lines belong in the trash?

This one might stick in her mind a little longer, but it’ll leave a horrible taste in her mouth.

15. Yes, this was a real profile picture 🙁

We understand that women like men who are financially stable, but they also like to actually see who they are dating. Also, this would appear to be only $2,000, which isn’t that impressive.

H apps promo

16. He might be smarter than the average bear, but he’s still a few loaves short of a pic-a-nic basket.

If you want a woman to take you seriously, stop with the alter egos.

17. Boo.

18. Leave the adopted sister roleplays for the adult industry.

Something tells us this guy is going to be climbing trees alone and ordering takeaways for a while.

19. Sometimes a man will make an offer you simply cannot refuse.

This isn’t one of those times. We think this guy should treat himself to a week’s worth of breadsticks.

20. It’s been months and there’s clearly no “cinnextuon” dude.

Let it go. If you are going to engage in “zombieing” (coming back from the dead), at least re-emerge with an exciting and engaging message. How’s your day/week/life going puts all the pressure on her to make the conversation interesting.

21. Tell us you’re a douche without telling us you’re a douche.

Also, it would appear that this guy is three times shorter than “Mini Me” from Austin Powers 😉

22. The first rule about big boobs is you don’t talk about big boobs.

Not in your dating app opener, anyway. Also, how big does he think they are?

H apps promo

23. Actually, dude, most women are on these apps looking for a partner. Not a slave.

Note to all guys: submissive doormats are not sexy.

24. The struggle is real.

We’re not sure why guys would “neg” from such a long distance either...

25. “Well, I put them on my feet and then they tend to stay there. Guess I’m your perfect 10, bro ;)”

Surely he should be more interested in her smile?

H apps promo

26. What a delightful invitation *eyeroll*

Guys, please find a better reason to ask someone out than “I’m bored” or “I don’t know what to do”.

27. Omar seems a little too concerned about how my Tuesday is going.

Here’s a word of warning guys: when you propose 7 ideas and ask 4 questions in one message, it’s a little overwhelming. You come across like a horny excitable puppy on LSD.

28. It’s wrong if you suggest it’s wrong.

If you’re going to flirt with a woman OWN IT. Also, unless she’s still got BBQ sauce on her lips, there’s probably nothing “curious” about them.

29. Thanks for spelling it out, bro…

But there’s nothing less tempting than “legitimate intimacy” with someone I just met.

H apps promo

30. My beautiful what? Could this be the unsexiest grammar mistake of all time?

31. I wasn’t scared, UNTIL NOW.

Seriously though, don’t ask for permission to get to know a lady. You’re far better off shooting your shot opening with something interesting and specific you liked about her. If she’s into it, she’ll write back.

32. Well, it is important to be different 😉

This guy just missed the boat though. He could have used these prompts to actually explain why he’s unique.

33. You can do better than this, sweetie.

This is the antithesis of original. She hears this every day on dating apps. Focus on something more distinct and unique to her. Instead of inviting her to talk to you, start an interesting conversation.

34. Then, say it! Or better yet, don’t!

“How are you”, “How’s it going?” and “How was your day” do nothing but put the onus on the woman to make the conversation interesting.


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