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Since 2013, Beyond Ages has become a recognized authority on dating, relationships, and online romance.  We believe there is a better way to get the results you want from your dating life. A more valuable, more fulfilling way where men don’t have to rely on tricks or luck to attract women they’re interested in. We’re obsessively passionate about it.

Our large team of dating and relationship coaches provide proven strategies and advice to our thousands of dating clients. All of the advice and information we provide is based on our own unique experiences, trial-and-error, and decades of practice. We strive to provide the most impactful and up-to-date advice that will work for you regardless of race, geography, and age.

Our team of dating experts have been featured in hundreds of publications around the world and in many languages. It can be extremely challenging to determine what quality dating advice is because it’s constantly changing and evolving. 

The Mission of Beyond Ages

Dating can be rough! We know how challenging it can be to find dating success and it’s our mission to provide the best, most actionable dating and relationship advice possible. Our team of experienced dating and relationship coaches provides genuine advice from their years of personal dating experience and experience coaching others. 

How We’re Different

We practice what we preach. All of the dating and relationship information provided here has been gained first-hand by real experts including:

Dating advice provided by REAL experts

We have a large and very experienced team of dating experts that is constantly trying out new approaches to dating success. These are men and women with deep experience that are very passionate about helping others get the results they desire. 

The most thorough dating app reviews out there

We are very serious about finding the best dating apps and sites out there. Online dating has become such a core component of modern dating that it’s absolutely crucial to spend your time on the best dating apps and sites. We are constantly trying and retrying dating apps and have an extremely thorough process. 

We spend weeks and months using every dating app we review and are signing up for both the free and paid versions. You will not find more dedicated reviewers and more thorough dating app reviews anywhere.

The Beyond Ages Team

James Anderson - Founder
Dating Coach

James is a well respected, internationally known dating and relationship coach. James loves to help men find incredible success with women while still being authentic to themselves. He has helped build a team of dating experts with the same passion and they strive daily to provide the most actionable and valuable dating advice anywhere.

James has a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University, a Bachelor’s Degree from MSU, and has been featured in many major publications including AskMen, Best Life Online, Zoosk, and StyleCaster.

Dr Kristie Overstreet writer
Board Certified Sex Therapist and Contributing Writer

Dr. Overstreet is a Board Certified Sex Therapist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology. She has over 14 years of clinical experience and spends most of her days helping people navigate their relationships and identities while growing both personally and professionally. She is extremely passionate about helping people become their true selves and create the lives they deserve.

Dr. Overstreet has been featured widely in many large publications and has contributed to several medical research projects.

Communication and Dating Coach

Em is the author of the popular dating books Stand Out and Get The Green Light. Em is an online dating consultant specializing in practical, actionable advice for leveling up your profile, photos, messaging, and mindset. Since 2014, she’s helped thousands of men improve their online dating results, and her insight has been featured on Lifehacker, Thought Catalog, and numerous podcasts.

Nicole Atkins writer
Sex and Relationship Researcher and Contributing Author

Nicole is a sex and relationship researcher who trained beside some of the industry’s giants. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Portland State University and is also certified in Biomedical Ethics and Biomedical Sciences. After years of research experience, she traded academic endeavors for the proverbial pen, with the goal of continuing her work in positive sex education. She hopes to improve lives with digestible guidance and aims to bridge the gap between academia and the masses by making complex ideas easier to understand.

Dating expert Marcus N
Dating & Confidence Coach

Marcus is an internationally known dating coach who has helped thousands of men find the dating results they want around the world. He has been featured and quoted widely in print and on TV. He is especially knowledgeable about helping men from diverse backgrounds find great relationships. His belief is to approach our dating and relationships life from a standpoint of boldness, ethics, effectiveness, and vulnerability.

Shani Jay
Dating and Relationship Coach

Shani is a bestselling author, empowerment coach, and dating expert. She is the author of Bloom, The Babe Bible, Glow Getter, and Light Up Your Life; and her writing has been featured on many internationally recognized platforms including The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Teen Vogue.

Shani’s articles have touched millions and she is extremely passionate about helping men and women form strong and lasting relationships. 

Emily Brooks
Dating and Relationship Coach

Emily Brooks is an internationally recognized dating and relationship coach who has become a vital member of the Beyond Ages team. With nearly two decades of experience helping men and women improve their dating lives, she has a wealth of experience that she loves sharing with her clients. Emily has helped thousands of men consistently find the dating success they deserve and dramatically transform their lives.

She has been featured in many major publications including Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health.

Joe Elvin
Confidence and Dating Coach

Joe Elvin is an internationally known confidence and dating coach with nearly a decade of experience. He is the successful author of several dating and confidence books that have helped thousands of men find incredible results that they didn’t even think was possible. While traveling the world Joe consistently finds new and valuable ways to meet and attract women that men everywhere can use immediately.

Joe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University and has been featured in many large publications including AskMen, TSB Magazine and Dumb Little Man.

Andrius Saulis
Dating Coach

Andrius is a professional dating coach and educator with over a decade of hands-on experience, who shows men how to deal with their insecurities and self-esteem issues, and teaches guys how to have consistently great dates that end up in casual hookups or serious relationships. 

He has taught thousands of guys how to master their Inner Game by getting rid of their Anxiety, Shyness, Nervousness, Self-Doubt, Fear, and various mental blocks and limiting beliefs that hold most men back from being awesome with women!

Andrius is also a successful author who has published multiple books on dating and relationships that have been highly received. 

Dave Perrotta
Dating Coach and Contributing Writer

Dave Perrotta is the author of the best-selling book, Conversation Casanova: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations and Flirt Like a Pro as well as several other well-received dating guides. Over the past several years Dave has become one of the premier men’s dating and lifestyle coaches. 

Dave has coached many men to better success with a variety of women and provides a clear and actionable perspective that any man can follow. He has been featured in many major publications including,, and Simple Pickup.

Ash Wright
Dating Coach

Ash Wright is a dating coach for Beyond Ages focused on helping men completely turn their lives and dating prospects around. After many years of barely leaving the house, he embarked on a self-improvement journey that eventually led to tremendous success with women. He now teaches many of the skills he learned first-hand to other men in similar positions.

Ash has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Calgary and incorporates many of the psychological principles he’s learned into what he teaches his students. He has also been featured in several major publications covering dating topics.

Featured Publications & Accomplishments

The Beyond Ages team has written for or been recommended by Cosmopolitan, Life Hacker, Tinder, Zoosk, Yahoo, Women’s Health, Shape, AskMen, HerCampus, and Best Life Online for expertise in dating and relationship related topics.

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