Ash Wright
Dating Expert
Ash Wright (@AshWright13), Once a World of Warcraft addict who hated leaving the house, a lot has changed since then. After watching the steady success of others, hitting the gym for some added self-confidence and forcing himself to get out there to trial things for himself, life has never been better. Having experienced the highs and lows of dating and self-improvement first hand, Ash's articles aim to give practical advice and examples that you can use along with your own journey.

Ash Wright

BeNaughty Landing Page
2020 BeNaughty Review: Is the Site Naughty or Nice?

If you’ve read any of my articles you’ll know I’m all for online dating. That’s why I enjoy...

NaughtyDate Landing Page
2020 NaughtyDate Review: A Promising Experience or a Huge Letdown?

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of online dating. The trouble is, not all sites are created...

OnlineBootyCall Landing Page
2020 OnlineBootyCall Review: Is Getting Laid Just a Call Away?

Reviewing dating websites can make for an interesting task. This Online Booty Call review is certainly no exception...

Landing page for Mixxxer review
2020 Mixxxer Review — Is This the Best Option Out there For Finding Partners?

The Internet has a lot to offer us in 2020 including an array of dating options no matter...

LonelyWifeHookup review
2020 LonelyWifeHookup Review: Are These Lonely Wives Legit?

Online dating is fantastic when you’re using a legit site. It allows you to find women you’re attracted...

MeetBang Review Landing Page
Our MeetBang Review For 2020: Who Can You Meet and Who Can You Bang?

Online dating is meant to be fun and exciting. You get to meet up with women you find...

Just Be Wild Landing Page
2020 Just Be Wild Dating App Review — A Wild Ride Or A Dud?

Whether you’re interested in regular dating or looking to explore your kinky side, Just Be Wild promises to...

happn dating app homepage
2020 Happn Review (Can It Turn Chance Encounters Into Hookups?)

If you use any popular form of social media, you’ve probably come across ads for Happn once or...

BlackCrush home page
2020 BlackCrush Review - What we found after weeks of testing it out

Online dating can be an amazing thing so long as you’re using a quality dating site or app....

Homepage for
2020 Instafuck Review — Will This Site Get You Laid In An Instant?

We put together quite a few in-depth dating site and app reviews. It allows us to review them...

2020IAmNaughty Review — Is It As Promising (And Hot) As It Looks?

While there are some good options, finding a quality dating website seems to be an increasingly difficult task...

sad couple wondering how to know when their relationship is over
Dating Tips
How To Know When A Relationship Is Over (3 Actions Once It's Clear)

A happy, healthy relationship makes us feel great about ourselves and fills us with hope for the future....

Sad man wondering how to move on from an ex
Dating Tips
How To Move On From An Ex (7 Steps After A Tough Breakup)

Difficult breakups have a way of making us feel like all these negative emotions are permanent. In that...

woman walking away from man wondering how to get over cheating
Dating Tips
How To Get Over Cheating Women Fast (5 Key Steps You Can Take)

Being cheated on is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. It’s a huge...

How to forget your ex by writing her a letter
Dating Tips
8 Cheap And Easy Ways To Learn How To Forget Your Ex

Figuring out how to forget your ex is rarely a simple task. But contrary to a lot of...

Tips on how to get over someone fast
Dating Tips
How To Get Over Someone Fast (After A Tough Breakup)

When a relationship ends, getting over it takes time. The kindest thing we can do for ourselves in...

Man in a cafe learning how to respond to an ex asking how you are
Dating Tips
How To Respond To An Ex Asking How You Are (Five Different Answers)

Filled with emotions and confusion, breakups can be complicated. Text messages often make this even more difficult, especially...

Wondering how to text your ex without looking desperate
Dating Tips
How To Text Your Ex And Not Look Desperate (8 Essential Tips)

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of desperation, you’ve seen firsthand just how unattractive it can...

Know what to say when your ex texts you
Dating Tips
What Does It Mean When Your Ex Texts You? (Plus 7 Ways to Respond)

Knowing what to do when your ex texts you can be difficult. That single message can mean any...

A guy learning how to ignore his ex girlfriend
Dating Tips
7 Tricks On How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex (Focus On The Future)

No breakup is easy to deal with and some are certainly more difficult to get over than others....

Two people who need to learn how to get over a breakup
Dating Tips
10 Simple Steps on How To Cope With A Breakup (Make It Easier)

It doesn’t matter how serious the relationship was, learning how to cope with a breakup is always hard....

People learning how to be friends after breaking up
Dating Tips
How To Be Friends With Your Ex Girlfriend After Breakups (10 Big Things)

Breakups are difficult for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the fact you’re losing someone...

2020 Cheating Hookup Review (Our Experience Using It Fully)

Online dating is fantastic so long as you’re putting your time into the right type of website. It...

Woman looking at a man who knows how to be desireable
Dating Tips
Learn How To Make Her Want You (7 Easy Ways To Get Her Interested)

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or you’ve just met, knowing how to make her want you...

Field Dating App Homepage
2020 Feeld Dating App Review — Our Results After Months of Use

With so many different dating apps available these days, finding the right one for you can be a...