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Ash Wright is a dating coach for Beyond Ages focused on helping men completely turn their lives and dating prospects around. He was once a World of Warcraft addict who hated leaving the house, a lot has changed since then. After watching the steady success of others, hitting the gym for some added self-confidence and forcing himself to get out there to trial things for himself, life has never been better. After many years of barely leaving the house, he embarked on a self-improvement journey that eventually led to tremendous success with women. He now teaches many of the skills he learned first-hand to other men in similar positions.

Ash has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary and incorporates many of the psychological principles he’s learned into what he teaches his students.


Ash Wright

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First messages can be difficult, especially on apps where you don't have other chances. We've got you covered on what to say on Tinder in your first message though so you get a reply back.
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Sadly, photos on Tinder are left to your profile. But that doesn't mean you can't do it. You just have to learn how to send pics on Tinder.
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Learning how to talk to girls on Tinder can be critical to keeping her responding and eventually meeting up. But it's a different beast of an app and requires certain rules.
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So how can you tell if a woman likes you online? It's not just one thing but a bunch of little tips and tricks. In this article, we show you how to spot the differences.
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We give you some of the easiest to spot clues to figure out how to know when a girl wants to kiss you.
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Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

This is one question that gets a resounding yes from me. I’ve dated men much younger than myself...