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8 Cheap And Easy Ways To Learn How To Forget Your Ex

How to forget your ex by writing her a letter

Figuring out how to forget your ex is rarely a simple task. But contrary to a lot of advice online though, it doesn’t have to be expensive. So if you were considering going ham on the next Steam sale, this article is for you.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through eight steps you can take right now to forget about her. They’re all very budget-friendly because you don’t need to add financial stress to the mix, right?

How to Forget Your Ex The Right Way

Since you’re reading this, the breakup is probably pretty fresh. You may not be at a point where you want to forget about her, but you know it’s something you should do.

I’ve selected eight very simple ways to make it much easier to get started. Even if you just go with step number 1 for now, that’s a huge step in the right direction. The rest can come later.

Get yourself through these steps one at a time and before you know it, you’ll be a happier, healthier version of yourself. You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, and you don’t need to go broke either!

1. It’s okay to grieve, but don’t let it drag on

Grieving is something we tend to associate with death but in reality, it’s a necessary part of dealing with any kind of loss.

Ignoring your emotions and trying to convince yourself that you’re okay isn’t healthy. Instead, allow yourself up to a week to grieve the loss of your relationship. Giving yourself time to process your grief is essential for how to get over an ex.

Once that timeframe is up, it’s time to dust off the pizza crumbs and start moving on. Begin implementing the other seven steps below and you’ll soon reach a point where you feel genuinely better.

2. No stalking her on social media

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and keep up with what’s going on. It’s also a great way to continually pull yourself into the wrong headspace. You might even be tempted to be friends with your ex or worse, turn her into a booty call.

Remove her from your social media for a while and give yourself a chance to stop thinking about her. If you wake up every morning to another photo or Snapchat story from your ex, this process is going to take months!

It also keeps you from heading off on inaccurate tangents. Every photo you see of her with another guy will make you wonder if she’s sleeping with him. Every smiling photo of her will look like she’s moved on and so much happier without you.

Don’t subject yourself to that kind of torture, it’s neither kind nor productive.

3. How to forget your ex by writing her a letter (but not sending it)

The process of writing things down is very cathartic. It forces you to slow your thoughts down, so you can put them in a logical order. Almost like having a conversation with yourself, it challenges you to follow a thought process to the end.

If you desperately want to talk to her and have a bunch of things you want to get off your chest, put it in writing. Treat it like you’re going to send the letter so that you take it seriously. This helps you verbalize and ultimately process how you’re feeling.

This process is something I do personally and I always end up happy that I did. It might sound stupid but try it for yourself and see how you feel afterward.

4. Find something new to occupy yourself

Enough with the emotional stuff now, it’s time to talk about some actions. By picking up a new sport or hobby, you’re achieving several positive things at once.

You’re forcing yourself to get out of the house, so you aren’t moping around for weeks. You’re also meeting new people and giving yourself an exciting new challenge.

Some hobbies can get expensive fast, but there’s no shortage of free options available for you too. Pick something that interests you and fits your budget then go from there. It could even be something you used to do but haven’t had a chance to in a while. Staying distracted is one of the best ways to forget your ex.

My last breakup saw me get back into cycling which was a big positive step. I started joining local group rides, met new people and remembered just how much I like the sport. It’s hard to think about her when my heart rate is in the red!

5. Remember that being single isn’t a bad thing

Some of us tend to view this as a negative, as though people are only single if there’s something wrong with them. A good relationship is fantastic, but so is being single. The question is whether or not you allow yourself to see that.

You have the ability to save money if the budget is tight. You’re free to do whatever you like with whoever you like and never have to consider anyone else. You’re even free to start dating other women, which is an exciting process in itself.

Relax and allow yourself to enjoy the single life for now and see what happens in the future.

6. Work on becoming a better version of yourself

If you broke up with an ex you lived with, it can be pretty hard to start anew. After all, you probably fostered a lot of habits with your ex. Not to say they're unhealthy, but these habits will keep your ex on your mind. So it's time to start fresh.

Diet and exercise are great for the mind and body. If you could stand to lose a few pounds, doing that will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Even if this doesn’t apply to you, exercise and a better diet will still leave you feeling re-energized. You’ll have more energy and motivation to get out there and do something with your time.

As I’ve covered in so many articles, confidence is a very attractive trait. Both dating and friendships are easier to come by when you feel better about who you are. Each of these serves as positive distractions while you’re stuck on how to forget an ex.

7. Start dating again

When you broke up, it's hard to think about dating again. But in the modern world, dating doesn’t have to end in a relationship. You might not feel ready to jump straight into another relationship just yet and that’s totally fair.

What you can do is put yourself back into the dating scene. Even if you just go on a handful of dates, the process in itself is fun and exciting. It also serves as a nice confidence boost. You get to see first-hand that women find you attractive and want to be around you.

This step right here was the most beneficial one for me following the end of a six-year relationship. I wasn’t ready to forget my ex or start a new relationship, but I created a Tinder and Bumble profile after a couple of weeks.

Seeing a bunch of matches in the first couple of days did wonders for me. The breakup had left me feeling as though I wasn’t enough. Having multiple matches and engaged conversations so quickly showed me the opposite.

If you’re looking for some casual dating and fun, we’ve covered some of the best places to meet older women in a recent article. If you go with dating apps instead, check out my article on writing a great Tinder bio, so you start off on the right foot.

8. How to forget your ex by staying busy with friends, family and work

In case these other steps don’t have you busy enough already, make an effort to keep yourself occupied. The more time you spend sitting at home alone, the more likely it is that your mind will wander. If you do this, you'll never forget your ex!

Before you know it, you’ve spent the entire weekend inside thinking about your ex and how much you miss her.

Don’t put yourself through that. Even if you just invite a friend over to watch a movie or have a couple of drinks, it’s enough to keep you focussed on other things. Whatever you do though, don’t let your conversation stray to her!

With these eight steps in place, you’ll no longer struggle with how to forget your ex. Take each day as it comes. Make sure you’re doing something to actively help yourself out of this position.

It might feel as though this phase will last forever, but six months from now you’ll wonder how you ever felt this way. You’ve got this.


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