2019 WellHello Review - Will You Be Saying Hello Or Is It A Scam?

Homepage for wellhello.comThe internet has taken dating to the next level. You don’t have to wait for a chance encounter with a beautiful woman at the bar or for a VHS tape to arrive via the mail. You can go to the WellHello.com site and browse possible dates in your area anytime, from virtually anywhere. There are millions of women using online dating to meet potential mates, both for relationships and one-night stands.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of people online with more nefarious motivations. Some so-called “dating” services are actually just fronts for scams and virus-infected websites. That’s why we spend hundreds of hours to put together 2019’s Best Hookup Apps Sites For Casual Sex That Worked For Usour proven list of hookup apps to use. We want you to know what you’re getting into before you sign up.

Without further ado, here is our WellHello review. Keep reading to find out what the site really has to offer.

WellHello Review - Will You Be Saying Hello To Love?

WellHello.com ReviewCommunication has changed tremendously throughout human history due to the ever-evolving scope of technology. For one, it has changed the way that humans broker peace and wage war. Lightning fast communication means we can know what’s happening in Europe or Africa in real time, or talk to a new acquaintance on the other side of the planet.

This technology can also help us find love. Thousands of years ago, if you had a crush on someone, you might mention it around the fire where the hot gossip would travel from village to village. Then came the telegraph, which some historians have shown to be a very early sort of “online dating” device. Those cheesy VHS tape dating services followed.

Now, of course, we have the internet.

A welcoming introduction

With a name like WellHello, I expected a site that was pretty welcoming. And so it was. Whoever made this site seems to know the value of first impressions. The sign-up page had a simple background montage of beautiful people casually enjoying themselves. WellHello.com’s orange and blue logo was also cute and professional. My interest had been piqued.

Their introductory description was simple and to-the-point:

"WellHello is an online adult community that’s designed for you to meet and hang out with like minded singles and couples. It doesn't matter if you're looking for one night of fun or a longer term relationship - we've got what you want."

Everything I had seen so far added up to a good first impression. The question was, could WellHello deliver on them.

Well Hello is more naughty than nice

Well Hello pricingOne of the first things I noticed after signing up for an account with WellHello was the overwhelming amount of explicit content. When the homepage loaded, a large, very “adult” banner advertisement sat at the top of the screen. A whole section called "XXX Videos" appeared below the first featured profiles, showcasing, well, pornographic videos.

It looked to me that WellHello was aiming to be a porn website more than a dating site. That wasn’t promising.

Legitimate dating sites only concern themselves with one thing: helping you find a real date with a real person. They aren’t trying to tease you with adult pictures and they certainly don’t want to send you away to some other site where you can watch explicit videos. There’s nothing wrong with being a little risqué, but if that’s all the site had to offer, WellHello was going to be a big disappointment.

Say "goodbye" to this site and try Adult FriendFinder

WellHello is kind of in the middle of the pack when it comes to actual hookup sites. It isn't the worst one by a long shot but it still isn't very good. When it comes to sites like this 99% of the women tend to be on the top 2-3 sites (and that's where you need to be also).

Most guys are going to do far better on our favorite (and highest rated) hookup app Adult FriendFinder. They have the most women of any app we have seen (even Tinder) and as an average looking dude our results have been way better.

You can check them out for free here and see what we mean. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get a good feel for how things will go for you. You don't want to waste any more time on a site that delivers 5% of the success you can find elsewhere.

Well Hello has a very chaotic layout

Another thing that immediately turned me off to the WellHello site were all the pictures, ads, and popup windows that assaulted me from every direction. It was hard to find the actual menu bar, or even the member profiles. When I first logged in, I arrived at an account upgrade page instead of my homepage.

Surfing through WellHello felt like being on a really terrible freeway at night, with cars zooming past me haphazardly. I’d barely been on the road a few minutes and I already wanted to turn off.

The best dating sites know user interface matters most. They want to make sure their site feels open and easy to use. Their menus are simple to find so that members can search for people to date without hassle. Good sites aren’t bogged down with bright, flashy ads that distract from the content.

When a site looks as shabby as WellHello did, it means the owners either don’t care about their customers, or they don’t know how to make a pleasing online experience. Neither of these scenarios fills me with hope.

Fake messages

Adding to the chaos was the deluge of messages I was receiving. As soon as I signed up, WellHello inundated me with inquiries from the profiles of beautiful women. “Hey there” said one. “Were you trying to message me on snapchat?”

I don’t really know what that one was supposed to mean. How would I have messaged a woman I don’t know on Snapchat?

Another WellHello message demanded, “add more pictures! u r close 2 me - i just got divorced and want uncomplicated fun Grrrrrrrrrrr.” This was followed by another from another user. And another. They were coming on strong; too strong.

Any guy who has spent some time on an online dating site knows that getting messages takes work. To start even one conversation with a beautiful woman can take hours of searching and crafting the perfect message. The fact that I was getting so many messages right away (without even putting up a profile picture) made me suspicious.

As I figured would happen, when I tried to respond to the messages, the WellHello site informed me I needed to upgrade to a paid account.

The good stuff isn’t free

As I perused WellHello, everything I did led me to account upgrade pages. Logging in did it, as did trying to respond to messages. It was quite frustrating. When a site advertises that they’re “free,” you should be able to expect some basic functionality with your membership. Browsing member profiles and sending messages should be included, at the very least.

Paid memberships are usually reserved for special features, like getting your profile to show up first in the search results. There are too many good, actually free dating sites to spend money on the unknown.

Well Hello uses fake profiles

All of these unprompted messages from beautiful women got me wondering who was behind the profiles. I clicked on a few of them but there wasn’t much information available. Most of the women didn’t even have a basic self-description. So, I turned to an old trick that has helped me a lot in the past: I used Google’s reverse image search function on their pictures.

What I found was unsurprisingly not good. There were a bunch of matches on a few of the profile pictures. One photo was featured on a trashy porn site named “titsplz.com” (it’s what you’d expect).

Usually when a profile has a photo lifted from other sites, it means the whole thing is fake, probably even run by the company or by a bot. I went to the Terms of Use page for WellHello, where it said:

"You acknowledge that Smoochy Brands [the people who run WellHello.com] creates and maintains some of the profiles on the site, and that some ‘members’ of the site are actually fictitious persons created by employees or agents of Smoochy Brands, who we refer to ‘Love Hostesses.’ You further acknowledge and agree that Smoochy Brands may respond to your communications to Love Hostesses through employees, agents or chat bots."

I’ve seen a lot of euphemistic names for fake profiles doing reviews of dating sites, but “Love Hostesses” has to be one of the strangest.  

Well Hello will use your personal content

I found even more unsettling issues when I looked through the fine print on the WellHello site. It stated, “You hereby grant to Us a perpetual, royalty-free and non-exclusive worldwide license to publish Your Content on the Site or on any other Site or in any other media.” Like hell I did.

Imagine browsing on another site and seeing a photo of yourself on an advertisement for WellHello (or one of the other sites under the Smoochy Brands umbrella). Given the permissions of this user agreement, it could happen. They can take your private photos and use them for whatever they want. That was enough for me to know WellHello.com was not worth my time.

Our Final Verdict On WellHello

Goodbye dating, hello scam

If there's one thing you need to take away from this WellHello review, it's that WellHello has nothing to offer you. It’s a jumbled site overstuffed with fake profiles. It claims to be free but isn’t and the creators might even steal your personal content and use it for their own profit. This is not what real dating sites act like.

Thankfully, the internet is flush with real dating sites, so don’t lose heart. The relationship of your dreams might just be a “hello” away.

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