New Study - What Men Say In Their First Online Dating Messages
We analyzed thousands of first messages to women to figure out what works

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Can men and women really just be friends
Dating Tips
Can Men and Women Really Be Just Friends?

It’s the eternal question: Can men and women be friends? Is it possible for a man and woman...

Meeting new women and playing the field
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What Does Playing the Field Really Mean in 2023?

Hookup culture and high divorce rates have made many men apprehensive about being exclusive with a woman. On...

Learning how to be a better husband and father
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How to Be a Better Husband: What Science Tells Us

Do you want to learn how to be a better husband? Volumes have been written about how to...

She's rebuffing him and he feels like an option in their relationship
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Feeling Like an Option in Your Relationship? Do This Instead

It hurts like hell to be relegated as a “second-class citizen”. For as long as you can remember,...

Lying by omission has been a habit for her
Dating Tips
When Can Lying by Omission Destroy a Relationship?

Is it a lie if you tell the truth, but don't reveal everything? This is a contentious issue,...

Using the scrambler technique to attract women
Dating Tips
The Scrambler Technique: Is it For Real?

Have you heard of the Scrambler Technique? It’s the brainchild of dating coaches Bobby Rio and Rob Judge,...

A stage 5 clinger with her boyfriend
Dating Tips
Stage 5 Clingers: Tips on How to Deal with One

Overall, she seems great and you’d like to get to know her better. The only problem is that...

Is she having an emotional affair
Dating Tips
What Is An Emotional Affair? Signs to Watch Out For

An affair's an affair, and if you find your partner in one, it's time to let it go....

Trying to understand when he's exhibiting toxic masculinity
Dating Tips
Understanding Toxic Masculinity and Why It Could Be Holding You Back

It’s a confusing time for men. Over the last half-century, male societal roles have changed enormously. It’s no...

An intelligent man attracted to intelligent women
Dating Tips
How to Use Your Intelligence to Attract Women

There are a huge variety of factors that determine whether a woman finds a man to be attractive,...