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50 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Will Make Them Like You Even More

He's trying out some cute things to say to your crush

Man or woman, if you have a crush on someone who’s single, you don’t want to keep it a secret forever, right? In fact, the longer you keep it to yourself, the more likely it is you’ll end up in the dreaded friend zone. We all know how that ends! So if you’re stuck for things to say to your crush, we’re about to give you 50 easy examples you can use right now.

These questions vary from simple ways to spend time together to more obvious “I’m into you” examples — choose what works for you right now.

Whatever you do, just don’t let it drag on. If you wait long enough, you might end up being that friend on the sideline watching their new relationship develop. Now is the time to move things along by choosing one of these 50 cute things to say to your crush. Really, what’s the worst that can happen, they say no?

50 Great Things to Say to Your Crush That Get The Right Reponse

We’ve put this list together with all kinds of situations in mind. Whether their new feelings that you think are reciprocated or it’s something you’ve been hanging onto for a while. Whatever the relationship the two of you have right now, you can drop any of these 50 things to say to a crush right into a message or conversation.

The trick is to let them know that you’re into them without going overboard. So many example articles of things to say to your crush go way overboard. They suggest telling them about how they’re all you think about and how you fall asleep with them on your mind. Let’s avoid coming on too strong or being too clingy like that!

Since you’re not a stage five clinger, you know better than that. This is the only list of things to say to a crush that you’re going to need — let’s get to it!

1. Come over, I have your favorite [food or drink] already.

A bit of a forward message but also fairly low risk. If the two of you already hang out every now and then, this can be a great way to spend some impromptu time together.

2. I was talking to my friends about you. . .

When you care about someone and pay attention to what they do, it’s only natural they’ll come up in conversations with other people too.

Telling him/her you were talking about them with others can be a great way to let them know you think about them.

3. You look extra cute today

No matter who you are or what kind of day you’re having, hearing this from someone you care about can make your day that much brighter.

As with all of these examples though, never say it as a throw-away comment, only when you actually mean it. This is one of the cute things to say to your crush if you want to give them a sincere compliment. If you say it every time you see them, it becomes insincere.

4. I love this on you

Specific compliments are the ones that come across as most genuine. Rather than “you look good,” tell them what you like about what they’re wearing or how they look today.

It’s best to focus on things they can control. Pointing out how great those new pants look on the shows you’re paying attention and your compliment is sincere.

5. I'm looking forward to hanging out

When you have plans to do something together and you’re excited for it, why not let them know? It can be a safe way to see if they’re feeling the same.

6. Good luck with [event] today. Let me know how it goes!

Another easy way to let your crush know you’re thinking about them is to message them before a big event. An important presentation at work, a sporting game. . . whatever it is they’re up to that day.

It lets them know you’re thinking about them and genuinely listen to what they have going on.

7. [Color] is definitely your color

This can be a great thing to say to your crush because you’re complimenting their fashion choices. “Green is definitely your color” shows that you’re paying attention to them and like the choices they’ve made today.

8. If you could do anything tonight and money was no object, what would you do?

Sometimes, a silly question like this one can lead to a fun conversation. It also gives you a good idea of the types of things they like to do. While their answer might not be within a realistic budget, you can use it to plan a more budget-friendly version in the future.

9. Let's hang out tonight, it'll be a good time

Short, simple and to the point — you want to spend time with him/her tonight and just enjoy your time together.

10. This work/study is killing me. You should come distract me with something better.

This is one of the playful and cute things to say to your crush that translates to “I enjoy hanging out with you.” Tt’s a low-risk way of suggesting they come over and hang out with you. Worst case scenario, they can’t make it and you go back to working or studying that you know you should be doing anyway!

New course

11. Okay yep. You caught me staring. I'm not sorry though. . .

If the two of you are close enough and you’re feeling bold, this can be a fun way to up the ante. You’re making it clear that you’re into them without going overboard.

12. Hey, you know about [topic], right? I need your help with something.

Being asked for our help on something we’re good at feels great, no matter who you are. Asking your crush for their help on a topic they know about is a simple way to hang out together while also making them feel good.

13. I'm looking for something new to read. What's the best thing you've read lately?

Similar to the previous example, you’re asking for their advice on something you both enjoy. If you know they’re a reader too, ask for a suggestion on what to try next — you might end up with something you never would have thought to read.

14. I need something new to watch on Netflix, what's been your favorite show lately?

If neither of you are readers, a modern equivalent is Netflix (or any other streaming service). There are so many shows to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

See what they’ve enjoyed watching recently and give it a try, even if it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you’d normally watch. You just might be surprised.

15. What's your favorite picnic spot in this city? We should do that on Saturday.

If the topic hasn’t come up yet, maybe now is the time — make it clear that you’re into them. Low key picnic plans are a great way to go spend time together without getting too serious.

It also hints at being more than just friends without it feeling too much like a “date” just yet.

16. Would you rather always cook or always do the dishes?

A silly “would you rather” question that seems to get a strong reaction for some reason. Some people really hate doing dishes while others can’t stand the pressure of cooking for people.

17. What was your worst Tinder dating experience?

Normalize talking about dating and relationships together. Of course, you want to avoid being the close, “safe” friend they talk to about their dates. Instead, you just want to get comfortable with the idea that you’re both single, sexual people, not just “safe” friends.

This can be a segue into the idea of you two being more than just friends — if you’re at a point where that makes sense.

18. What would you say if I told you I was into you?

If direct communication is your style, this one is about as bold and direct as it gets. If you’re the type that can get away with saying this to your crush, go for it. What better way to cut out the guesswork than to dive right in there?

19. I was thinking about you earlier and thought I’d say hi!

If the two of you haven’t been chatting as much lately, it’s time to fix that. A low-pressure “I was thinking about you” is an easy way to get the conversation started again and set up plans for later in the week.

20. That’s so interesting, tell me more

Active listening is an important skill in all areas of life. If you’re genuinely interested in what your crush is talking about, let them know.

Wanting to know more about it shows that not only are you actually listening but you find their knowledge fascinating.

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21. You’re really funny, I like that about you

“Funny” is a compliment we’d all like to receive. Like confidence, being funny is something people find universally attractive. If they make you laugh, let them know about it!

22. I like how you always smile with your eyes

Another example of showing that you pay specific attention to him/her. Specific compliments always mean so much more than generic ones like “I like your smile.”

23. This is fun, we should hang out together more often

What better way to say you like spending time with them, right? Although we don’t want to start fishing for information, a side benefit of this example is that you’ll probably find out if they’re into it too.

Are they also having fun? Does he/she want to spend more time with you, too?

24. Being around you makes me want to be better

There’s something about being around your crush that genuinely makes you want to be better, right? Like so many of these comments, why not just tell them what you’re already thinking or feeling?

They’re bringing out the best in you.

25. I’m coming over and I’m bringing [their favorite snack/drink]

There are two parts to this one — not only have you paid attention to what they like but you’re also being assertive. You’re playfully making spontaneous plans to hang out right now.

More Cute Things to Say to Your Crush

26. You have a way of making me feel special

27. I like seeing you happy like this

28. I appreciate how kind you are

29. Your eyes look intense tonight — I like it

30. I like spending time with you, it’s fun

31. I really like the way you dress

32. The way you just did that was really cool

33. Wow, you’re really good at what you do

34. I like those shoes on you

35. People like to say they don’t care what others think but you actually put it into practice

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36. That coat really works on you

37. I like how I feel around you

38. I love that your career is about more than just money

39. You have such a cool, distinct style

40. I’m going to see [movie title] next week, you should come with me

41. Have you heard about that new breakfast place downtown? Let’s go check it out Sunday morning

42. Not many people could pull off [unique item of clothing] but you’re rocking it

43. I haven’t played mini-golf in so long. Let’s go do it on Saturday.

44. A friend gave me a couple of tickets to [local event]. Come with me.

45. You always smell so good

46. Come to my place Friday night, I just decided I’m cooking us [something fun]

47. I’m heading to the [local sporting event] Thursday night. You should come, it’ll be fun.

48. Being around you is so calming

49. If you could wish for one thing right now, what would it be?

50. I’m just laying in bed so bored right now. Want to join me?

Things to Say to Your Crush: When to Use Them

So you may have noticed that these things to say to your crush are a little more casual. That's because we're assuming that when you use these lines, you already have some sort of rapport with your crush. If you're practically strangers, try to pick some things that are a little more friendly and less flirty. That way, you won't creep them out. Also, ideally, you can use these when there aren't a lot of people around. After all, being on the receiving end of one of these lines in public might be a little embarrassing, especially if your crush is shy.

With these 50 fun and cute things to say to your crush, you’re instantly making a good impression. Select which ones suit your personality and would appeal to your crush the most, then pick the right time. Whether you’re texting or hanging out together, using one of these things to say to your crush might just make them more interested in you.


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