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How To Compliment A Girl On Her Looks Without Being A Creep

We break down how to compliment a girl on her looks while not looking like a creep.

Today I'll talk about how to compliment a girl on her looks the right way.

Too many men make the mistake of complimenting women in a way that comes off as creepy and weird. Doing so will impact on your interactions in a very negative way and women will lose attraction for you.

Don’t open the conversation this way

The worst thing you can do is open up with a line about how pretty she is. She doesn’t know your name, who you are or what you’re even doing there. It immediately raises red flags for her and at best you’ll get politely shut down — At worst, you’ll get shown the door by security.

You can really compliment a woman at nearly any opportunity but don’t lead the conversation with it unless you’ve at least introduced yourself. She’ll feel a little more comfortable about the exchange if she knows your name first and she’s already shown interest in talking with you.

Until those two things have happened, slow it down a bit. If you are having trouble with the confidence to take it slow and pace yourself there are a few books worth checking out that can really improve your chances.

New course

Complimenting women the right way is all about creativity

Guess what most men do when they compliment a woman on her looks?

They say something like "Wow you look amazing!" or "You're so beautiful!" But stuff like "You have a great body!" is something that beautiful women hear all the time, from hundreds of men. This won't set you apart and will instead just reinforce that you're clueless, or worse, you’re a creep. And being creepy is definitely not something that attracts women!

If you compliment women this way, they'll think that you have no imagination and that you're just like the rest of the masses. Because saying "You look so hot!" is just way too vague and broad. It takes absolutely zero effort and anyone can make such a compliment, which is why it loses its meaning. Plus, beautiful women are perfectly aware that they look good, so hearing the same thing over and over gets boring.

That's why you have to be a little bit more creative when complimenting women on how they look.

Instead of saying "Your smile is so pretty,” say something like "Oh! You just made my day with that smile of yours." The difference in wording and the small amount of creativity just made this compliment infinitely more appealing and flattering.

You also have to make an effort to make your compliment genuine. A genuine compliment that's a little bit more specific is much better than a generic "You're so hot!" comment that takes no effort.

When you give a woman a genuine compliment about something specific that you like, it’ll show that you really took an interest in her.

Put yourself in her shoes

Take a moment to think about this: How would you like to be complimented by other people?

If someone came up to you and said something vague like "Wow . . . You're so handsome and so strong." would you like it? Or would you instead feel weird and consider the compliment disingenuous? Maybe you'd even think the person wants something from you.

The wording and the vagueness look so weird but that's just how most guys compliment women. And women will often think you want something from them because it looks like you're trying to suck up to them.

Wording and tone is important when you compliment a girl on her looks

The trick to not come off as creepy while giving a compliment is a very simple one.

When you're trying to give a compliment to a woman on her looks, don't sound like you're blown away by her appearance. Don't say stuff like "Oh wow, you're so . . ." like she's some sort of goddess. Remember that she's a regular person, just like you and me, and not some object of worship that's put on a pedestal. Otherwise, your compliments will come off as super creepy because you'll be objectifying her.

Also, don't sound like you're an old lecherous man who only cares about her body and doesn't give a damn about anything else. Someone who says stuff like "Ahh, those legs of yours are so juicy I just want to touch them and caress them forever and ever." That's just super weird, especially when said in an overly sexual tone.

There's a right time and place for such a compliment. And that time is never when you're in a regular conversation with a woman.

If you avoid these things, you'll rarely sound creepy and weird when you give compliments. Don't sound like you're a little boy who just saw the greatest thing in the world and is completely blown away by it. Also, make sure that you have proper body language and don't look too timid or meek.

A compliment is so much less creepy when it feels like you're not worshiping the woman but simply making a genuine remark on something that you enjoy about her. This authenticity is something women want in a man.  Without putting that much attention to it, as offhandedly as possible. Just like you would complement a buddy of yours in a genuine way.

Always give authentic compliments

Even a properly worded compliment in a perfect tone will only work if you make it authentic. Anything less will fall flat and make you look bad in the process. A genuine compliment, however, is a great way to woo a woman.

This means you must never pretend to like the things that you don't like, or lie to try and impress her.

When learning how to compliment a girl on her looks, never say what you don't mean. For example, never say that the woman you like looks great in her dress even if she objectively doesn't. If it's a simple dress that looks plain and doesn't accentuate any of her features, she knows.

This doesn't mean that you should say something negative to her about it to hurt her feelings or self-esteem. It just means that you should choose to compliment something else instead, rather than make an inauthentic one.

Don't make your compliments sound forced or fake them because if she finds this out, you'll really fall hard from her good graces. There's nothing worse than a disingenuous and inauthentic compliment to try and make a woman like you.

Even if you hear the dreaded "Do I look good in this dress?" you should tell it like it is. Unless, of course, it's an extreme case where the person needs comforting, etc. -- There are always exceptions so don't be a dick.

You may hurt her feelings occasionally by saying it like it is. But being an authentic and self-respecting man means that you don't lie to people's faces to try to get into their good graces. Women who are secure in themselves will appreciate this quality greatly.

Proper examples of complimenting women on their looks

First of all, use your eyes, observe the girl and notice something that you like about her body. Not her body or appearance in general because the whole is obviously beautiful if you like how she looks, but something specific. This is important when learning how to compliment a girl on her looks because it's all about the details. It's the first step of pursuing a woman--actually seeing her for who she is.

For example, you may notice that she has very pretty hair which she obviously spent significant time and effort on maintaining. Don't just say "Oh wow, your hair is so pretty!"

Saying something like this is bad for two huge reasons:

First, like I just explained, the "Oh wow . . ." part, when said in a tone of worship, will just make you seem creepy. It's just a hairdo, albeit a nice one, so get over it.

Second, the part where you say that a way hair is "so pretty" is super simple and generic. It takes zero effort and she already knows that she's spent a lot of time on her hair and that it's pretty.

Instead, when learning how to compliment a girl on her looks, try to be a little more creative with your wording. Say something like "I like the way your hairstyle seems to complement your eyes. And the contour really makes your lovely figure stand out. I can see you've put a lot of effort into it."

This is not a generic compliment by any means because you took the time to notice these things about her. You also subtly put in a secondary compliment about her body as well.

At the very least, even a compliment like "What do you do to keep your hair looking that shiny and silky?" would be much better than a generic one. At least it shows you took an interest in her interest and you noticed something about her that you like. Such a question would work well if you're not good at noticing something very specific. It might even make her laugh and make her more interested in you.

Another example would be if you noticed that she looks amazing in a certain dress. Don't just say something like "You look so hot in that dress!" Again, it would be super generic and there'd be zero thought put into that.

Instead, say something like "I really like the way your dress shows off your best features and puts a focus on your stunning figure. You've got great taste and style!"

You get the idea. Use your imagination and make your compliments a little bit more creative and specific.

Now you know how to compliment a girl on her looks in a way that will not be creepy or weird. You also know how to give more specific compliments that aren't vague and that women will appreciate.

Use your imagination, be a little more creative and don't be afraid to experiment. Giving great compliments is a skill that takes some practice — just like with any other skill. It also requires you to be a bit more observant and notice all the details in the appearance of women you talk to. But it will all pay off when you win a girl's heart.

You can start off safe and slow, by thinking of a decent yet somewhat generic compliment that you'd like to say, then put a little spin on it. Eventually, you'll get so used to giving genuine and flattering compliments to women that they'll greatly appreciate your efforts.

That said, complimenting girls on their looks is second fiddle to complimenting them on certain aspects of their personality. I always prefer to compliment a woman on who she is instead of what she is. On the things about her that I personally like and appreciate.


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