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How To Win A Girl’s Heart In 3 Steps While Still Being True To Yourself

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Today I’ll show you how to win a girl’s heart if you want her to be with you.

It’s important to be able to do this if you think you’ve found the one and want to start a serious and happy relationship with her. Especially if there are many other men vying for her attention and want to date her.

There are plenty of guys who date around and find great girls who they want to be in a relationship with. But can’t seem to progress things further because the girl isn’t convinced they’re the right material for something serious. That’s why I’ll explain how to go beyond dating and win your chosen girl’s heart so she wants to be with you forever.

The three main things to win a woman’s heart

The first thing you have to do is find a woman to start wooing. We’ve reviewed and put together the best cougar dating sites so you can put these things to practice.

A woman will eventually want to be with the guy who’ll show her he can make her the happiest. This sounds way too simple but it actually is as straightforward as that.

Knowing this, how do you go from just starting to date someone to being with them forever? Well, you have to do three very important things without which a woman won’t want to be with you.

  • Sweep her off her feet
  • Show you have great chemistry together and are compatible
  • Treat her well

You can meet any woman you want, no matter her age, location and culture. You have to sweep her off her feet and treat her well to show that you have good chemistry and are compatible together. Do these three things and you’ll pretty much win her heart and she’ll want to be with you forever. Or at the very least, she'll want to Netflix and chill with you.

There’s no actual order to these things and you should be doing all three at the same time.

It can also take you anywhere from a few weeks to several years to win someone over completely. It all depends on how often you meet each other and how quickly or slowly you both want to move things along.

I’ll explain all three in significantly more detail below. But, if you’re still struggling with these skills, we’ve created a complete video series on how to meet and attract women.

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How to win a girl’s heart by sweeping her off her feet

Sweeping someone off their feet involves many different things.

Chief among them are showing a woman you can have a great time together. This involves having fun, flirting with her, sharing your sense of humor, doing various interesting, exciting or entertaining activities together, etc. Then later seducing her so you can eventually have sex.

You also need to look appealing enough for women to want to give you a chance. Because if you don’t take care of how you look, not many women will want to be with you.

Finally, it’s important to show you have certain manly characteristics and attractive qualities while dating someone. So they’re much more likely to fall in love with you quicker.

Building attraction and flirting

If you want to sweep someone off their feet, you need to attract them first.

You do this by focusing on having as much fun as possible during your dates. Then, by flirting and also becoming increasingly more physical with that person as time goes on.

Remember, physical touch is one of the most essential things in seduction. You can’t attract someone and have a wonderful romantic relationship with them if they aren’t comfortable with your touch.

Luckily, we've already gone in depth about physicality and how to flirt with women before.

It’s crucial you learn these things because they’re very important life skills to have if you want success with women.

Taking care of yourself

Let’s face it, looks matter and are important for making a great first impression. However, they definitely won’t make women fall in love with you long-term because they fade. To win someone’s heart, your personality, qualities, values, actions and similar things are significantly more important. This is the key to understanding women.

That said, you should still try your best to maintain your appearance. Because it’s all part of the whole package and women want to be with men who take care of themselves.

The best thing you can do when it comes to looking as best as you can is to maintain a fit body. If you hit the gym several times a week, do occasional cardio and watch what you eat, it should do the trick.

Not only will this help you look great but it’ll also show women you don’t neglect yourself. Because no one wants to be with a person who’s too lazy to make sure they’re in good health.

Another crucial aspect of taking care of your looks is grooming. Cut your nails, maintain a decent haircut or facial hair if you have some, make sure to shower regularly and smell good.

These are the absolute basics any man can do to always look and feel great.

Having manly qualities

A vital part of being immensely attractive to women is manliness. This is what will make women want you.

Manliness means using all the tools in your possession the right way to make things happen in life. Simply put, manly men get things done, which is why women want to be with such men.

A huge part of being manly are things like assertiveness, confidence, independence, dominance and responsibility. These and many similar characteristics are all part of what women want in men. Especially when they’re looking for lifelong partners to live and eventually possibly have children with.

Older women, in particular, respond powerfully to manly qualities. They have plenty of life experience, tend to know what they want and are done with trying to find themselves. Which is why learning how to meet and attract mature women is often much easier and more fulfilling for manly men.

In any case, it’s necessary to show women you are a well-rounded and independent individual. One who is ambitious, can look after and take care of himself, has goals in life and is passionate about various things.

That’s because women simply don’t want to be with losers or lazy bums who can’t even support themselves. So manliness is one of the important keys to how to win a girl’s heart forever.

How to show women you’re manly

You show women your manliness through actions, not words.

That’s because any man who desperately tries to convince others he’s manly is anything but. You don’t want to come off as bragging about how awesome you are, which is very unattractive.

So how do you show women your attractive qualities successfully?

You do so by not even trying. Truth is, it’s one of those cases where you simply have to let nature take its course. This may sound very counterintuitive but it’s the only real way to guarantee success. Otherwise, you’ll seem like a fake 'tryhard'.

The point is to work on yourself to develop various attractive manly qualities. And then just hang around women so they notice these things in you naturally. They’ll become apparent in how you behave and carry yourself, in the decisions you make and in everything else you do.

To start you off, here are some basic things to consider if you want to improve yourself and sweep women off their feet:

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and stand up for yourself. Be assertive, speak your mind when it matters and don’t be afraid to say “No” to people.
  • Don’t pretend to like things you don’t just to please others. Be honest with yourself and everyone around you.
  • Strive to constantly better yourself and learn from your mistakes.
  • Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to show women vulnerability.
  • Follow through on your promises and have integrity. Create goals for yourself and try your best to achieve them.

Chemistry and compatibility are crucial

If you want women to fall in love with you and consider a future together, figuring out if you have chemistry and are compatible is massively important.

That’s because if there’s no spark between the two of you, you won’t be able to have lots of fun. There definitely won’t be any raw sexual attraction.

Also, no matter how well you have it at first, if you both aren’t compatible, your relationship isn’t going to last. It’s one of the reasons why there are so many divorces these days. People rush into marriages only based on their new relationship energy, before they have time to figure out if they’re actually compatible with one another.

So how do you figure these things out accurately?

By getting to know each other on a deeper level and seeing if there’s a connection.

This involves delving deep into each other’s minds and figuring out what makes the other person tick.

Dates aren’t just there so you can have fun, you know. They’re also perfect opportunities to figure each other out and see if you want to have a relationship together. It’s all a significant part of how to win a girl’s heart.

Knowing if you’re compatible

To know if you’re both compatible, you should eventually ask deeper questions about her life.

You’ll want to find out what drives her, what goals she has, how she views the world and what she wants in life.

Ask her where she sees herself in some years time. What she wants to do for a living or what she's going to school to do if it's relevant. See what she’d do with her time if she had all the money in the world. Find out where she’d love to travel and what she thinks of other cultures.

You'll want to ask her about anything and everything that's important to you. You'll want to watch how she handles certain situations and people. Find out if she hates dogs so you're not surprised when she doesn't show Rover any love at your apartment.

Learning what makes her tick will help you figure out if she'd be someone you'd want to spend a lot of time with -- potentially your whole life.

That said, you don’t have to be all serious about it or learn everything on the first date. Don’t forget to still joke around and have fun, even while you’re talking about serious topics.

How to know if you have chemistry together

Chemistry between two people develops naturally while they’re getting to know each other. It’s all in the little details but you can easily see if there’s potential for sparks. To see if you have great chemistry together, you’ll have to be attentive and notice certain things.

For example, notice if your banter feels natural. See if it isn’t awkward when you lock eyes or if it’s comfortable when you’re both silent and near each other.

Another good sign of awesome chemistry is when the clock ticks faster while you’re together. Like you’re both lost in a time bubble and don’t even notice how quickly time flies.

Humor is also a very important part of mutual chemistry because it’s a window to another person’s personality. When you can make each other laugh and giggle wildly in an almost effortless manner, that’s a really great sign. It means you both have similar senses of humor and are likely to get along great.

When you eventually have sex, how well it goes also depends a lot on your mutual chemistry. It’s a very good sign if it feels like you can turn on your partner in seconds and don’t have to struggle to do so. Almost as if your touch is electric and opens the floodgates to her sexual desire.

It also shows great chemistry if you’re both able to annoy each other but in a sweet and lighthearted way. Teasing each other lightly and constantly, without it being mean and without any intention to offend or make the other person feel bad.

There can be many little hints that you have great chemistry together. Basically, it’s about being drawn to each other without any apparent signs and having an unspoken connection.

Treating women well

A huge part of winning a woman’s heart is treating her well when you’re with her.

This involves a great many things. From your affection and care towards her, to what you do when you’re alone with her or around other people. It also involves how your actions affect her in general.

You show your affection through your behavior. And as it is with manliness, sometimes you don’t even do anything in particular to show it. But it’s evident from your intentions and attitude towards her. And she’ll either feel your affection or she won’t.

Your affection

This is how cared for and appreciated she feels in your presence.

It consists of things like respect towards her and not taking her for granted while being attentive and protective. Because people easily notice these things in another’s behavior.

It’s also how much you value her opinions and take into account her ideas. And you giving her the opportunities to speak her mind around you. As well as paying attention to her wants, needs, desires, etc.

Understanding and appreciation of who she is also plays a huge role in this. As well as being nonjudgmental towards her life and the choices she makes, while not degrading or insulting her during eventual challenges.

Another huge part of affection is removing any conditions and demands for your love. By understanding that you both should complement each other instead of needing to be codependent. So she’s free to make the choices she wants to make because she’s her own individual.

Also, it’s about just being yourself while accepting her fully for who she is as a person. With all her quirks, peculiarities, kinks and all. So you can both love each other for who you are, without having to pretend to be someone else around each other. Because no one is perfect.

This also involves being her partner in life and not someone who’s a burden. A partner who she can mutually grow and become a better person together with, instead of having to mother or boss around. Someone who she can depend on in times of trouble and who’ll be there for her.

You simply decide to be this way and all these things will be evident in your behavior. If you do it right, she’ll feel your affection and feel loved as well.

Your actions

What you do with her when you’re alone or around other people definitely affects how happy she is with you.

That said, treating her well when it comes to your actions means so much more.

For example, even having regular sex and making sure she’s always sexually satisfied is a part of this.

In fact, a great sex life is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. And also one of the better ways of making sure women want to be with you. Obviously, it’s just a little part of the whole, but a pretty important one.

Another important part is you taking the time to listen to her. As well as communicating with her about the things you both want from each other. Then finding compromises to achieve something you’ll both feel good about.

Sometimes this even involves listening to her without trying to fix anything. Women don’t always want you to spring into action to fix things or problems. Sometimes they just want to pour their hearts out and get things off their chest.

Your actions also involve you taking responsibility for them. For example, when you make a mistake, you need to own up to it and apologize when it’s necessary.

Something else that’s important is how you behave when she’s not around. Do you talk badly or fondly about her? Are you going to cheat on her, even if there’s no chance of her finding out? Loyalty, trust and respect are huge in a relationship. Unless you’ve both set clear rules and certain boundaries where you’re free to meet others and have fun on the side.

In any case, your actions should ideally make sure she feels great and has no reason to despise or mistrust you.

Now you know how to win a girl's heart so she wants to be with you over other people.

If you follow these guidelines and do so in a genuine manner without having ulterior motives, you’ll definitely make someone fall in love with you.


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