How To Understand Women (The 7 Big Things Most Guys Are Missing)

Man who understands women who are beautiful

It’s time to learn how to understand women and how to become aware of the biggest things most men are missing when trying to do so.

Understanding women is a very tricky concept, but it’s important in dating if you want to have a healthy relationship. No matter if it’s a casual relationship or more serious, the more you understand women, the better your relationship can be.

If you don’t figure them out, no matter how great the relationship may be at first, you’ll end up parting ways due to misunderstandings.

Below, I’ll help you figure out the inner workings of a woman’s mind to help you create and maintain successful relationships.

The secrets of how to understand women

In order to understand women, you must first be exposed to your fair share of ladies. Get yourself out there and get to know more women with this in-depth course on how to attract women over 30.

As for the most basic thing about understanding women, here’s the ultimate truth: Women want you to see them and treat them as regular people.

It all comes down to mutual respect, really. And if you think women are above or below you as a person, then you’ve got a huge problem on your hands.

For example, if you think a gorgeous woman is out of your league, you’ll end up with a skewed view of who she is. You’ll end up getting distracted by her looks, which might tempt you to treat her as some sort of goddess that you need to practically worship. That’s not how it works!

Likewise, you might view a woman as someone who will “complete” you. But she is her own person who doesn’t exist just to fill a hole in your life. She has wants, needs and feelings that aren’t there solely to suit your needs. That’s why you have to acknowledge that there will be things about her that you might not like. And that’s okay because she wasn’t made to be perfect.

If you treat her as someone who is beneath or beyond a regular person, you’ll both end up with mismatched expectations in your relationship. This is a surefire way for any relationship to end.

That’s why you need to understand a woman. Or at the very least, be open to understanding how her mind works.

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All women are different

Another big part of understanding the opposite sex is taking into account that all women are different. They have various peculiarities and traits. Some of these quirks are weird and might turn you off, but some of them are endearing.

Yes, women, in general, do have a lot of things in common. But if you’re going to treat all women the exact same way and also judge one woman for the behavior of another, you’re stereotyping.

For example, many men make the terrible mistake of thinking women are evil when rejecting guys. When they think that all women are shallow for rejecting them, they’re effectively ruining their chances with women who wouldn’t have rejected them.

That leads to further resentment and a lot of problems down the line.

But when you think about it, there could be a million reasons that one particular woman rejected this one particular guy. Maybe he wants to Netflix and chill, but she doesn't or vice versa. Her actions don’t represent the actions of other women. And that’s why guys shouldn’t judge women based on the actions of a select few.

Also, when it comes to dating, many men try to learn various “tricks” and techniques to make women like them. This often fails miserably, exactly because of the above point. What may work on one woman may not necessarily work on another one, and she may respond in an entirely different way.

Besides, even when a pickup line or technique works for you, it often detracts from your true personality and prevents women from seeing who you really are.

That brings me to the next important point.

Women want to know the real you

Another core concept of how to understand women is knowing that women always want to see who you really are. None of them are looking for the “perfect” guy. They’d rather have an imperfect guy who’s honest with her than a guy who’s trying to be someone he’s not. It's the key to winning a woman's heart.

Seriously, what’s the point of pretending to be someone else? People are going to find out eventually.

Women value their time, especially when they’re looking for a serious relationship.

Put yourself in her shoes and imagine dating someone and getting into a relationship with them. Then when things are getting serious, you find out that the person you thought you were dating turns out to be this unrecognizable person. Sounds like a waste of time, right?

So why go through the motions of pretending to be “Mr. Perfect” when you can just present your true self to the person you’re dating? She’s bound to find out if you’re just putting on a mask anyway.

That’s why it’s important to always try to be as authentic and genuine as you can be with women. No woman wants to be in a relationship with someone who’s just playing a role.

Women don’t want to settle for mediocrity

Always wanting the best things in life is at the core of what drives us as human beings. And women are no exception to this.

That’s why women want to be with the best man they can find. It’s just their natural instincts. So to make a woman want you, you have to be the best guy for her.

This doesn’t mean they’ll ditch you as soon as they lay eyes on someone else who’s objectively better. Because there’s always going to be someone better as there’s always a bigger fish.

Instead, it just means if you neglect your relationship or take her for granted, don’t be surprised when she leaves.

You see, women want to date men who will help them grow. They want men who will challenge them to be the best they can become. Women want a man with whom they can build a mutually beneficial relationship with together.

Likewise, you should never settle for mediocrity as well.

You have to always strive to be the best version of yourself to attract the best women for you. Have ambitions and goals in life and then strive to achieve them. Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Understand that women want freedom and autonomy

Lots of women dread losing their autonomy when they get into a relationship. They fear their boyfriends or husbands are going to control them and restrict their freedom. This often happens due to jealousy and low self-esteem on the guy’s part.

One of the keys to a great relationship is mutual trust and respect. And in a mutually trusting and respectful relationship, you should have the freedom to do whatever you want within reason.

This means that just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you “own” each other. Getting the woman you want isn't about being in control of her!

What you need to understand is that while women require attention, they don’t need you breathing down their necks 24/7. She doesn’t want you snooping around and checking her phone when she’s in the shower.

She wants you to trust her, and in turn, she will trust you too.

How to understand women individually

As I mentioned before, each woman is different. This means the only true way to understand them is to get to know them for who they really and find out what they want in life. You also need to find out what they want in a potential partner.

The best way to do that is to connect with the women you’re dating on a deeper, more personal level. See what makes her tick and learn all the little details about her. And when you know enough about her, figure out if you’re actually compatible with one another.

Women love to communicate through talking. So the best way to understand her as an individual is to talk to her about anything and everything. Ask her questions about who she is and what she wants in life. Let her talk about what she wants in a relationship and really listen to what she has to say.

Not only will this help you understand her better, but it will also show her that you’re a great listener.

Questions to ask women to understand them better

So what should you ask a woman to understand her better as a person?

Well, you’ll have to take a moment and figure this out for yourself. Because only you know what you really want in a partner. That said, the basics are to figure out if she has the traits you’re looking for.

You’d probably also want to figure out what she wants to do with her life and where she’s headed.

Does she want to be a housewife or a career woman? How does she want to spend her days when she’s with and without you? Is she adventurous or does she prefer to stay at home? What does she think of children and does she eventually want to have them?

All these things and more are important to learn if you want to understand her and see if you want to stay together. Because if most of her answers to these questions don’t jive with yours then you’ll probably end up splitting up. That is unless one of you is willing to compromise.

That’s why it’s so important to learn to understand the woman you’re with. Take the time to have an honest talk about what you both want. It’s so you don’t end up hurting each other by wasting each other’s time.

Women often test men

Unfortunately, many men have a difficult time understanding women because women seemingly play games with them.

Obviously, if the games are manipulative, it just means she’s not a nice person. Avoid women like that and move on.

However, don’t confuse these for women who test men to see the strength of their character. These tests are often called “Shit Tests” in the seduction community, and women use them to discern if the men they talk to are strong.

By strong, I mean mentally, as in the strength of their will, character, convictions and more.

Basically, when you’re approaching women and talking to them, if they start liking you, they’ll want to make sure you’re actually who you claim to be. They want to see if just pretending for the sake of getting laid. They also want to learn if you’ll crumble under the pressure of being challenged.

That’s why when going out to meet women, you’ll often hear various remarks like “Oh, you’re too short for me,” or “Do you say this to all the girls?” or even “I don’t give out my number to strangers.”

These and many other similar questions aren’t there to actually reject you outright. They’re to throw you off and see if you’ll run away with your tail between your legs. They do this to weed out all the weak men who won’t fight for them.

If you deal with these tests like a man, you’re in. If you don’t -- you’re out.

Understand that women want manly men in their lives

Lastly and most importantly, to understand women better, you have to be a man they’d want to be with. Because if they’re attracted to you on a gut level, they’ll do what it takes to help you understand them better.

They’ll be eager to share their innermost feelings and desires with you if they feel like you’re the kind of man they want.

To do that, you have to possess certain manly qualities that all women love and respect in men.

Women want men with emotional, mental and physical strength. They want a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. They want a man who doesn’t back down in the face of a challenge. These are all traits of a manly man that can instantly attract women.

I highly suggest you read about what women want in men to really learn what it takes to be a manly man and figure out how to become one.

Everything becomes significantly easier if you work on yourself and develop these and similar qualities. This is especially true if you want to meet and date older women (NOT YET PUBLISHED) Older women respond powerfully to men who have their heads on straight and aren’t an insecure mess.

Now you know how to understand women when meeting and dating them. With this knowledge, you’ll have a significantly easier time moving things along with women. It will also help you during any relationship you might have, be they only hookups, friends with benefits or even serious long-term relationships.


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