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How to Get a Girl Out of Your League in 2024 (It's Possible)

How to get a girl like her who's out of your league

It’s time I teach you one of my best-kept secrets. Namely, how to get a girl out of your league to fall for you. Fact is, understanding how to attract someone out of your league is one of the biggest issues men face in today’s dating world. Luckily, what I’m about to teach you below will help you tremendously with this. 

First, I’ll tell you all about what it means when a girl is out of your league. Then, I’ll show you exactly how to seduce her with a very powerful but highly counterintuitive “Inner Game” technique. So read on because you definitely don’t want to miss this!

What Does It Mean When a Girl Is Out of Your League?

Truth be told, a girl being out of your league means entirely different things to different people.

That said, it’s useful to know a few of the main reasons why you may believe someone’s out of your league. So you can easily get over them and start dating beautiful women.

Here’s a list of the most common ones:


The most common reason why men believe a woman is completely out of their league is her physical appearance.

If you’re average-looking and she’s incredibly attractive, physically fit or has all the traditional hallmarks of a model. Then you may believe she’s completely out of your league.

Also, plenty of men who don’t work out regularly or have a huge belly wouldn’t even think of approaching an athletic and sporty woman.

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Socioeconomic status

Another huge reason why men don’t dare approach, talk to and try to seduce a woman is if they believe her social status and earning potential are much higher than theirs. 

For example, if the woman’s a successful banker or a CEO of a company and the guy’s a school janitor or a pizza delivery driver, chances are he’d never approach her or even think of trying to seduce her. Or if she’s a part of a rich and powerful family and the guy comes from a poor one.

Also, if men who dress poorly see a woman wearing designer clothes, expensive jewelry and similar things, they usually think she’s much better than them. It doesn’t matter if he has no idea how she got these expensive items. The fact that she’s wearing them is a sign that she’s of high social status.

You see, it’s not that women hate men without money. They simply dislike stingy men. Knowing this, most guys immediately think, “I can’t give her the life of luxury she’s used to, so she can’t possibly like me.”


A woman can feel out of your league because of her personality

Another reason why men wouldn’t try their luck with a girl is if they believe she has her life in order. While at the same time thinking they don’t have their own shit together, so to say.

Basically, a guy who’s lacking in confidence and has various anxiety issues, as well as fear of rejection, would never approach a confident, independent, self-respecting girl. Simply because they think something like, “Why would a girl like that ever be interested in a guy like me?”


Same as with her socioeconomic status, a woman’s level of education may scare off potential suitors. If she’s an intellectual and you barely got through high school, then chances are you’ll think she’d never date a guy like you.

Sure, there will always be women with really high standards who will never even entertain the thought of being with someone “below” them. But that’s uncommon and their standards are usually not as high as you’d think.

The Secret of How to Attract Someone Out of Your League

With the definition of leagues out of the way, let’s get straight into learning how to get a girl who’s out of your league.

Here’s the secret insight I promised you right from the start: 

To succeed with high-quality women who most men think are out of their league, you have to stop thinking about leagues altogether! 

Thinking a girl is out of their league is just an excuse men tell themselves to save their ego from the pain of rejection. This kind of thinking is rooted in a profound denial of one’s own self-worth.

As far as you should be concerned -- there are no leagues! All this kind of thinking does is create crippling self-doubt. Because lots of men are afraid of being inadequate with women.

Seriously, no matter who she is, no matter how great she looks, and no matter what she has going on in her life -- she’s just a person. She’s a human being with human flaws, same as you. That’s why you should never be afraid to “date out of your league.”

So if you truly want to grow as a man and understand how to get with a girl out of your league, keep this crucial point in mind.

Now let’s talk about the practical steps.

Tips on how to attract women you think are out of your league

Flirting with a woman

To attract a high-quality woman who most men would think is out of their league, the first thing you must do is get your life in order as much as possible.

This means, among many other things, that you have to take care of your health and start working out regularly. Strive to educate yourself and improve yourself in many aspects of life. Get some good hobbies you enjoy doing. You should also develop your confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, social skills.

Doing these things and more will put you in the right headspace and get rid of doubt and anxiety. You’ll trust yourself more, develop your self-worth and become a more attractive person in general. This will help you tremendously when you finally approach women whom you would think are out of your league.

As for the practical part, all you need to do is approach and talk to her. And then treat her like she’s a regular, normal person. Because that’s exactly who she is. 

For best results, talk to her like you’d talk with your best buddy. This means you have to treat her no differently than you’d treat someone you know really well who also likes you back. 

Joke around with her freely, tease her lightheartedly, make self-deprecating jokes and don't be afraid to touch her. Make fun of her in a playful way when she says or does something stupid or dorky. Call her out on her bullshit and tell her if she does something rude. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t try so hard to flirt. Simply enjoy the moment and let your personality shine. This will set you apart from 99% of guys (the simps) who will desperately try to please and impress her. 

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The best mindset to seduce a woman “out of your league”

To truly grasp how to get a girl out of your league, employ the following mindset:

When you see an amazing woman, your first thought may be that she's way too good for you. However, you have no idea who she really is as a person. Because you haven’t spoken to her yet and don’t even know what she’s like or what her personality is.

I mean, for all you know, she might be a rude, selfish, stuck-up meanie who kicks cute puppies and clubs baby seals just for laughs. 

So, when you approach her, keep thinking the following: “Sure, you’re beautiful. But are you actually a nice person and cool person and would I even have fun with you when we’re out on a date? Let’s find out!”

With this mindset, your whole attitude and demeanor will change when you talk to her. Suddenly, you’re not going up there as someone who wants something from her. Or someone who’d beg her for attention and love. 

Instead, you’re there to find out if she’s good enough to hang out with you! Just this one little shift in your thinking will bring amazing results. If you really internalize these thoughts.

Combine this with strong eye contact and body language and introduce yourself with confidence. “Hey, my name’s so-an-so. I wanted to meet you and see who you are. What’s your name?”


If you do it correctly, she’ll think very highly of you right from the get-go. Plus, she’ll never think you’re needy or desperate. She’ll also see that her looks, social status and similar things have zero effect on you. Because you’re a self-respecting man with standards who doesn’t care much about shallow things. 

Suddenly, she’s the one who has to prove herself if she’s good enough for you.

Hook up with her or date her

Once you set yourself apart from every other guy right from the start, seducing a woman you initially thought was out of your league isn’t any different than seducing any other woman. That’s the honest truth.

Simply have fun with her, get to know her on a deeper level, tease her lightheartedly, be genuine and authentic around her and show vulnerability. Touch her and show you’re a physical guy and flirt with her to create some sexual tension. And that’s pretty much it.

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League to Date You Long Term

He's dating the woman of his dreams

Now let’s talk about how to treat the woman you initially thought was out of your league when you’re finally dating her. You see, hooking up with a high-status woman is one thing. But keeping her interested in you in a long-term relationship is quite another.

Jealousy will ruin everything

First, you have to understand that she’ll always get attention from other men. Every time she goes out, guys will fawn over her, stare at her and fantasize about her. And plenty of these guys will be much better looking than you, have more money or resources than you, etc.

The key is to accept this and never let it bother you. Because you know she chose to be with you because she really likes you. You’ve won her over.

This is important because if you ever show an inkling of jealousy, possessiveness, neediness or similar things. Her attraction towards you will fade very quickly and she’ll leave you.

I’m talking from experience because I used to date quite a few beautiful women. And as a perfect example, I used to date a well-known Russian model for about a year. She was also one of the top paid professional dancers in Europe and won competitions all over the world. 

She was absolutely gorgeous, had a lot more money than me (I was a student at the time) and a ridiculously active social life; she was partying all the time. In contrast, I was a pretty average-looking although very fun guy who liked to sit at home and play computer games.

The difference is that I simply did what no other guy around her did -- I treated her like a normal person and didn’t give a shit about all the guys literally drooling over her.

Everyone kept asking constantly why she’d be with a guy like me. It didn’t bother us because she knew exactly why.

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Let her do her thing

Another thing that’ll drive her away very quickly is if you try to change her, control her behavior or limit her in some way. You see, the healthiest relationships most often consist of two independent people, as opposed to codependent. Where everyone’s free to do their own thing.

This fact is much more pronounced if you’re dating a really attractive and/or high social status person. So if you try to prevent her from doing the things she enjoys or from seeing her friends, etc. Then it won’t go well.

Show her you trust her completely and that she can trust you as well. Because unlike someone without as many options as her, she won’t stay long with you if you mistreat her this way.

Now you know how to get a girl out of your league. As you can see, seducing her isn’t much different from seducing other women. She may have higher standards, but she’s not immune to being attracted to a man who pursues her, no matter his social status.

The most important part is your mindset and attitude. Believing no matter who she is, no matter what she has going on in her life and no matter how rich she is, she’s just a regular person. Same as everyone else.

This is a huge part of “Inner Game” and the secret of being with women others only dream about.


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