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How To Netflix And Chill With A Woman (Without Screwing It Up)


“Netflix and Chill” means inviting someone home to watch a movie, and then hooking up with them while it’s playing in the background. However, if you don’t know how to Netflix and Chill the right way, it’s pretty easy to make a few awful mistakes and screw the whole evening up.

Below, I’ll show you how you can make your evening go as smoothly as it possibly can. That way, you can get your date to quit watching the movie and hop into bed with you instead.

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Here’s how to Netflix and chill without messing up

So let’s say you’ve invited a beautiful woman you’re interested in for an evening of Netflix and Chill, and she’s accepted. Now what?

First of all, relax!

Most women know what this invitation means, so sex is most likely on the table. All you have to do is relax and have a good time with her without doing anything weird to screw it up. The moment she agreed, she’s already more or less decided that she wants to sleep with you. While it's not the key to winning a girl's heart, it's at least proof that she's into you.

With that pressure gone, here’s what you should do to have the best evening of Netflix and Chill:

Plan the movie and some music in advance

Trust me on this, no one wants to spend 30 minutes debating over what movie they’d like to watch.

So do yourself and your date a huge favor and decide on what movie you both want to watch before you get together. This will solve a ton of problems right from the start. Unnecessarily spending half an hour arguing about movies can really kill the mood for something more intimate. If you understand women, you know that indecisiveness is a huge buzzkill.

Pick a movie you can both enjoy well enough, but not one that requires your undivided attention. You can pick out a romantic comedy to lighten the mood or a horror movie to give her some motivation to snuggle up to you.

Also, as a backup plan, you should always have an atmospheric, sensual playlist ready. That’s why it’s great to have your sound system nearby, so you can lay down some music at the push of a button.

Having music at the ready is ideal for a very quiet movie that might make your date self-conscious when you both start to get hot and bothered.

Besides, many women love it when there’s some good music playing in the background while they’re having sex. You can’t really go wrong with this.

New course

Don’t make your move too early

This is a really important point of how to Netflix and Chill properly. One of the biggest ways guys end up screwing the whole thing up is by trying to be too intimate too early. You want to make her want you before you make your move.

So here’s the thing: There has to be a gradual increase in intimacy for sex to happen.

If you invite a woman over for Netflix and Chill and pounce on her straight away, you'll probably freak her out. That can happen even if she understands perfectly well what “Netflix and Chill” really means.

The only time it’s acceptable to make your move right away is when you both know and feel you want it really bad. That’s when she’s all over you already, right from the beginning and is literally begging you to take her now.

Otherwise, take the second part of the phrase to heart, and CHILL out!

You’ve got the whole evening ahead of you. There’s no need to rush things.

Rushing things will only let her know you’re either desperate to sleep with her or that sex is the only thing on your mind. This is most likely to turn her off.

So take things slow, focus on enjoying your time with her, and be in the moment.

Make her feel super comfortable

The next crucial step is to make her feel really comfortable. Do this both with the room and the setting, as well as with you personally.

Make sure to tidy up the room and remove all the unnecessary clutter. Make the couch or the bed as comfortable as it can be by throwing tons of soft pillows on it or by adding more blankets.

Then see if you can figure out a way to dim the lights and make the lighting soft and more atmospheric. A good way to do that is to light some candles all over the room. Vanilla- or lavender-scented candles are known to add a sensual vibe to a room. You can also get some special incandescent light bulbs.

Personally, I always recommend candles because women love them, and they bring a certain relaxing ambiance to any room.

She has to get comfortable with you and your touch

If you both sit on the opposite sides of the couch, there’s going to be almost zero chance of any intimacy happening between the two of you.

That’s why it’s so crucial to initiate some light physical contact straight away. So, start touching her as soon as the movie begins.

You can do this in many different ways. You can do this by taking her hand and massaging it gently and sensually while you’re watching the film. Place your arm around her and caress her. You can even cuddle together in a comfy position where you can both enjoy the movie in each other’s arms.

Continue watching the movie like this without even mentioning it. Then work your hands around her body, gently caressing her and giving light massages.

This will really warm her up for what’s to come, and she’ll also feel completely comfortable to get more intimate with you.

Spark some sexual tension

This is the part where you make sure she really wants to have sex with you before you even make your move.

Sometimes creating sexual tension is unnecessary, especially when your date is already all over you and is grinding against you, wanting what you’re offering. But that’s not always the case.

Often enough, especially with shy girls, you must spark a little sexual tension for them to start thinking about sex. Because once they start thinking about it, they’ll begin imagining what it would be like with you.

This will ignite their naughty thoughts and arouse them. It can compel them to accept your advances when you make your move .

So once you feel you’re both already completely comfortable with one another, you can become a bit more intimate with her, both verbally and physically.

A great opportunity to do this would be when something intimate is happening on screen. You can turn to her, hold her gaze while smirking and smile at her slyly, as if you know something naughty she doesn’t even suspect. And then ask her what she thinks of what’s happening on screen.

You can also start commenting on anything explicit happening on screen. You can say something, “that looks like fun” or “I’ve never tried that before.” You can even give her a compliment that's related to something sexy onscreen.

Also, make your touch more sensual and go for more intimate parts of her body. Don’t be afraid to show some passion as well, by grabbing at her more tightly, making your caress stronger and more aggressive.

All of this will fuel her desires once she starts thinking about sex. And then you can turn her towards you and start making out.

If she’s really into it, start taking off her clothes and go from there.

Have a drink or two to unwind

To make things even easier, you can also offer her a few drinks before you even turn the movie on.

Having a drink together will help remove some of the anxiety and maybe even lower your inhibitions somewhat. All of this will help make your Netflix and Chill night a success.

Depending on what she likes, you can have a couple of beers or ciders at the ready in the fridge. You can never go wrong with some decent red wine if you want to be a bit more classy.

Just make sure not to get her drunk or to drink too much yourself. You’re there to have a small drink to grease your social wheels and get them rolling. You’re also responsible for keeping her safe. So if you get her drunk, she might think that was your plan all along and will lose trust and respect towards you. This is sure to ruin your evening.

Besides, it’s not a good idea to drink too much yourself. Because if you do, you might not be able to give her an unforgettable night of pleasure.

Now you know what it takes to make your Netflix and Chill evening go as well as it possibly can. You've got the girl you want, and now it's all a matter of making something happen.

Remember that it’s mostly about comfort and sexual tension. Make her super comfortable with you and then ignite some sexual chemistry. She won’t be able to help but jump your bones during the movie.



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