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How To Make A Girl Laugh And Get Her Interested The Right Way

man making a girl laugh

Let’s talk about how to make a girl laugh so she has a great time and becomes more interested in you. Humor is one of the greatest ways to showcase your personality in dating and to make your interactions unforgettable.

However, most guys make the grave mistake of overdoing it and often act more like clowns. Instead of just being guys who happen to be funny and charming.

It’s also important to understand what makes a woman laugh and how to do it the right way. Otherwise, you may ruin your chances if your humor comes off as weird, inappropriate, creepy or even mean.

That’s why I’ll talk about how to be funny in an attractive way and show some examples of great humor. As well as when to use it and when to never try and be funny because it’ll do more harm than good.

Using Humor Correctly To Make A Girl Laugh

If done correctly and at appropriate moments, being funny is a wonderful tool. You can even compliment a woman on her looks without creeping her out if you're able to make her laught.

Personally, I always use humor every time I see a great opportunity to do so when talking to women and when on dates. Mostly in the beginning and when getting to know each other, to make things fun and smooth. This encourages my dates to loosen up, become more comfortable and trusting. But I never use it when things are getting more intimate and sexual.

There’s also a right way to be funny and a wrong way.

The right way is to do so when you’re genuinely amusing yourself and thinking about stuff that’s hilarious or funny to you.

Basically, you share a fun observation, experience, joke or story with her because it was funny to you. Letting her experience the spectacle that is you and providing a chance to see your personality.

And when you do find something funny, then laugh wholeheartedly. Genuine and happy laughter is really infectious. Even if she doesn’t join you for some reason, she’ll still warm up to you. Unless you laugh like a total lunatic.

The wrong way is to try and be funny just to get an emotional reaction out of her. In other words, when you use humor as a manipulative means to an end and not to have fun. Which is where many guys fail and then look like approval-seeking clowns who are trying too hard.

Also, the best type of humor for seduction is spontaneous, off-the-cuff and observational. Not something that’s prepared like a funny story you tell every girl you meet. Even though funny stories can be great as well if you’ve actually witnessed something hilarious in your life.

Let me give you an example of the spontaneous type of humor.

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An example of how to make a girl laugh

Let’s say you’re pursuing a woman at a cafe and you spot a guy who’s wearing a huge old-timey trench coat. You chuckle to yourself because something about this is funny and amusing, and nod your head in his direction while flashing a playful smile.

“You see that guy over there? Why do you think he has that huge trench coat on? I bet he’s secretly a serial-flasher, running around at night flashing his balls to unsuspecting old ladies and giving them heart attacks!”

“Or who knows, maybe he sells contraband by the corner, being all shady and shit, with his inner pockets stuffed full of the most ridiculous things you’ll ever see that he shows off to every passerby.”

You then wink at your date and smile a mischievous grin.

“Sooo . . . What would you buy from him if you saw him on the street? Since you told me you wanted to be a musician, I bet it’d be something ridiculous like a pink ukulele with just two strings. Because you’re weird like that and probably talented enough to do some mad riffs with it.”

Then tap her on the arm or leg a little bit, all while laughing and encouraging her to see if he has it.

“Why don’t you go on and ask him if he has this magical pink and ridiculous ukulele under his trench coat? Go on, go on!” while nudging her playfully.

Then you say in a wistful yet silly tone, “Wow . . . Imagine if he actually did have one, you’d probably become a famous street musician overnight! It’d be your most prized possession. Maybe you’d even be so thankful to him you’d end up getting hitched and becoming Missus Trench coat! Can I come to the wedding?”

At this point, she’s very likely to playfully hit you on your arm and call you an asshole while getting red in the face.

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Why something like this works

The above joke is completely random and will often sound lame and stupid to many guys. But women who hear it in the moment, along with experiencing all your gestures, physical prodding, sly grins and laughter will very often enjoy it immensely.

The important part is not what was being said but the whole attitude and tonality behind it. How playful you were being and how you made an ordinary moment utterly silly and ridiculous.

Something like this also works great to build attraction because it incorporates lots of touching, some teasing and even light role-play. Because you thought up some silly scenario on the spot and put her in it to play it out together. You immersed her in the joke and somehow made fun of the whole situation. And she got to be a part of it as well.

It’s all about the presentation and how in the moment you are with such jokes. If you’d have said something like this while seeming unsure of yourself, showing hesitation or reluctance, it’d never work.

It also wouldn’t work if you just said the words without the “performance.” That would probably make things super weird instead of funny.

And it definitely wouldn’t have worked if you said it to get a reaction out of her and didn’t actually find it amusing. Something like “Hey, check this guy out. The one with the stupid trench coat. I bet he goes around and flashes people. Or sells some shit on the street. Haha!”

Jokes that lack soul and passion behind them fall on deaf ears. They may also seem mean spirited and you’d likely come off as an asshole.

That’s why it’s always better to make jokes without having to put someone down and make them out to be inferior.

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Practice makes perfect

It’s not that difficult to use this type of observational and spontaneous humor after a little practice.

Just don’t start off with these type of jokes right in the beginning. Since they may be a bit overwhelming if they’re the first thing someone hears from you.

They work best when you’ve passed small talk and are getting to know each other.

The way you get good at these type of jokes is to simply observe things around you. Then when you spot something out of the ordinary or something that tickles your fancy and makes you smile, imagine a silly situation involving what you saw.

After a while, it’ll become second nature. Just don’t forget to make the whole thing immersive and to include physicality with these jokes. That’ll make them much more impactful and will also build a ton of attraction.

This is because physical touch is incredibly important when talking to women and trying to seduce them. So using humor that involves physical touch will kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

It’ll also make the woman you’re talking to gradually more comfortable with you and your touch, which is always a great thing.

Another great way to practice being funny when learning how to make a girl laugh is to watch some comedy.

Stand-up and especially improvisational comedy are perfect for seduction. They help you see what people respond well to, give you some great joke ideas and help with spontaneity.

You may also hear some great canned jokes that you’ll definitely find occasions to use, to make women laugh.

Investing in improving your sense of humor is never a bad idea since it’ll enrich your personality in general. People will find you more fun to be around with, which is attractive in itself.

What makes a woman laugh the hardest

In truth, many things make women laugh.

Asking funny questions, telling funny stories and jokes, making puns and using self-deprecating humor will make any person laugh, and women are no exception to that.

In fact, most things that make men laugh will make women laugh as well, and vice versa. There are just too many types of humor to name.

That said, there are types of jokes which will make women laugh significantly more than men. I use humor extensively during seduction and from my vast experience I’ve come to the conclusion that playful roleplay jokes always get best results.

This is because playful roleplay simply ticks all the boxes and as a result, sparks strong attraction at the same time.

I’ve already shown you an example of this type of joke above, but I want to explain this type of humor in more depth.

Because once you learn and incorporate this type of humor in your dating escapades properly, your results will be significantly better than usual.

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Why roleplaying is perfect for sparking attraction and making women laugh

When you put yourself and the woman you’re with into a playful roleplay scenario, it creates a personal bubble of fun and joy and lets you connect better with one another.

That’s because it shows her your sense of humor, sparks strong emotions and creates powerful attraction, all at the same time.

And strong emotions are the main currency of attraction as well as seduction in general.

Read through the roleplay example above again and see what it does.

First of all, you were teasing her a lot. You were touching her through the whole thing, establishing lots of comfort and showing her you’re a physical guy while laughing and having fun. You were pushing her and pulling her in again, showing her you’re not desperate or afraid to lose her.

She saw that you have a great personality and imagination. She saw you weren’t afraid of taking any risks with her, which she’ll often think is because you have many options with other beautiful women.

You were displaying all the right signs of masculinity combined with a great sense of humor, which is massively attractive to all women.

I mean, do I even have to go on? There are just so many amazing reasons why incorporating this type of humor into your dates is one of the best things you can do, that I often refer to it as my secret weapon.

In fact, women often tell me that they’ll always remember our dates because of this. Since it’s something most guys will never think of doing because they think it’s too risky.

It’s really not because I’ve used this type of thing to make all kinds of women laugh. From cute girl-next-door types to millionaires who owned their own businesses.

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You can take things anywhere you want

I always say that roleplaying can take you anywhere you want it to with women. Which is another great reason you should learn this when figuring out how to make a girl laugh.

For example, do you want to put your arm around your date but don’t know when and if it’s even appropriate?

Then think of a funny story or scenario where you could do that and then put your arm around her while playing it out. Here’s a random one:

“Hey, let’s go rob a jewelry store together! We’ll dress up all nice in these really fancy clothes and pretend we’re absurdly rich. I’ll wear a penguin suit with a top hat and a monocle. You’ll wear the most bourgeois dress we can find and a tiara with lots of bling. Then we’ll walk into the store together like this.”

At this point you put your arm around her shoulder, acting out how you’re going to walk into the store like you’re a couple. You then leave your arm around her while telling her the rest of it.

“We’ll act all snobby and shit, like ‘My dear, fetch me the most expensive necklace you have and make it snappy!’ in this really snooty voice. And then, when they’re not looking, we’ll just turn around and run as fast as we can from the store. I hope for your sake you’re an excellent runner. Because if it’s between you and me and prison time, I’m definitely not gonna end up behind bars, honey!” all said with a huge, sly smirk on your face, in a very playful tone, while acting the whole thing out.

As you can see, you can accomplish pretty much anything you want with this.

The sky’s the limit here so just use your imagination.

Role playing, sexual tension and joking around

You can even, at certain points, create sexual tension with roleplaying. But once you do, you should then commit to being sexual and change the whole tone of the conversation to a more serious one.

Because if you start joking around at that point, it’ll dissipate the entire tension you’ve built and she’ll experience some nasty whiplash. She may even start resenting you for this, so there really is a time when to joke around and when to get serious.

At one point, I’ve role-played out the whole “50 Shades of Grey” thing with a certain woman while we were having our first date in a café. It was almost empty so we didn’t catch much attention, thankfully. So after playfully going through the whole thing, touching and teasing her a lot, describing all the sexy stuff that happens in that book and having a great time in general. I eventually noticed she was becoming really aroused and was looking at me with a horny expression.

So I just looked her straight in the eyes and told her “You know what . . . Come with me!” Then grabbed her by the arm and took her straight to the bathroom.

She was really into it all the way because of all the great things I displayed during our little roleplay scenario. And we turned the tap all the way so as to block out the noise and got right to it.

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Don’t overuse humor when talking to women

I’m sure you’re now imagining all the great things you can do with women on dates after learning what makes a woman laugh and how to do it successfully.

That’s great, but please don’t overdo it to the point of being annoying or things won’t work out well for you.

Don’t make this the crutch you use all the time and instead sprinkle roleplaying and other types of humor lightly into your conversations. They’re supposed to be the spice, not the main course.

You still have to do all the other things necessary for a smooth seduction. You have to get to know them, connect with them on a deeper level, build rapport and flirt a lot. They should become comfortable with you and trust you to not do anything unseemly.

Another reason why you shouldn’t crack jokes all the time is because you may quickly become a “dancing-monkey.” A guy who’s only good for entertainment and nothing else.

Sure, women will have a great time with you but they will not be attracted to you in a way you want. Because all you did were crack jokes and they’ll feel that’s all your good for. That’s why it’s crucial you convey other aspects of your personality and not just humor.

Dating and seduction is not just about being funny

Being funny alone isn’t enough to seduce women, no matter what anyone tells you. So please don’t buy into the hype of believing you can get laid and have lots of attractive women want to sleep with you by only being a funny guy.

Sure, being funny is great but it does nothing to create sexual tension with women.

Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Cracking jokes and saying funny things is just about the best way to kill any sexual tension there may be between you and the woman you’re talking with.

There are a lot of guys who fail to understand this and try to seduce women by only using their sense of humor. But they never seem to get laid and then wonder why.

It’s a great way to open conversations and make people like you. It’s awesome at building some attraction at appropriate moments. And also amazing at making your interactions fun, memorable and interesting. But it definitely has its limits.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking that all women want is a man who can make them laugh. Because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though lots of women will tell you a great sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities in a man.

This may sound very counter-intuitive, but so do many other things when it comes to seduction.

The reason behind this is very simple. Humor diffuses tension, which you actually need to create powerful sexual attraction.

The act of laughing is a release of tension. And it quickly kills the mood if your timing is off.

There are many men who are great with women who don’t use any humor at all. But it doesn’t mean there are no uses for it.

Now that you know how to make a girl laugh the right way, you’re sure to have many memorable interactions with women. Remember to relax, have fun and amuse yourself first and foremost!



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