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How To Woo A Woman (Without Spending A Lot of Time And Money)

Know how to woo a woman without spending much by being romantic

It’s finally time to learn how to woo a woman if you don’t have a lot of time and money to spend on her or on your date.

Tons of guys are afraid to ask girls out on a date if they don’t have much money to spend. They somehow believe if girls think they’re being cheap or are very poor, it’ll ruin their chances of success completely.

Truth is, not having a lot of money is nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of ways to overcome this obstacle and woo the ladies without having to spend too much cash.

Let’s face it, plenty of guys, especially students, have financial troubles and even debt. That’s why it’s important to learn how to have an amazing time with women and woo them without having to rely on money.

Here’s How to Woo a Woman without Having an Expensive Date

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I’ve said this a million times before and I’ll say it a million times still: The two most important things you have to do on a date with a woman is to have fun and get to know each other.

That’s because the secret to making her want you lies not in how much money you spend, what activities you do or even what you say to the girl during your date. But in how you make women feel when they’re around you.

She’s going there to meet you and to see who you are. She’s not there to check out the size of your wallet. Unless, of course, she’s a gold-digger, in which case you should figure this out as soon as possible and ditch her.

There are plenty of guys without money who are able to successfully pursue women. And there are also many rich guys who absolutely suck at seduction and can’t even get a girlfriend.

So if you’re charming enough and know how to have a great time with women, you’ll have no problems making women feel wonderful on any date, even if it’s just a walk in the park.

Below, I’ll show you what it takes to woo women even if you don’t have much time or money.

Dates don’t have to be expensive

I’ve been on so many dates with different women I can’t even remember.

But one thing I recall clearly is a lot of those dates cost me absolutely nothing. This was perfect for when I was a young student who had to live on cheap ramen noodles for months on end. Money isn't one of the top things that attract women to men, clearly.

Granted, some dates did cost a couple of bucks because we grabbed ice cream or coffee. But almost everyone has the cash for that.

Yet no matter how little I spent, even if it was next to nothing, the vast majority of these dates ended extremely well. Because I knew how to rely on myself so we always had a great time together.

So how can you do the same?

The answer to how to woo a woman in such situations lies in a little improvisation as well as using your imagination.

How to woo a woman by being creative

First of all, a little bit of creativity when planning a date goes a really long way to make it awesome and inexpensive.

For example, plenty of guys think a good date means going to an expensive dinner and spending hours sitting across from each other, eating an expensive meal and hardly talking. This may sound fancy, but it’s definitely not very fun.

Instead, find something you can do that costs nothing yet provides endless entertainment.

Try going on a little adventure like heading out to the old part of town and visiting all the cozy antique shops you find. Find the quirkiest, weirdest, silliest items imaginable and have a laugh about them.

Dates like this can provide you with hours of fun.

You’ll always have something new and interesting to talk about, essentially never running out of things to say. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for witty and funny banter. You’ll be able to tease each other, which can quickly lead to flirting.

Plus, you’ll learn a lot of interesting things about each other, such as your tastes and what makes her laugh.

Another example would be to go to expensive open houses and pretend you’re a newlywed couple looking around.

There are usually lots of people at these events, so no one’s going to be suspicious. You can have loads of fun by people-watching and making up silly and funny stories about everyone you see. You can even make up a story about who you are as a couple -- a surefire way to imagine your future together.

And if you want other forms of entertainment, you can check out a free concert, go to your local food market to taste free food samples or attend free tours in your area.

Rely on yourself to woo her and make any date great

While taking women out on exciting and entertaining dates that cost nothing is great, the ultimate goal of wooing women is to learn how to fully rely on yourself and your personality. So you’re can make any meeting amazing.

That’s because ultimately it’s you who makes or breaks the date, and not the setting.

So imagine a date where you take a relaxing stroll on the beach or a hike up the mountains. Imagine a walk in the park followed by sitting for a couple of hours on a park bench just talking to each other.

Do these kinds of dates sound fun or boring to you?

Well, if they sound like boring date ideas, it’s because you simply don’t know how to make them fun.

Because here’s the real truth -- the location is largely irrelevant. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the date memorable, fun and interesting for her.

Sure, from the two wacky examples you saw about going house-hunting and antique-gazing, it’s obvious how your environment can be helpful at making the date funnier, easier and more unique. But no matter how great the setting is, it alone won’t make her fall for you.

How do I know this?

Because I had many dates where we went for a walk in the park or sat on a bench and just talked. And we ended up sleeping together nonetheless.

So my ultimate advice on wooing women is to learn how to rely on yourself and nothing else to make the date great. Then most of your dates will cost next to nothing and women will still think you’re amazing.

That said, here are a few more inexpensive date ideas which will woo just about any woman.

Nothing beats a romantic candlelight dinner

If you want to woo a woman but don’t have the cash to go to an expensive restaurant, then why not opt for a romantic homemade dinner instead?

Plenty of women will think that’s a wonderful idea!

However, don’t just invite your date to your place after you’ve already cooked the meal for her. Instead, make the whole cooking and preparation process into a fun and memorable experience.

Before she arrives, put some relaxing music on and light a few candles and place them in strategic spots to make an ambient atmosphere.

When she’s finally at your place, offer her a drink. Then invite her into the kitchen and put on a great show for her.

There are plenty of opportunities for flirting, teasing, witty banter and all sorts of fun while you’re preparing the meal. You can even get her to help you by chopping up and slicing the vegetables or other ingredients you’re going to use for cooking. Just make sure it’s fun for her and doesn’t feel like a chore or she won’t enjoy it.

Women want a man who can let their personality shine.

Joke around with her, make the whole thing silly, show her your sense of humor and encourage her to let loose as well. You can even challenge her to a competition, such as seeing who can slice and dice a carrot the fastest.

The point is to make it engaging for her and to show her who you are as a person and how fun it is to hang out with you.

Such a date does wonders to woo women when done properly because cooking together is amazing. And it costs next to nothing when you compare it to an expensive night out on the town.

Pack a picnic and go watch the sunset

Another particularly inexpensive but romantic date idea is watching the sunset while having a picnic.

Make a salad, pack some sandwiches and fruit, and bring something refreshing to drink. Then find a great spot to watch the sun go down together with her. What could be more romantic?

Awesome places to watch a sunset would be by a lake, at the beach or somewhere in nature. And if you happen to live in a concrete jungle such as New York, for example, then you can watch the sunrise from a rooftop of a tall building.

To make it even more romantic, surprise her with flowers during the picnic or break out a bottle of inexpensive wine and some glasses. The drinks don’t have to be expensive, it’s the thought and the surprise that counts.

Finish the picnic off with a little chocolate to set the mood.

How to woo a woman by being romantic

If you want to woo women successfully, don’t be afraid to show your romantic side.

A compliment at the right time, a gentle caress on the cheek, an unexpected cuddle in public -- these things make women melt.

Cup her face gently when you kiss her, hold her hand and massage it lightly while you’re walking around, give her a piggyback ride when she says she’s tired.

All these romantic gestures will do wonders to make her fall in love with you. Just make sure they’re spontaneous and not deliberate.

Also, little surprises go a really long way. It doesn’t have to be something grand or expensive. Small and affordable surprises do just as well because it’s the thought that counts.

Ask her about the things she likes. You’ll soon get plenty of ideas about how to surprise her in a romantic way.

If she likes music, take her to an outdoor concert without telling her where you’re going. If she enjoys chocolate, you can whip out a delicious bite for her after a long walk on the beach. Say something like “I passed by a chocolate shop and thought of you!”

There are many more great ways woo women by being romantic if you use your imagination.

All of these date ideas above and tips on how to woo a woman require very little money.  Just remember, it’s always best to learn how to rely on yourself to make dates awesome. Then locations and how much you spend rarely matter at all.

Have a bit of fun, be spontaneous and get a little flirty. These are the best ways to make her fall hard for you.



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