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How Any Guy Can Get Women Thinking About Them In A Positive Way

how to get women to think about you all the time

I have 4 powerful methods for how to get women to think about you after you’ve been on that first date and had a great time.

A lot of guys struggle to keep the flame burning after that successful first date - and that’s mostly because they’re NOT following the tips I’m going to share in this video. In fact, most guys do the opposite. And that’s a key reason why women go cold on you after the first date - because you’re engaging in behaviors that prove that you’re just “another average guy.”

That’s not what you want. 

You want to be thought of as this amazing man who is better than any guy she’s ever dated, so you’re always on her mind. I’m going to show you how to be that guy in this article, so keep reading!

Being unpredictable (in a fun way) will get women thinking about you

When you’re unpredictable, it’s completely natural for a woman to be thinking about you all the time. It’s because she has no idea what you’re going to do next. In fact, it's also one way to get the girl.

If you do this properly, she’ll also have no idea when she’s going to hear from you, what you’re going to do for her or even whether you’re still into her. This will drive her crazy. but in a good way. She’ll be waiting to see what your next move is going to be and she’ll be excited to find out.

When you’re unpredictable, this is a big part of what creates the butterflies in a woman’s stomach. You’re making her feel strong emotions. It’s not always positive. Sometimes you might disappoint or even annoy her, but that’s not all bad. The important thing is that you’re unpredictable and you’re taking her on an emotional rollercoaster.

Women love this, even if only subconsciously. When we find an unpredictable guy who delivers this rainbow of emotions, we can’t get him out of our minds. We want to flirt with him and see if he's into us. Honestly, it might frustrate us a little bit. But it’s so much better than the alternative.

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When women are dating a predictable guy, we don’t feel any strong emotions at all. We don’t feel any butterflies and honestly we’re probably not thinking about him that much.

He could be the nicest guy, sending the sweetest “good morning” texts every day. He could write compliments on all of our Instagram pictures or he could be trying to see us all the time. And he could say “yes” to anything we ask him. On paper, he could be absolutely perfect.

But if he’s too predictable, we tend to take him for granted. In fact, we barely pay him a second thought. It’s human nature!

How often do you think about the mailman? Or the cleaners at your office? If they do their job consistently well, you probably don’t think about them a whole lot. But what if they were unpredictable? Maybe they sometimes tell a little joke when you come across them. Perhaps they’re sometimes a tiny bit rude. Maybe that will annoy you, but at least they’re on your mind now. At least they stand out from the hundreds of other background characters.

Beautiful women interact with hundreds - maybe thousands - of predictable men during their lifetime. These average men are doing the same predictable behaviors. They’re unremarkable. And she barely thinks about any of them. Be unpredictable and women will be thinking about you all the time.


How to get women to think about you by being mysterious

We live in a world where we share more information about ourselves than ever before. We’re either constantly texting each other or we’re posting on social media showing everyone what we’re up to. But a great way to have women thinking about you all the time is to hold back a little.

Don’t share every aspect of your life with her. Go dark on social media. Wait a few hours before responding to her texts. Create some space for her to be curious about you. If she has no reason to wonder what you’re doing, she’s not going to be thinking about you as much. So don’t be afraid to leave her in the lurch for a few hours or perhaps even a couple of days.

As long as - when you do get back to her - you explain that you’ve been busy, but you would love to see her at *this time* and *this place*, she’ll understand. In fact, she’ll actually appreciate this. Women want to date an active man who has got a lot going on in his life and who isn’t going to drop everything for some woman he’s just met.

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When you’re a bit mysterious, it’s going to make her think you’re out living an active lifestyle achieving important goals, even if that’s not actually true. Honestly, it’ll probably also make her wonder if you’re out dating other women. It creates a bit of jealousy in her mind and this might inspire her to fight even harder for your attention.

Now, it’s a bit devious to purposely make a woman jealous, but you’re not actually doing anything to contribute to this. All you’re doing is leaving a little bit of mystery, so she wonders what you’re up to.

Getting women thinking about you is all about saying NO sometimes

If she’s a beautiful, sophisticated woman, she’s used to predictable men bending over backwards to try and date her - on her terms - whenever she wants. If you can tell her “no” now and again, that’s going to catch her attention. More importantly, it communicates that she’s not your main priority and that’s a good thing at this stage. Even when you go deeper into a relationship, she wants to be the number one person in your life, but not the number one thing.

Women find it really attractive when men prioritize a higher purpose. This is a masculine thing to do. This is the kind of man who is on his path. He knows where he’s going in life. Honestly, this guy is boyfriend material. It’s super-rare for her to find a man like this, especially if she’s really gorgeous. So when she does, she’s going to be thinking about him a lot.

Saying no may only seem counterintuitive at first. But women wish men knew just how thrilling it is to not be a guy's #1 priority. It just means he's an interesting guy with lots of things going on in his life.

When you do this, she’ll see that your time is valuable. Don’t be surprised if she makes even more effort than before to try and fit into your schedule. This is a piece of advice you'll always find on the best dating books out there.

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Lastly, women will think about you if you’re proactive

Most guys are too proactive. They’re always pushing, pushing, pushing for that next date. And it’s too overwhelming for a woman who has a lot going on in her life. It comes across as desperate and needy. It’s not good. However, you do need to be a bit proactive in order to be that guy she’s thinking about all the time.

It doesn’t work if you go cold on her for 4-5 days waiting for her to ask you out. It’s not in most women’s nature to do that. More likely, if she’s a beautiful woman, she’ll start to focus on a more proactive guy instead. But, if after a short while of being unpredictable and mysterious, you pop up and make plans to meet her...that’s the perfect balance.

You’ve given her an opportunity to think about you and miss you, then you come back and make it possible for her to satisfy this urge to see you. Those are how to get a woman to think about you you non-stop.

Be unpredictable. Be mysterious. Tell her no sometimes. Be proactive. 

Let me know what you think of these pointers in the comments.


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