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The Best Way to Get a Girl Interested in You - From A Woman Who Knows

The small things are the best way to get a girl to hold your hand like this

Men have been wondering what’s the best way to get a girl since the Paleolithic period. The art of meeting women has become more advanced than grunting and showing up at the cave with a 1,400-pound bison. You’re going to have to be a little suaver than hunting with your primitive bone tool. You also need to use your head.

To help you in your modern conquest, we’ve put together an eight-step guide on the best way to get a girl.

What’s the Best Way to Get a Girl Interested in You?

1) Take care of your body

Our first tip is the most obvious. You’re not going to attract a girl if you’re not feeling and looking your best. Keeping in shape is a no-brainer when it comes to attracting a woman who is intelligent, mysterious and, of course, super hot!

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It’s not just your abs and your arms that will attract a woman. It’s much more than that. But in order to get to the “more than that” part, the best way to get a girl is to be your most attractive self.

Older women will love your younger, ripped body and appreciate your efforts to be more toned. You don’t have to be jacked. As long as you’re able to keep up with her (especially in the bedroom!), she’ll be happy.A confident cougar also likes to feel desired.

2) Don’t be afraid to let a woman know you’re looking at her

Pretending you haven’t been staring at someone you’re interested in just doesn’t work. Women have eyes in the back of their heads and can feel your stare. So if you want to get her attention, make it clear.

Let’s say you’re in a coffee shop and you see a woman who makes your eyes almost pop out of their sockets. Your heart is racing. She sees you checking her out and she looks like she doesn’t know what to do either.

There are two possibilities that can happen here. You can be one of two guys.

Guy #1: You can turn away as fast as possible and never get the opportunity to ever meet this woman.

Guy #2: Give her a coy smile and an eyebrow raise to let her know you like what you see. This exudes confidence (even if you’re faking it).

Which guy do you want to be? Wimpy guy #1 who will never get laid? Or confident guy #2 who might get rejected? Which guy will she be thinking about when she goes home?

Most men look away from a woman as quickly as possible when he gets busted checking her out. Scurrying away like a scared little field mouse shows her you lack confidence.

3) Start paying attention to your surroundings

Women are good at being sneaky about scoping out the available men in the vicinity. If a woman is checking you out, you might be too clueless to even notice. Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Notice the women around you and watch their body language. Does she seem sure of herself? Is she playing with her hair? Does she caress that coffee cup? Does she apply her lipstick often? These are signs she's subtly flirting with you.

Not every women is a good flirt, either. Even the hottest women you’ve ever seen have insecurities. There are even shy cougars. Everyone is afraid of rejection because nobody likes not getting their desires met.

So if a woman looks at you and is acting shy, she might want you to approach her. I’ve never known a man in the world who died because they approached a woman and said, “Hi.”

4) Ask yourself a few questions before you approach

  1. Does she look really involved in a project that I shouldn’t interrupt?
  2. Is this woman wearing a wedding ring?
  3. Does she look approachable?
  4. Is it worth the risk to talk to her?
  5. Is it worth dealing with the fear of rejection to have an amazing time with this woman?

These questions will help gauge how interested you are in her. The best way to get a girl is with a confident and smooth approach, so be as prepared as possible. Maybe you should check out some books on the subject, just to brush up.

5) Imagine the best case scenario before you talk to her

Athletes, business people, politicians . . . they all use visualization to improve their success. This advice is in all the best dating books and motivational books. You ought to try it for yourself. See yourself confidently walking up to the beautiful stranger. You approach where she’s sitting and you say something like, “Hi there.”

She smiles and says, “Hi!”

You can see that she is glad you were brave enough to make the first move.

With your hand extended, you say, “My name’s ____________, what’s yours?”

You’re invited to sit and the conversation begins. You get her number. You send her a flirty text. She sends one back. The flirty texts continue. It feels really fun and good. You chat on the phone later that evening.

Then the sexting takes over. OMG. This is hot!

By the time you meet up on Friday night, you are ready to tear off each other’s clothes. It’s on.  You have chemistry with her like you’ve never experienced. Then you have the best sex of your life.

It all happened because you walked over to a woman and said, “Hi.”

Manning up and taking to a woman is totally worth it. Imagine what can happen if you make the first move. But before you start a conversation with a woman there is one thing to make sure of first.

6) Smell really damn good

You may have gotten this advice when you were younger as the best way to get a girl. Women want a man with a sexy scent, and that sensation is incredibly visceral for them. Having a yummy, manly musk doesn’t mean dousing yourself with expensive cologne. A lot of guys try too hard in the fragrance department and they look and smell like a desperate teenager.

Overdoing even expensive cologne will turn off a woman. You want your scent to be subtle and sexy. Too much cologne is a huge turn-off and will not attract a woman. In fact, it will repel her.

So lighten up with the sprayer, fellas.

And don’t wear cheap cologne, either, because it tends to be pungent — and that’s not a word you want coming to a woman’s mind. The best way to attract a girl is to smell alluring and mysterious, not like a high school locker room.

If you’re unsure what scent to choose, take a few trusted friends with you. Your best friend’s girlfriend would have some good insight, and even your coworkers can give you honest feedback.”

7) Be interested in more than her physical appearance

You smell good, you look good and you’re feeling confident. Now that you’ve started a conversation with her, you need to show her you’re interested in her mind, not just her body. Of course, we know what first attracted you to her — her hot bod.

Physical attraction will only take you so far. If your goal is simply a hookup, you’re in a good spot. Give her a sexy compliment about her looks and you could be on your way back to your place. But if you’re looking for more and aren’t connecting, you’ll both get bored.

The best way to get a girl and keep her is by showing interest in her. Women wish more men knew that genuine interest and creating a connection based on that is the key to getting a girl. Show her you’re genuinely into learning about her and you’ll become the most intriguing man she’s ever met.

What lies between your ears is the biggest turn on for her. Ladies need to use their mouths — for talking, of course. Be a proficient talker and listener and you will be pleasantly surprised by what else older women enjoy doing.

8) Tap into her emotions by asking her questions

Conversation is one of the keys to getting connected with a woman. We’re going to share some sample questions you can ask her to really build a connection with her. Asking questions is the best way to get a girl. Hands down.

Question: What is one of your passions?

Follow-up: What is the best part of XYZ?


Question: What are your friends like?

Follow-up: Which person in your group of friends is the funniest?

Follow-up: What makes her so funny?


Question: What do you do for fun?

Follow-up: What do you like most about it?

Follow-up: Where is the best place to do XYZ?


Question: Do you have somewhere you want to travel?

Follow-up: Why do you want to go there?

Follow-up: Where is the best place you’ve been to so far and why?


Question: Where is your favorite restaurant?

Follow-up: What’s the best dish there?

You can see the pattern. Ask open-ended questions to get her talking about herself. The more you know, the better relationship you can build. Imagine the joy and gratitude she will feel when you surprise her with dinner at her favorite restaurant or remember the music she likes best!


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