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What Women Wish Men Knew (6 Myths We've Busted)

Women like her wish men knew which are myths and which aren't

You’ve heard it in the movies: Women are enigmas. They are mysteries that can never be solved. Men can never, ever possibly understand women at all. That is nonsense, pure and simple. It's just that a lot of guys can be pretty misguided, so we've come up with a list of things women wish men knew.

Yes, women and men are wired differently and often don’t have the same thought processes. But when it comes down to it, most women and men want the same thing. To be loved, to be respected and to be happy.

So, if you’re one of those guys whose dad told him that he’d never understand women, (so why try), this video is for you. Get ready to hear six of the biggest myths about women and why they are so wrong.

What Women Wish Men Knew

There are so many things that women wish men would know. So in case you're fixated on any of the common myths about women, here's your wakeup call.

Myth 1: Hot women won’t date average men

Many men assume because a woman is super hot that she’ll only date a certain type of guy: either a man as hot as she is or a man who’s very successful or has a lot of money.

But women wish men knew that they often want the same things that most other women do. What women want isa confident man they can have fun with. Someone who they can talk to for hours. Someone they can trust. Most of all, someone who cares about them.

You don’t have to look like a GQ model or have a high-profile job to get a woman's attention. In fact, a lot of women aren’t impressed by looks and money because they’ve probably dated guys with all of that before.

Now with that said, being an “average” guy can only get you so far. To boost your confidence and create a healthy, successful mindset when it comes to dating women, we have something that might help: a video course that can improve your dating life. Take the course, and, if you see a beautiful woman you like, you won’t be afraid to approach her. That brings us to our next point:

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Myth 2: Women wish men realized that all good looking women aren't arrogant and bitchy

When a man sees a beautiful woman he’ll often make the decision not to approach her because he assumes she’ll be bitchy or stuck up. She probably thinks she’s way too good for all the younger guys who are into her. You know the kind. The type of woman who will laugh at men or insult them if they have the nerve to try to talk to her. But, nine times out of 10, nothing could be further from the truth!

Just because a woman is drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t mean she isn’t friendly and approachable. In fact, all too often, the hottest women can't get dates while the cute girl-next-door types and more average-looking women always have admirers. And it’s all because men lack the confidence to do more than stare at them.

Remember, many men see beautiful women as intimidating and unapproachable. So, if you actually have the guts to approach a woman who is really hot, she’ll appreciate your confidence. You can get the hot girl with the right approach.

While we can’t guarantee every beautiful woman is going to say “yes” if you ask her out, we can tell you most of them will still appreciate the gesture and, at the very least, respond politely.

So, next time you see a hot woman that you want to meet, don’t let insecurity or pessimism hold you back. You could be missing out on someone really great.

Myth 3: Women prefer wealthy men

Many men assume that just because they’re not pulling in $200K a year, women are less likely to be into to them. This is another complete fallacy that so many dating books have debunked. What is far more important to women is a man who is confident, has strength of character and is stable and dependable. In other words, she wants a man she can count on.

Wealthy men can’t always give women that because the demands of their jobs interfere. And no woman wants to feel a man’s job is more important to him than she is.

So don’t let your bank account stand between you and a relationship with a woman, even if she is successful herself. The qualities that money can’t buy are more important to women than if he has a big house or a fancy car.

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Myth 4. Women always go for the same type of man

A woman may have a certain type of man that gets her attention. But doesn’t mean she will only date men who are like that. For instance, a woman may find tall, muscular men attractive but, that doesn’t mean she’ll date any guy who looks like that. In fact, most women will date any man with game. Men often mistake having game with pick up lines.

Having game, however, is all about being confident in yourself as well as comfortable in her presence. You don’t have to be the funniest guy in the room, or the best looking.

It’s about making eye contact in a natural way and being at ease with her and yourself. In other words, all a man really needs to attract a woman is the ability to approach her with confidence and engage and keep her interest. Those are the type of men women like, regardless of looks, bank account or success.

So forget about that man she was ogling or what her last boyfriend was like. None of that matters. Show her you’ve got game and she might soon start flirting with you.

Myth 5: Women expect guys to agree with them

So many women wish that men know just how okay disagreeing is. Many men believe that they have to agree with everything a woman says if they want to sleep with her. This is total nonsense.

When you just agree with everything she says, you’re concealing who you are: your identity, your opinions and everything that makes you interesting as a person.  Super agreeable guys, also known as “nice guys” always get put into the friend zone.

So stop agreeing with women just to be agreeable. It’s OK to agree with her when you genuinely feel the same as she does. But women also like a little challenge and the occasional debate. So speak up and she'll definitely be thinking about you.

The key to being successful with any woman is not liking all of the same things. It’s about finding an emotional connection. If you can talk about your passions, your goals and your beliefs. This will forge a much stronger connection than agreeing on trivial things.

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Myth 6: Women always want commitment

If you approach a woman thinking she instantly wants a relationship, you may just ruin any chance you had of being with her. Women aren't always after a relationship.

In fact, a lot of women in their mid-30s, 40s and early 50s have children from a previous marriage or relationship and their primary focus is on them, at least initially. Most women with kids aren’t willing to rush into another commitment because they want to get to know the guy they’re seeing before introducing him to her kids.

If you approach a woman with the goal of making her your girlfriend, that probably isn’t going to fly. Not only because she is cautious about introducing men to her kids, but also because she doesn’t want to be a quick fix to fill a void in your life. You can get the girl because you have an emotional and physical connection together, not because you’re lonely or want a pillow pal.

A Final Word on What Women Wish Men Knew

We know that men aren't mind readers. Some are simply ignorant about the way women think. A lot of men don't have female friends to teach them. Some also rely heavily on pickup artists and pop culture to learn about women. But that's okay as long as you know how to change your mindset.

With these 6 myths about women debunked, you're now better equipped to approach women and talk to them. You now know that not all hot women are arrogant and that not all of them want marriage and kids right away. They're no longer these mysterious beings that you have to decode. You're now one step closer to becoming a man that women wish they know!


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