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What Women Want in a Man (And It Isn’t Just Your Money!)

He's a man who knows what women want

There will always be gold diggers who are out to land a man — any man — with a fat billfold. This is the type of woman who is out to snag a rich boyfriend or husband so she can live a life of luxury. Luckily, this type of woman is the exception to the rule. So, if you want to attract a woman who isn’t shallow and doesn’t care about your financial status, there are a few things you’ll need to know about what women want.

All too often, guys assume they can’t get the woman of their dreams because they don’t have a lot of money or a high-profile job. That is simply not true.

You see, there are certain qualities that are far more important to women than money. So get ready to learn how you can impress any woman, anywhere.

1. Confidence is one of the most common things women want in a man

While it may seem like wealthy, successful men can have their pick when it comes to women, that’s not the whole story. Most women are attracted to confidence. And many women make the mistake of assuming all wealthy, successful men are confident in who they are as a person.

As soon as it becomes apparent that a guy is relying on his financial or social status to impress people, that becomes a deal-breaker for most women, no matter how rich he is.

Women like men with self-assurance. The kind of man who’s not afraid to walk up to her and strike up a conversation. A man who’s not afraid to look her in the eye. A man who’s not afraid to say what he wants.

If confidence doesn’t come naturally to you, you can definitely fake it. Take your inspiration from James Bond. He was never hurried in his speech and he always stood tall with his shoulders back and looked women in the eye. He wasn’t afraid to let a woman know what he wanted in a subtle way and he never, ever made excuses. Now if acting like James Bond seems like a long shot, we have an easier solution.

What Women Want in a Man (And It Isn’t Just Your Money!)

2. Women adore strength of character

Confidence alone might catch a woman’s interest, but it isn’t enough to hold it. Women like men who are not only confident but men who command respect.

You can be as wealthy as Bill Gates, but if you don’t have the strength of character to make people respect you, you won’t hold a lady’s attention for very long. Now, it’s important to realize that commanding respect isn’t done by being a bully or overly serious. Whether you make $50K a year or $500K, you can command respect. It’s all about the way you present yourself to the world.

Whether you’re successful and rich, you don’t apologize for it or boast about it. It’s simply a fact. And, when you do receive compliments or praise, you respond graciously.

If you’re pulling in a more average salary, you don’t let that make you feel like you have any less worth as a man than someone making six figures. You’re confident in who you are no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Lastly, to command respect, you must first respect yourself. Know who you are--strengths, shortcomings and all. Appreciate who you are and what you can offer to the women you want to date.

3. We can't resist an unapologetic nature

And that brings us to our next point. Don’t apologize for who you are or what you believe. When you speak apologetically about your choices, goals or opinions, you come off as insecure and unsure of yourself. And that’s a major turn-off for women. If you’re speaking with a woman and you happen to disagree on a topic, don’t apologize for it. Disagreement can lead to a lively debate and can even spark flirtation.

If you’re engaged in banter, never add “just kidding” to the end of your joke. You may say you’re “just joking,” but what a woman will hear is “please, don’t be mad at me” or “please like me.”

Instead, you can say that you’ll agree to disagree or that you see your point. No woman wants a man whose opinion is easily swayed by a little banter! You want to get her to think about you, and the best way to do that is to be unapologetically you.

Remember, apologizing doesn’t send a message of strength. It diminishes you. So save saying sorry for the times when you are actually in the wrong about something.

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4. Women want a man who is consistent

Consistency is key in attracting women. All the top dating books will agree. If your confidence or personality lacks consistency, you won’t be able to generate respect no matter how successful you are.

In other words, don’t put on a persona when you meet or start dating a woman and then, once you’ve hooked her, revert back to your usual behavior. This is immensely unfair to her because she came to expect certain things or behaviors from you. But now she’s left feeling disappointed that the guy she fell for isn’t who she thought he was. And you know how that will end. It means you lose her.

Instead, be a man she can count on. Show her that you are consistent in your values, attitudes and behavior. But, most importantly, show her that you will always be there for her. This matters more to women than almost any other trait. When she knows that you’re a man of your word, a man she can trust and count on, she won’t want to let you go.

5. Certainty is sexy

Certainty is all about knowing who you are and what your worth is as a person. Women wish men knew this and acted on it. It has nothing to do with how much money you have or if you have a high-profile job. A man with certainty can walk into a room and make an impression just by being his authentic self. He doesn’t need to rely on his success or his wealth to command respect. It’s also about being unwavering is what he wants and going for it.

Guys, listen up, absolutely nothing is more unattractive to a woman than a man who doesn’t know his own mind. A grown man should know who he is and what he wants in life. He should have goals that he’s striving toward. He should be unafraid to voice his opinions.

Women are immensely attracted to a man who shows this kind of certainty. So, be certain in your words and your actions if you truly want to impress her.

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When you possess these five attributes as a man, you’ll be far better equipped to get the woman you want — even gorgeous, sophisticated women who know exactly what they want in a man.

So be confident, command respect, never apologize for who you are, be consistent in life and relationships, and know your own mind. When you possess these qualities, you’ll have no trouble attracting women.

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