Talking and Conversation

How to have great conversations with women and continuously attract them. We cover what to talk about with women in many situations, great questions to ask, and how to keep them engaged in your conversation.

Starting to notice the talking stage red flags
The 10 Red Flags During the Talking Stage of a Relationship

Have you been having a good time talking to someone recently? You get butterflies talking to them and...

Giving her butterflies by flirting with her
10 Tips on How To Give a Girl Butterflies She Can’t Resist

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Talking to a guy who sent funny text to get her attention
37 Funny Texts to Get Her Attention and Make Her Want You

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A hot woman receiving a flirty good morning text
40 Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her to Keep You on Her Mind

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Asking new relationship questions
New Relationship Questions: What to Ask Her First

Are you seeing a new girl right now, and you feel she's the one--but you're not 100% sure?...

He's trying to handle the silent treatment with dignity
How to Handle the Silent Treatment with Dignity

Does your partner sometimes give you the silent treatment and you’re wondering how to handle it with dignity?...

He's asking ice breaker questions to keep her captivated
These Are The 13 Ice Breaker Questions That Work Well For Guys

If you're just getting to know each other or your date is shy, it’s helpful to have ice...

A guy who is really good at talking to girls
How to Talk to Girls in 2024 - With Examples For Men

She's your ideal girl and you feel nervous... you stutter on your words and you finally screw it...

She knows how to reject someone politely
How to Reject Someone When You're Not Interested in 2024

It's impossible to create and maintain relationships with everyone we cross paths with. True, being rejected is a...

He's asking her existential questions to really get to know her
30+ Existential Questions To Create Meaningful Conversations

Existential questions are a great tool to make a conversation deeper and more meaningful. Deep down, most of...

He's asking some fun hypothetical questions to get to know her better
30 Hypothetical Questions to Ask On A Date That Crush

It’s a great idea to ask funny hypothetical questions on a first date. Good hypothetical questions help to...

He knows some of the best things to ask a girl you just met
6 Perfect Things to Ask a Girl You Just Met and How to Ask Them Correctly

You’re talking to this girl you approached at a bar or met through your friend group. You’re telling...

How to be a smooth talker like him and attract more women
The Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming a Smooth Talker: Be The Man Women Love

Every man should learn how to be a smooth talker. There are many perks to it that you...

He's asking her some fun first date questions
The Best First Date Questions Dating Experts Recommend For Great Conversations

Few things are as nerve-racking as going on the first date with someone you like. You’re both a...

Making her laugh with some "would you rather" questions for women to ask their boyfriend
Top 50 "Would You Rather" Questions for Women to Ask Their Boyfriend

A “would you rather” question can add some spice to any conversation with your boyfriend. On top of...

He knows some questions to ask your crush to make her smile
The Top 50 Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Crush You Must Try

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He's trying out some cute things to say to your crush
50 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Will Make Them Like You Even More

Man or woman, if you have a crush on someone who’s single, you don’t want to keep it...

Couple in a cafe laughing about the things to talk about with your crush
50 Things To Talk About With Your Crush That Bring You Together

One of the biggest joys of life is getting to know your crush on a deeper level. And...

He knows the right "would you rather" questions to ask your girlfriend
Top 50 "Would You Rather" Questions for Guys to Ask Their Girlfriend

“Would you rather” questions are great ways to spice up a conversation with your girlfriend while simultaneously getting...

Hot girl giving signs she wants to talk to you
5 Clear Signs She Wants to Talk to You (And What You Should Do)

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She knows exactly what to talk about with a guy to keep him interested
What to Talk About with a Guy: 10 Tips to Hold His Interest

“Men are easy. All they want is sex.” It’s an old trope we hear repeated so often we...

A couple asking each other funny questions
400 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl (The Best Options For Guys)

Hands down one of the easiest ways to keep a conversation going is to ask questions. It’s simple...

Starting a conversation with deep questions to ask a girl
The Deep Questions to Ask a Girl Every Guy Needs to Ask

A handsome face and bulging biceps are all well and good, but what a girl ultimately wants, is...

He knows some good questions to ask to get to know someone
10 Good Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone Better

Don’t you just hate the awkward silence on a date when the conversation stalls? You know, those times...

He's telling her one of the sweet things to say to a girl to make her smile
The Sweet Things to Say to a Girl That Can Bring Her Closer to You

If you’re looking for ideas of sweet things to say to a girl, you’re in the right place....

Woman asking questions to a guy she likes
7 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like and Spark Attraction

There’s no better way to get to know someone than by asking questions. But did you know that...

Woman intrigued by the deep topics he wants to talk about
8 Deep Topics To Talk About That Will Help You Get To Know Your Date

If you want to get to know a woman deeply, then you’ll need some deep topics to talk...

A man who knows how to be a good conversationalist with his date
How to Be a Good Conversationalist in 8 Easy Steps

Let’s face it; most men wondering how to be a good conversationalist do so because they want to...

Woman chatting with a man who has learned how to get a girl to talk to you
How To Get A Girl To Talk To You – 6 Tips For Shy Guys

If you don’t have much experience talking with women, the idea of approaching a girl can be daunting....

A guy who knows how to keep a conversation going
How to Keep a Conversation Going by Keeping Her Interested (For Men)

Having great conversation skills isn’t just important for your dating life. Learning how to keep a conversation going...

The type of woman who texts hit me up
What Does 'Hit Me Up' Mean From A Woman You Are Interested In

So what does “hit me up” mean when you hear it from a woman you’re interested in? I’ll...

Learn the best techniques for how to talk to a woman at a bar without screwing it up
How To Talk To Girls At Bars And Get Them Interested In You Every Time

The generally accepted wisdom on bars and clubs is they are the ideal place to pick up women....

Get your caffeine fix and learn how to start a conversation with women at a coffee shop
How To Effortlessly Start A Conversation In Coffee Shops With Hot Women

When it comes to flirting and making new contacts with women, the coffee shop can be just as...

Knowing what girls like to talk about is half the battle. Learn how to hold a conversation with a women.
What Girls Like To Talk About That Guys Need To Know (But Don't)

One of the big themes in dating, even before you get to the dating stage, is knowing what...

A guy with a skateboard starting a conversation with a girl
What To Say To Start A Conversation With A Girl With Ease

It’ll be no great surprise to learn, if you want to get to know a woman, you’ll need...

Guy talking to a girl he likes
What To Talk About With A Girl You Like That Will Actually Attract Her

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Attractive girl laughing hard
Full Guide To Making A Girl Laugh And Smile (Examples)

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questions to ask a girl to get to know her
19 Questions To Ask A Girl To Get To Know That Will Get Her Interested In You

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Get An Older Woman Interested In You
How To Talk To Older Women: 10 Topics To Get An Older Woman Interested In You

While the fundamentals don’t change, there are a few differences when you’re learning how to talk to older...

Make her smile like this when you know what to say to a girl you like
What To Say To A Girl You Like And Build Attraction

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He knows some good questions to ask a girl and make her laugh
360 Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl (Proven To Build Attraction in 2024)

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Learning How to Talk to Older Women like this is vital
7 Vital Steps When Learning How to Talk to Older Women

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What are the best compliments to give a girl that will make her smile like this?
The 10 Best Compliments To Give a Girl That Work

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