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40 Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her to Keep You on Her Mind

A hot woman receiving a flirty good morning text

You want to flirt with her, but you have no idea how. Flirtation doesn’t come naturally to most people, and that’s okay. It’s usually just a matter of knowing what to say and then following through. The best way to start is by trying one of these 40 flirty good morning texts for her that will keep you on her mind all day long.

Flirting is an artform, and very few men know how to flirt with women effortlessly and without appearing needy. It’s not just about Googling “cute flirty good morning texts for her” and then passing them to a woman. You must learn how to text women and spike their emotions using just a few words.

The good news?

In this guide, I will show you how to send cute good morning texts to women like a pro without sounding needy. The first section will cover the best flirty good morning texts for her (if she’s already your girlfriend or wife) and the second section will list a bunch of non-sleazy cute good morning texts for her (if she’s a girl you just met or someone you have a crush on).

Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her

Before you get started, you should brush up on our guide on how to flirt with a woman over text. That way you won’t feel awkward when she responds but you have no idea what to say.

Flirting has so many emotional and health benefits. When done right, it can make a woman feel special and wanted. Women enjoy attention when it comes from the right guy and, even if she doesn’t know you that much, a proper flirt may spark her interest in you, because a guy who knows how to flirt is a guy who’s been with a lot of women and knows how to please them.

Women are also bombarded with male attention almost everywhere. Almost all hot Western women have admirers lurking in their Snapchat and Instagram DMs. Those orbiters or fans are waiting for the right moment to shower your woman with attention and take her from you, so unless you feel her innate need for feeling wanted and desired, she will get bored and look outside the relationship for someone else to fill that void.

Finally, sending flirty good morning texts to your woman – even if she’s in the same room with you – creates more intimacy and lust. A man’s libido spikes in the morning due to the excessive production of testosterone (hence comes the morning wood). By using flirting as a stimulation tool, you can easily put your woman in the right mood for sex with just a few flirty words, even if sent via text.

Below, I will share with you some of the best flirty good morning texts for her. The key is to be a bit teasing when you speak to her. Being hopelessly romantic is many times, a huge turn-off to women. She still wants a strong man you know. And being super emotional, even while flirting, isn’t the best thing you should do.

The solution?

Throw a tease in the middle of your text. This is what dating coaches call “a push-pull,” or a backhanded compliment. With one hand you compliment a girl and with the other, you spank her with a little, unoffending tease. Women love this uncanny attitude from you as it shows them that you have no problem being bold with a woman.

So, what can we conclude from all this?

Don’t be overly romantic when flirting with a girl and if you do, don’t overdo it. And, if you don’t know how here are a bunch of flirty good morning texts for her that you can copy and use:

A sexy woman flirting in the morning via text

Do you ever get lonely in the morning? Send me 50 bucks and I may spoon you.

This is a good example of a subtle tease. On one hand, you want to spoon her and on the other, you won’t do this for free. She has to provide something first.

Do you believe in love at first text, or should I text you again?

This one you can send to a girl you’ve been with for a while who already knows that you love her. Rather than just saying “I love you” you mess with her a little and give her a question to answer.

I’ve had so many naughty thoughts about you today. But you need to work a little on your techniques 😛

This is the perfect tease. You’re yearning for her, and you’re bold about it. And you’re also implying that she isn’t perfect. You’re assuming that she’s the one chasing you and that, in order to get you, she needs to fix something about herself (in this case, her bedroom skills) so she can fully please you.

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You know what…. It bothers me that I'm attracted to you.

Same as the first example. You clearly like her, but something about her annoys you which can raise questions in her mind.

I know what you're thinking about right now, but I won’t let you

This isn’t a flirt in it itself, but rather a window for turning the conversation into something naughty like, for example, accusing her of having wild dreams about you.

I promise you I’ll always be by your side. Well, except when I’m underneath you

Here is a good way to soften a romantic flirt and turn it into something naughty.

Despite the eye crust, you have one of the hottest eyes I’ve ever seen

A little bit iffy but does the job pretty well. Here, you’re highlighting her imperfections and telling her that you like her despite them which makes it look like you don’t put women on pedestals.

What did Dwayne Johnson tell his post-workout shake?

Her: What?

You: I want you so bad

Sparking her curiosity while telling her how badly you want her is another good flirting technique.

Hey, what phone are you using? Bet it will look good on my nightstand

Another naughty way of flirting with her over text.

Two things rose for you this morning, one is the sun and... 😉

Well. You know what this means.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Her

Waking up to a flirty message

Now, what if you’re not dating yet?

What if you met her on Tinder and you’re still building some chemistry?

Or, what if she’s your crush, and you’re still building the courage to ask her out, or you want to flirt with her without coming off too strong?

In this case, you can’t just confess your emotions or tell her “God, I wish I see this face next to me every morning.” That’s a big turn-off. Women are more like cats; you don’t pamper them for affection. You just spark her interest and let her come after you. The worst thing to do to a woman you like is to deny her the thrill of the chase.

The solution?

No flirty good morning texts for her until she becomes your girl.

No “I was dreaming of you all night long,” or “You’re the best part of my morning”

Tease her instead. Say something to make her laugh while still implying that you’re not that much of a fan, and let the chemistry build between you too.

What most men think when they send a romantic text is “She must be happy someone cares about her this much.” In reality, what most women think is “Ick. Too needy” or “He must have never been with women my type before.”

Women know that the guys who have it don’t send hopeless romantic messages early on. So, don’t give it to her too early or send her something that makes her think that you can’t see anyone in the world but her because, even if you do, it will turn her off and make her think less of you. What you should send her is something like the following messages:

The serious, not-so-serious question

You at 7 am: I'm asking you to do something I've never asked anyone before…

Her: What?

You: Have you seen my toothbrush?

This lite banter isn’t the most flirtatious but it’s definitely one of the best good morning texts for her. It sparks her curiosity and shows her your fun side while also implying that you’re subtly interested in her. If not, then what makes you text her that early. Make sure you don’t overuse this type of text though as it can make you look silly and immature.

On a scale from “I wish I slept earlier” to “Who said women need to work”, how’s your morning?

This is my favorite text for asking a girl how she’s doing without being boring. Just type “on a scale from” then write anything hilarious. For example: “On a scale from Donald Trump’s bad hair to Johnny Depp’s rings, how bad is your day?”

From 0 to 50….


How many good mornings did you get today?

Again, questions work better than just plain texts.

I’m dropping this to say "good morning" and let you know that I think you're the 547th cutest girl I’ve met (don’t hate me, LOL)

This implies that you’ve been with many girls before which may make her think differently about you. You can also send this text after a good first date or a first kiss or if she gets cocky about being good-looking and you want to tame her a bit.

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You must be tired from staying up all night thinking about me + Emoji/GIF

Similar to the last one. This one will work better if you two had a good encounter earlier where she felt slightly attracted around you. A bit lame but still shows how confident you feel about yourself.

I'm looking at your photos on Facebook and thinking about what it would be like to see you with no makeup :p

Some girls will reply back with a fresh photo or a live video if they really like you.

More Flirty Morning Texts for Her

Flirting with her via text in the morning

You get the gist of how to get flirty with her in the morning now. So here are a few more cute good morning texts that will have her feeling giddy all day. Send her one of these and you can bet she'll be looking forward to your good morning messages every day.

  • I saw you in my dream last night… but without those ugly pajamas
  • How about we start the day with a cup of coffee, and end it with a cup of you?
  • It looks like you're running late…Hate you 😛
  • I'm sorry, but I don't have time to explain why I miss you right now
  • You remind me of my morning coffee...ready to go and hot
  • Girl, you're so hot, it's like discovering fire all over again…. Morning 😛
  • Not sure what you’re wearing but I bet you smell like sunshine and sex right now
  • You're a lot like my favorite breakfast food… delicious and juicy!
  • The only argument I want to have with you right now is whether you're a big spoon or little spoon
  • If you were an apple, I'd be biting into you right now
  • It's 8 AM and all I want is coffee and YOU!
  • Yo! It's about time for your wake-up call 😉
  • You’re so beautiful right now it hurts my heart… Morning!
  • How do you like your coffee? Cream, sugar, or me?
  • If I'm your alarm clock, and you hit the snooze button then we can go back to sleep together!
  • You look like sunshine and hot coffee wrapped up in a beautiful package this morning
  • I like your style right now…. You’re not wearing anything right (wink)
  • Those pajamas look great on you, but they would look even better on my floor
  • Is that the sunrise or are you just happy to see me?
  • If you were a morning juice, you’d be fine-apple
  • You're like my hot cup of coffee… every time I see your pretty face, it makes me smile
  • Good morning to my favorite person in the world: Me!
  • Are your feet tired from walking around in my imagination last night?
  • If you had a flower for each time I thought of you, I could walk through YOUR bushes forever + Wink emoji

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