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5 Clear Signs She Wants to Talk to You (And What You Should Do)

Hot girl giving signs she wants to talk to you

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, a date or a fling, you probably spend a lot of time wondering when and how to approach them — and if your attention will even be welcome. So I’ll be teaching you the five signs she wants to talk to you.

Unless you’re an ultra-smooth and experienced ladies man, you probably suffer from at least a little bit of approach anxiety. No guy wants to approach a woman only to be rejected.

Unfortunately, the onus is usually on the man to make a move — and that’s because women are just as afraid of rejection.

That doesn’t mean women sit passively by hoping the guy they like will notice them, however. A girl will always give non-verbal signals to you if she wants you to approach her. Some signs are subtle and some are more obvious, but they all mean one thing: if you receive any of them, the lady is into you.

5 Signs She Wants to Talk to You

Now, let’s get started with the five top signs a woman wants to talk to you. Keep in mind that these are body language signs, so keep your eyes open!

Sign 1: Open body language

If a woman is interested in you, she’ll make sure to either fully or partially turn her body toward you. This is a sign of openness toward you.

If her back is to you and she makes no effort to face your direction, this is closed body language. It can mean that she hasn’t noticed you yet, isn’t looking to meet anyone or simply isn’t interested in you.

So the next time you notice a woman you’d like to meet, pay attention to if she is giving you open or closed body language. If it’s open, you can approach her and start a conversation with far more confidence.

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Sign 2: The Mona Lisa Gaze

Unlike direct eye contact, the Mona Lisa gaze means she’s consistently looking in your direction but isn’t meeting your eyes — yet. This is a subtle signal women give when they’re trying to determine if you might be into them. It's also a pretty spot-on sign that she wants to talk to you, particularly if you catch her doing it several times.

She’s looking in your direction to make sure you notice her — and to see how you react when you do. She’ll avoid direct eye contact with you until she believes you feel the same attraction that she does.

So if you notice a woman constantly looking in your direction, make sure she knows you’re into her too by making eye contact. Once your eyes lock, head on over to take your exchange to the next level with your arsenal of topics to talk about.

Now if you feel like you can’t pull that off with confidence, you can try our video course to teach you how to approach a woman with confidence and with less risk of rejection.

Sign 3: She wants to talk to you if she flips her hair

How a girl flips her hair will vary. But if she’s touching or playing with her hair while looking your way, this is a pretty sure sign that she wants you to notice her.

It could be an actual hair flip. She could shake it off of her shoulders or tousle it to one side. She may even run her fingers through it or twirl a piece around her finger. Regardless of how she does it, it means you should get over there and talk to her on the double. It doesn't matter if you're not a good conversationalist yet.

The hair flip is easily one of the best ways to see if a woman wants you to look her way. They do this at bars, in coffee shops, at the mall and wherever women hang out. But if you’re not sure where you should go to meet women, try the places we’ve listed in our article above. They’re surefire spots to meet women!

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Sign 4: The look and look away

We’re not saying that every woman whose eyes briefly meet yours is into you. But if she’s exhibited any of the other signs and then locks eyes with you, smiles and then looks away, she’s all but ordering you to come talk to her. This classic flirtatious move is a bid to heighten sexual tension and attraction. It's also one of the easiest ways to tell if a girl wants to talk to you.

A woman isn’t the only one who can pull this off though. If you catch a woman’s eyes on you, meet them, smile naturally and then glance away briefly. Then look back at her, wait for eye contact and smile again. This never fails to make a few sparks fly between you.

No matter which way it happens, once the look and look away happens, you need to make the approach so you don’t lose momentum.

Sign 5: She makes an effort to be near you

If a woman is always close by, although not close enough for an intimate conversation. She may be trying to get your attention. You may notice that she consistently seems to be in your vicinity, that you’re seeing her repeatedly or that she’s subtly following you. Among girls who are pretty shy, this is a common sign she wants to talk to you.

If she’s bold she may even brush against you or bump into you. Now, if you’re in a crowded bar or club, you may not want to read too much into this. But if there’s lots of room and she is still making contact, it’s a major sign that she wants you to notice her.

Remember, a girl who’s not into you won’t make an effort to stay close. So, next time you spot a woman who always seems to be nearby, it’s a definite sign that she wants you to make a move. You can look out for this if you want to talk to a woman in a coffee shop.

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What to Do When You See the Signs She Wants to Talk to You

Now that you know she wants you to approach her, it’s important to do it right. Don’t come up with a cheesy line or tell her she’s hot.

Keep it simple and real. Say hi, introduce yourself and hold out your hand to shake hers. Once she puts her hand in yours, hold it gently and firmly for three seconds before releasing it. And don’t forget to smile.

Once the introductions are over, ask some easy questions. Make sure they don’t require a simple yes or no answer to get the conversation rolling. You can also make a friendly comment about her drink or the event you’re both attending. Remember, you know she’s already at least a little into you. So she’ll be open to a conversation and maybe something more flirty later on where you can progress to deeper conversation topics.

Now that you know the signs she wants to talk to you, you can approach women with confidence and the knowledge that she’s just as interested as you are. By following our tips, every approach you make can be a success.


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