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New Relationship Questions: What to Ask Her First

Asking new relationship questions

Are you seeing a new girl right now, and you feel she's the one--but you're not 100% sure? As it turns out, it's a good thing you're hesitating. You may not have asked her the most critical new relationship questions yet.

Nothing's worse than starting a great relationship only to realize you're not compatible later. You might have experienced that in the past--what started out as a fun, exciting relationship quickly turned sour, and it got worse and worse until it ended.

This article will help you make sure you don't get disappointed like that. You're about to learn more than 10 questions to ask her before you make things official.

New Relationship Questions You Should Be Asking

At the bare minimum, these are the questions for a new relationship to ask her before getting into a serious relationship with her:

What are your relationship goals?

Asking a woman what her relationship goals are is essential before getting into a relationship. Doing so lets you ensure that your expectations and desires for the relationship align. After all, you have your standards- stick to them!

When you know what she wants and needs in a relationship, you can ask yourself: Do I want the same things? Or am I being forced to compromise here?

If there's too big of a disconnect between your goals and hers, it may be wise to wait before getting into a relationship. Keep meeting other women until you meet ones whose standards line up with yours.

What are your thoughts on marriage and children?

A newly married couple

When considering getting into a serious relationship with a woman, it's essential to know her thoughts on marriage and children. These are two of the most significant decisions couples can make together, so you must be on the same page for the relationship to work. It will help ensure that you're both prepared for what lies ahead.

Knowing her thoughts on marriage and children also helps you understand how she views commitment and family life. If she has different ideas than you about either topic, it could mean trouble down the line. Understand that women are faced with the difficult choice of family vs. career all the time, so do be considerate when you ask her this.

What are your deal-breakers in a boyfriend?

Before getting into a relationship with her, it is essential to ask a woman what her deal-breakers in a boyfriend are. Knowing her boundaries and expectations can help save you from potential heartache.

Take note, though, not to be offended if she says she doesn't like deadbeat men (or men who don't have stable incomes). Women have historically listed a man's socioeconomic status as a leading consideration when choosing potential partners.

What are your thoughts on religion and spirituality?

When considering getting into a serious relationship with a woman, asking her questions about religion and spirituality is important. This is because religion and spirituality will play an essential role in your relationship. Being on the same page regarding spiritual and religious issues has long predicted stronger, happier long-term relationships.

Meanwhile, having different views on religion or spirituality can lead to conflict. If one of you is more religiously inclined than the other, they might disagree on how much time should be devoted to religious activities. Furthermore, having different ideas about "moral behavior" could lead to disagreements over significant life decisions and stands on contentious social issues.

If you're a religious or spiritual guy, it's also essential to know the effects of your spirituality on your future kids. It's been found that adolescents who regularly attend religious services with their parents feel greater well-being than those who don't.

What are your thoughts on finances and money?

Money is a sensitive topic for many people, and it's essential to discuss when getting into a relationship. Knowing how she handles financial issues such as budgeting, saving, and investing is critical. If she has different ideas than you do on how best to manage your money, tensions can arise over time - especially when it comes time for major decisions like buying a house or having children.

Furthermore, it's good to be aware of any debt or credit problems that may exist so that they don't become an issue later down the road. Additionally, knowing what kind of lifestyle she prefers can tell you if there is enough room in the budget for fun activities together while still being able to save up for future events like retirement or college tuition payments. All these points should be discussed openly before entering into a serious commitment with someone new.

Money questions are always good questions to ask in a new relationship–so much so that we strongly recommend talking it over before you start dating.

What is the most important thing to you in a relationship?

Asking a woman what she thinks is important in a relationship is yet another essential step. Understanding what matters to her in a relationship will let you better appreciate her values and see if your personalities are compatible.

For example, if she emphasizes loyalty, she'll likely watch your commitment closely throughout your relationship. Similarly, if security is of utmost importance to her, she'll want reassurance from you regularly about where things stand between you.

According to research published by Healthline, understanding each other's needs and desires is essential for developing intimate relationships. By asking this question early on, you give yourselves greater clarity regarding your individual value systems, letting you make better decisions moving forward.

Are you ready to settle down, or do you want to keep playing the field?

Using dating apps because he's not ready to settle down

When considering getting into a serious relationship with a woman, it's important to know: is she ready to settle down, or does she want to keep playing the field? Asking this question early on can help you understand her goals and expectations and give you a glimpse into her dating life.

Knowing if she’s hesitant about settling down, before committing yourself too deeply is a good idea. For example, if she wants more freedom or doesn't feel ready for marriage yet, it's better to let her live her life the way she wants instead of pressuring her to change her mind.

On the other hand, if you're both not ready to commit, that's still good--you can be friends, activity partners, or friends with benefits if you're both inclined. For those of you who are still playing the field and want to meet more people, we have an extensive list of the best hookup apps and sites that you might want to try.

Cute Questions for a New Relationship

You've just gone through seven crucial questions to ask a woman before starting a new relationship. These questions will ensure you're not about to make a mistake you'll regret for the next several years.

Now, let's lighten things up and talk about cute new relationship questions to ask her. These questions are for when you've already decided she'll be a good girlfriend, and you want to break the ice, spice things up, and build excitement for a good relationship that's about to happen.

How do you feel about public displays of affection?

Public displays of affection can be exciting and fun ways to show your love and appreciation for your special someone--but it's not for everyone. And as thrilling as it might be when you're just starting a new relationship, it might be a bit too much for her.

For instance, she might like the idea of holding hands in public, but she might draw the line on kissing. Understanding her stance on PDA will help you set the right expectations for each other.

Please note that while PDA will make you happier as a couple, it might actually make the two of you less likable. Something to consider if you value the opinions of your immediate circle.

How do you feel about spending time with family and friends when in a relationship?

One fun thing that couples should discuss early is the time spent with family and friends. Does she value close relationships with her extended family members and frequent gatherings with friends? If so, should they become part of your routine as well?

Talking openly about this topic makes it easier for couples to establish who gets invited on trips or activities together. You may be surprised that she doesn't like specific family members and would rather not see them around.

Do you like to be surprised, or do you prefer to know what to expect?

A surprise gift

Another cute question you can ask your future girlfriend is whether she likes surprises or prefers to know what to expect. If she likes surprises, you can tease her: "Okay, get ready for surprises, then," without explaining further.

Meanwhile, if she says she'd rather know what to expect, it should signal that she doesn't like surprises and that open communication is essential to her.

Are you comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions, or do you prefer to keep them to yourself?

Asking this fun question is an exciting way to see how upfront and trusting she is. If she's comfortable sharing her thoughts and emotions, then you'll be well-guided on how she wants to be treated--although it's important to know how to read between her lines.

Questions about feelings are likewise good questions to ask in a new relationship. Love is, after all, a complicated emotion, and it’s important to be on the same page with your potential lifelong partner.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Ask her what she thinks is the perfect date. She'll gladly give you some ideas on where to take her. You can even tweak those ideas and surprise her with a new twist.

The great thing about this question is that it can branch to deeper questions: "What is your idea of a perfect relationship?" "What is your idea of a perfect marriage?" When you're sure you'll be dating each other exclusively, the answers to these questions will help you set the right expectations.

Do you have any close friends or family that I should know about?

This is a cheeky question because most women won't introduce a man to their friends and family unless they've fallen in love with him. And when you ask her this question, and she readily gives you a few names, you can be sure how she really feels about you.

And there you have it--new relationship questions to ask a girl first before you start dating exclusively. Her answers will tell you if she's not worth it... or if she's someone you should never let go of. Good luck!

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