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Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

Do older women like younger men - main

This is one question that gets a resounding yes from me. I’ve dated men much younger than myself for a number of years before settling down and marrying one of them. (My husband happens to be 12 years younger than I am). That’s right; I'm unofficially a "cradle snatcher" and apparently a cougar to boot.

Does it bother me? Heck, no! In fact, I’m proud of the fact I could interest a guy so much younger than myself. And a rather good-looking one at that.

So, do older women like younger men? Yes, they do — even though most don't want to admit it!

Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

If my dating history and friends are anything to go by, it’s a definite yes. As for why, that’s what we’ll be getting into today.

The fact is, with so many great dating apps and websites at our fingertips today, dating younger is easier than ever. Finding someone in a different age group is as simple as moving a slider in your preferred app and swiping!

I’ve put together a list of the top eight answers of "do older women like younger men." Even better, I offer some advice on how to go about winning her over.

It's an ego boost

This is one we see a lot when spending time in our favorite places to meet single older women. Being seen in the company of a virile young man does wonders for the ego. It assures her the efforts she puts in to taking care of herself and looking her best has paid off.

She doesn't need you for security and she doesn't want you for your money. She just wants a younger man who makes her feel good about herself.

Dating an older woman can be more fun than you ever imagined. Good looks and ego aside, the two of you may find you have a ton of common interests. Especially if she has a young mindset and enjoys doing the same things as you.

On the flip side, this is also the case with women who like older men. It's an ego boost for many women to be with a guy who's more mature and worldly.

She craves excitement

Dating younger men can be so exciting. The energy levels and need for adventure make for such a different dynamic. Younger men will typically be at a different stage in their study and careers which gives them very different priorities.

They have the flexibility to be spontaneous and focus on enjoying their life. They aren't yet stuck in a set regiment. When it comes to dating guys in this age range things can feel unpredictable which is a major positive.

For women who prefer younger guys, this is often a major part of the reason why. They find themselves trying new things they never saw themselves doing and find it exhilarating.

Use this to your advantage. Start chatting to older women, plan some exciting adventures together and see where things go!

She's looking for fun

Naturally, with that kind of excitement comes a whole lot of fun. The excitement of a spontaneous midnight adventure turns into the fun of a wild night. This is a big reason why many of the proven spots to pick up single cougars are just fun places to be!

Getting out and doing something new with a younger man can be such a welcome change. Rather than sitting on the couch at home talking about the next meeting at work, she can be out enjoying herself.

It’s a welcome break from the boredom of the day to day and becomes something older single women can look forward to. Every date is unpredictable and she knows she’s going to have such a great time.

Online dating makes it easy

With so many great dating apps and websites available, dating any age range has never been easier. You can find a great review of the Top Cougar Dating Sites here. I personally prefer Cougar Life (you can try them for free with this link and see what I mean).

The nice thing about finding older women through online dating is that not all that much has to change. Sure, there are some subtleties you should pay attention to. (And you can find so much of that advice right here!) But it’s mostly the same.

You don’t have to relearn dating as a whole just because you’re dating older women. Likewise, most women find it easy to find and connect with younger men through these dating apps.

Being older might make her more experienced than you but that doesn’t really change all that much. She’ll probably be more forward and confident but she’s still going to be nervous. Step up, have a conversation and see how things go. You might just be surprised at how smoothly it all goes. The convenience of online dating is one reason more older women are dating younger men.

She's looking to feel young again

Another big factor that makes the idea of dating younger men attractive is the idea of reliving her own youth. Heading out doing new things that men her own age just aren’t likely to be into.

The spontaneity and energy that comes with being seduced by someone younger can make her feel younger too. Especially as she sits around with her friends and discusses what they’re all getting up to for the week.

When she replaces housework and meal prep with new and exciting adventures it can make her feel younger and alive.

She enjoys how younger men think

Older women are more likely to have a well-established career. Which means she isn't looking for a man to take care of her. She just wants to have fun and enjoy herself — something she’s more likely to find with a younger man.

She certainly doesn't need him for financial reasons. She’s also not looking for someone she has to care for. She just wants to have a good time, someone who teases her and makes her laugh. And if the relationship turns into something long-lasting? Then more power to them.

Younger men are less likely to be looking for a long term relationship. Depending on her relationship history, this could be a big enough factor in itself. She may not be looking for something serious right now so younger guys are a safer bet.

She likes how they learn

While you can offer her a lot of fun, excitement and new experiences, the benefits are hardly one-sided.

Her experience counts for something. Chances are, in everything from dating and relationships to bedroom antics, she can teach you a thing or two.

While this might be a turn-off for some women, most enjoy the prospect of someone so fresh. Of being able to explore new things with you for the first time or growing with you.

If she’s a lot more experienced, go ahead and explore this side of the dynamic. Let yourself go and see what you can learn from her. It’ll be so much fun for both of you. And as a worst-case scenario, it still means new skills and knowledge for the future.

She's looking for a fresh take

One unfortunate part of growing older is the change in how we view the world. When we’re young, we tend to be energetic, positive and adventurous. The world is there to be explored and enjoyed, and everything else is a lower priority.

Dating a younger man reminds us of what we’ve lost and how we’ve changed. It reminds us that we’ve become jaded and more focused on our careers than getting out there and actively living. It's what attracts older women to younger men.

After all, what’s the point of being alive if we’re not going to live, right?

This fresh perspective on life can be so invigorating. And it can bring some of that spark back for us too. It can make such a big difference in how we deal with and approach things. It can even changing us for the better, making us more positive and energetic.

Do Older Women Like Younger Men? Of Course!

There you have it! My top 10 answers for "Do older women like younger men and why". I've also offered advice on how to meet these fantastic older women and what to expect once you do. Even how to further the relationship if you both want that! Feeling ready to meet attractive older women? Check out the Top Cougar Dating Sites list for a great place to start.

Remember that in any relationship you get out of it what you are willing to put in. Be honest and sincere if you’re serious about wanting to date an older woman. Get ready for some of the most exciting times in your life!


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