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Why Do Women Like Older Men (How to Use It To Your Advantage)

Why young women like older men

Why do women like older men? Why are women more likely to date an older guy than a younger one? And why would all of this matter if you’re a young man?

Plenty of guys keep asking these age-old questions, so I’ll answer it in depth below to show you how it can help improve your dating life.

Understanding the answer to “why do girls like older guys?” will give you a lot of insight into how women think. It will also show you what women find attractive in older men and how that can help you with your dating life.

Why do women like older men?

One of the biggest reasons women prefer older men to young guys is their maturity. It's like the reverse of why older women like younger men--one gets maturity and the other gets youthful energy.

This isn’t to say that young guys will have much less luck with women. On the contrary, this knowledge will help younger men learn how to appear more mature, thus becoming more appealing to women.

Becoming appealing doesn’t always come naturally. But you can learn more about becoming more appealing to women in this video course that shows you how to approach and attract women right from the start.

But let’s get back to maturity since it encapsulates many different things that you can change about your approach towards women.

Mainly, mature men are more secure in themselves. Women like this because they generally don’t want a guy who’s needy and insecure.

On top of that, mature men take responsibility for their words and actions. They don’t feel the need to make excuses and prove something to others. Women always respect a man like that.

Also, men who act maturely are more deliberate in their actions and tend to think before they act. Women love men who can think rationally and logically.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for women to be attracted to older, more mature men. And that’s just the very beginning.

Why do girls like older guys? Because they’re interesting

Maturity is not the only thing that is massively attractive to women. Maturity also goes hand in hand with life experience. That's also part of why older single women have such an intense allure.

Simply put, most older men have experienced significantly more in their lifetimes than a young guy has. They’ve usually been to more places, talked to more people and done more things. Also, they’ve probably tried many different things in life, whether it’s related to relationships, business, or just general experiences.

In fact, most older men have failed at certain things more times than young men have even attempted them. And failure is often the key to learning important life lessons.

All of these things and experiences have made them wiser. It has also turned them into very interesting people who can hold great conversations with women.

You see, it’s much more interesting for a woman to hold a conversation with a guy who’s had tons of life experience than with a guy who hasn’t really done much with his life.

That’s because older men can tell many different intriguing and compelling stories from their lives, as well as from the lives of other people they’ve encountered. And stories are an amazing way to move the date along.

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Older men tend to be better in bed

Do you know what else all that precious life experience carries? More skills in the bedroom. This is also one of the top reasons younger men date older women--for the experience.

It’s no secret that older men tend to be much more competent during sex. And whatever they may lack in virility and energy, they tend to make up for in spades with their skills.

Granted, not every older guy is going to be better than a younger man in bed. Likewise not every older guy will have more life experience than every young man. But we’re just going with the odds here.

If a guy has led a fairly eventful dating life, they’ve surely had plenty of sexual partners to practice their craft on. So they’ll be much better equipped at satisfying women in bed than some young buck who hasn’t been with many women.

Besides, older men will have an easier time convincing their partners to try out new and exciting things in the bedroom, like kinks and maybe a few fetishes. That will usually make them more exciting lovers than young guys who tend to not be as sexually expressive.

So when a woman looks for complete sexual satisfaction in bed, she tends to prefer older, more experienced men.

Finding older, more experienced women to teach you important bedroom skills is often just a matter of finding the right women through the right dating app.

Why do women like older men? Masculinity!

Maturity and manliness often go hand in hand as well, but they’re entirely different things. Manliness has more to do with showing your masculinity in different ways. Some of the most attractive traits that go with manliness are confidence and assertiveness.

We all know that women adore confident men. However, they also find assertive and decisive men very alluring since these men often know what they want and go for it without fear.

Another huge sign of manliness is the ability to stand up for yourself, both physically and verbally. Women find this quality appealing in men because they don’t like it when a guy is a complete doormat.

Something else that’s manly (and also a bad boy trait) is when you don’t give a damn about what other people think of you. Women love this trait in men since it shows high self-esteem and self-reliance.

In any case, manliness is another subject which is too broad to explain quickly. But it involves the ability to take action and achieve things in life by making the best use of your faculties, abilities, life experiences, beliefs and more.

Manly men make things happen, and women really appreciate this quality in any potential friend, lover or even husband.

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Older guys are more financially stable

I’d be lying if I said that money is completely irrelevant when it comes to being more desirable.

Money in itself won’t make you attractive. But because older men tend to have a lot more of it than young guys do, they can do more with their free time.

When all other things are considered equal on a date, then of course the girl’s going to choose the more fun, attractive and sexy guy. But if given the choice to go on that date to a fast food joint versus a fancy restaurant with a 5-course meal and a grand view, women will obviously prefer the more extravagant date. That’s just how people are -- we all like the finer things in life.

And since older men tend to have accomplished much more in life than young guys have, they usually have more money. This lets them have a wider range of experiences. It also lets them spoil their dates and their lovers more frequently.

Besides that, when women are looking for a man to create a family with, they often look towards financial stability. The ability to fully support yourself and your family through tough times stands out like a beacon of hope for women who want to raise their children well.

So how can all of this help you?

Knowing what qualities women respond powerfully to when they’re with certain men can help you focus on developing these qualities in yourself.

Learning why women like older men over young ones gives you a clue about what you should focus on. This is especially important if you often hear from women that you’re either boring or immature.

So now you know what you need to do: Start being more assertive and decisive in your life. Stand up for yourself and the things you believe in more. Don’t make excuses for your failures, and instead take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Women who are around you will quickly notice these things and will find you significantly more attractive.

Then, open yourself to new experiences and activities, sexually or otherwise. Explore the limits of your comfort zone.

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Next time you have an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures, do it! Cherish these experiences because they will make you a more interesting person.

And finally, never say no to meeting and interacting with new people. Because this is what makes you grow as a person and improves your social skills. Go out there, make as many new friends and acquaintances as you can and get all the precious life experience that comes with it.

As for the financial stability aspect, start being responsible with your money now. Learn to save up and set aside money for emergencies. Invest your money in a worthwhile endeavor, and learn how you can reach financial stability as early as now.

Now you know the answers to “why do women like older men?” It’s all about maturity, experience, manliness, stability and sexual prowess. These are things you can cultivate in your personality, even if you’re still a young man!

Now if you feel like you're not getting lucky with younger women, perhaps you'd like to consider dating an older woman. Seducing an older woman requires a different skillset, but you're in luck because lots of older women enjoy the company of younger men.


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