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Joe Elvin is an internationally known confidence and dating coach with nearly a decade of experience. He is the successful author of several dating and confidence books that have helped thousands of men find success. While traveling the world Joe consistently finds new and valuable ways to meet and attract women. Joe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University and he has been featured in many large publications including AskMen, TSB Magazine and The Good Men Project.

As one of the most prolific writers on Beyond Ages, Joe has reviewed over a hundred dating apps. He is the site’s foremost authority when it comes to selecting what dating app works for whom. From an app’s mechanics to its algorithm to telltale signs that a dating app is a scam, Joe’s is able to expertly discern between dating apps that provide value and those that don’t.

Joe Elvin

Screenshots from reviewing
Our Complete Review For 2024: Is It Any Good for Meeting Mature Women?

In our WantMatures review, you’ll see a site that markets itself as the website that makes it simple...

Screenshots from reviewing Gleeden
Our Complete Review of After Spending Weeks Using It in 2024 is marketed for those in relationships who want to indulge in affairs. It claims to offer the...

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Our Complete Review of For 2024: The Results We Had And What You Can Expect

As a dating expert who has reviewed countless dating apps and sites, I’ve seen my fair share of...

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Our Full Review of CasualX: What We Discovered in 2024 After Spending A Lot Of Time Using It

In the world of dating apps, you often find yourself using one of three types: a popular app... logo
Other 2024 Review - Is This Site Real Or A Scam?

Every couple of months, Beyond Ages revisits all the MILF hookup sites we’ve reviewed to see if any...

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My Review of Date You and How I Did Finding Real Dates With It claims to be an innovative dating website where singles all over the world can find a partner,...

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Our Review Of Heated Affairs In 2024 - Our Results On The Free And Paid Versions

There are some 2,500 dating websites available in the United States, according to figures from Forbes. No matter...

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My Results After A Couple Months And Review of Lucky Crush For 2024

In this Lucky Crush review, you’ll discover whether this video chat site is any good for helping you...

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Doublelist Review - Our Experience Meeting Singles

This Doublelist review reveals whether this sexy version of Craigslist is any good for finding dates, hookups or...

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Our Flingster Review for 2024: Should You Give It a Chance or Run?

So many hookup sites out there claim that you can find hookups in an instant when you use...

Going cross-country after meeting on a biker dating site
5 Best Dating Sites & Apps for Bikers | Ride With Your Sweetheart!

Imagine riding out into the sunset on a seemingly endless road. Now imagine doing that with a special...

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10 Prison Dating Sites to Date an Inmate in 2024 and Beyond!

The idea of seeking romance with an inmate is seen as somewhat outlandish by many people. However, there...

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5 Best Dating Sites in Switzerland for Singles in 2024

Dating in a country like Switzerland can feel crazy expensive, especially if you’re not used to the dating...

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10 Best Dating Sites & Apps in Australia | Aussie Dating 2023

When debating the best countries to use dating apps, Australia deserves a mention. Online dating is one of...

Wondering what GGG means on Tinder
Dating Tips
What Does GGG Mean On Tinder and Online? Internet Slang

If you have been wondering what GGG means on Tinder, you’re not the only one. There are so...

Meeting more women can make you more masculine
10 Tips on How to Be More Masculine as a Man

Having studied the link between masculinity and dating success for several years, I want to recommend 10 tips...

Matching with one of his Top Picks on Tinder
Dating Tips
What Are Tinder Top Picks and How Do They Work?

Everyone has seen the Top Picks feature on Tinder, but few people use it to their advantage. If...

Romantic date in a cafe after meeting on a European dating site
Top 10 European Dating Sites to Use When Travelling in 2024

No matter where you go in Europe, there will always be new people to meet and new sights...

A couple that met on an Italian dating site
Italian Dating Sites You Should Definitely Try in 2024

Dating in Italy may seem easy in big cities like Milan or Rome. But if you're a busy...

Can a guy with cats be attractive to women
Are Guys With Cats Really More Attractive to Women?

Male cat owners, have you ever wondered whether your pet helps or hinders your dating life? As much...

Looking for monkey branching opportunities at a club
Monkey Branching: What is It & How Does It Really Work?

Have you ever had an ex jump straight into a new relationship after breaking up with you? Maybe...

An older man dating someone younger
The Ultimate Guide to Dating Someone Younger Than You

Leonardo Di Caprio gets torn to shreds in the media for enjoying age-gap relationships well into his forties....

Instant Checkmate Review
Instant Checkmate Review: Say Goodbye to Catfishing Forever

In this Instant Checkmate review, you will discover how effective this background-checking tool is for discovering information about...

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Bumble Verification: How It Works and Why You Should Use It

Bumble verification has grown to become a highly-appreciated feature of this popular dating app. This feature lets users...

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The Top 16 Bumble Pickup Lines that Worked in 2024

Are pickup lines still even a thing? Modern Bumble pickup lines are completely different from the ones people...

Showing signs that she's falling out of love with you
21 Signs Someone Is Falling Out of Love with You

Are you afraid your relationship is falling apart? Do you fear that your partner is planning to walk...

Dating a musician comes with lots of challenges
The Top 10 Rules for Dating a Musician

You ever listen to an absolutely stellar love song and think, “Man, I wish someone could write that...

Are they making love or fucking
Making Love vs Fucking: The Real Difference & Why It Matters

If you're hooking up, it's fucking. If you're in a relationship, it's called making love. But the difference...

Lying by omission has been a habit for her
When Can Lying by Omission Destroy a Relationship?

Is it a lie if you tell the truth, but don't reveal everything? This is a contentious issue,...

Is she having an emotional affair
What Is An Emotional Affair? Signs to Watch Out For

An affair's an affair, and if you find your partner in one, it's time to let it go....

A young couple that has been dating for three months
What To Expect When You’ve Been Seriously Dating For 3 Months

If you've been "seeing each other" for a month, you're probably still in that casual phase. But when...

A couple who found each other and became friends with benefits
How to Find a Friend with Benefits: A Guide for Modern Men

You’re not in a rush to get into a relationship. I get it. But on the flip side,...

She's accusing him of cheating when he's innocent
Being Accused of Cheating When You're Innocent: What to Do

Being accused of cheating when you’re innocent can take a huge toll on your relationship, and it’s not...

Should you wish your ex happy birthday when you've moved on
Should I Text My Ex Happy Birthday? The Pros and Cons

There’s a specific day of the year when a lot of men have the same moral dilemma and...

Ashley Madison AM Pass
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What Is An AM Pass On Ashley Madison? Plus More Fun Features

Big sites like Ashley Madison have tons of useful features, but it can be confusing to pick out...

Ashley Madison Tips and Tricks
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What Is Ashley Madison? Tips and Tricks for Dating Success

Ashley Madison has built a name for itself in the online hookup sphere. But what is it? Is...

Automated collect messages on Ashley Madison
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Ashley Madison Collect Messages: Do You Need Them?

Remember when you’d get collect calls where someone would call you but you had to shoulder the cost...

Ashley Madison Main Image
Ashley Madison Review: Is It Where Women Go to Hook Up in 2024?

With so many hookup apps and sites out there, what does it take to stand out? Naturally, having...

Catholic Match review
The Complete 2024 Catholic Match Review - How We Fared Trying It Out And What You Need to Know

There is a high demand for niche dating apps for specific religions. After all, most people who are...

Filipino Cupid review screenshots
2024 Filipino Cupid Review: How Easy Is It to Find a Filipina Date?

Who needs a little cherub with a bow and arrow when you have an app like Filipino Cupid?...

Screenshots of Hily
2024 Hily Review: How Dating Experts Fare And What They Recommend

Online dating is all the rage these days. Some 53% of Americans under 30 have used a dating...

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2024’s Best Dating Apps for People in Their 40s: What to Try

Trying to find the best dating apps for people in their 40s and beyond? It may seem a...

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My Review Of Mocospace And How Months Of Use Went For Me in 2024

In this Mocospace review, you’ll discover what is Mocospace used for and how effective it is for helping...

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5 Great Sites Like POF in 2024 That Actually Work Right Now

If you’re looking for a comparison of the best sites like POF, you’re in the right place. Plenty...

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The 3 Best College Dating Apps of 2024 That Work On Campus

Dating apps have made it even easier to meet a partner in college. The problem is: it’s not...

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The 5 Best Dating Apps For Introverts in 2024 We Tried

Dating apps can be a godsend for single introverts who want to meet a partner without the stress...

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Christian Mingle vs eHarmony: The Ideal Dating Site for You in 2024

In this comparison of Christian Mingle vs EHarmony, you’ll discover which of these online dating websites is best...

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Zoosk vs Match: Which App Has Been Performing Best in 2024 For Singles

In this comparison of Zoosk vs Match, you’ll discover which app is better for finding and dating up...

How to help your girlfriend get over her ex by being a good boyfriend
How to Help Your Girlfriend Get Over Her Ex Boyfriend - It's Not Fun But It Works

Are you wondering how to help your girlfriend get over her ex? This guide explains a range of...

She is hiding her feelings for so many reasons
The Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings for You: What to Do

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Should You Hug On The First Date? The Rules You Need To Know

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The Conversation Signs She Likes You That Guys Need To Spot

Women tend to be extremely subtle when it comes to showing guys that they’re attracted to them. If...

Homepage for our Milfplay review
2024 MILFPlay Review: The Best Site to Play with Hot Single Moms?

In this MilfPlay review, I will reveal how effective this website is for finding sexy older women to...

If she's this beautiful, it's hard to spot signs she's playing you
The 10 Signs She's Playing You: How To Spot Them And What To Do

It’s so important to be able to recognize the signs you’re being played by a woman. If you...

A girl taking forever to text back
Why a Girl Takes Forever to Text You Back And How Men Should Respond

It can be so frustrating when a girl takes forever to text back. Whenever a girl takes 24...

A couple holding hands on the first date
Our Guide to Holding Hands on the First Date

Welcome to your ultimate guide to holding hands with a girl on the first date. If you’re reading...

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EbonyFlirt Review 2024: The Ultimate Site for Meeting Ebony Singles?

I spent the past couple of months using and reviewing Ebony Flirt. With dating sites becoming more popular,...

He knows how to flirt on a date and make her feel special
How to Flirt on a Date: 10 Expert First Date Flirting Tips

If you’re wondering how to flirt on a date, this is the guide for you. Below, you’ll find...

ClickAndFlirt landing page
2024 ClickAndFlirt Review: Is Meeting Hot Women Just a Click Away?

ClickAndFlirt markets itself as the easiest website to find a great woman to date. It boasts about its...

Making her laugh with some "would you rather" questions for women to ask their boyfriend
Top 50 "Would You Rather" Questions for Women to Ask Their Boyfriend

A “would you rather” question can add some spice to any conversation with your boyfriend. On top of...

He knows the right "would you rather" questions to ask your girlfriend
Top 50 "Would You Rather" Questions for Guys to Ask Their Girlfriend

“Would you rather” questions are great ways to spice up a conversation with your girlfriend while simultaneously getting...

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2024 MILFBerry Review: Our Results After Months of Trying

MILF Berry markets itself as the #1 website for finding sexy older women who want to hook up...

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2024 PassionMature Review: Did We Find Sexy Older Women Here? markets itself as the online home for beautiful mature and single women. Whether you’re searching for a...

Getting the love you want isn't easy, but it's worthwhile
How Men Can Get the Love They Want This Year While Being True To Themselves

Are you sick and tired of bouncing from one failed relationship to the next without ever finding your...

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2024 Curves Connect Review: Did We Really Meet Hot Single BBW? markets itself as the online dating website where “real people can be accepted just the way they...

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2024 Find My Fling Review: We Tried It Out For Months With These Results

FindMyFling might sound like the perfect website to discover a host of women looking for hookups and casual...

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2024 HookUpCloud Review: Hooking Up Made Easy or a Total Dud?

We created this HookupCloud review for you so that you won’t have to waste another minute guessing if...

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2024 PlayNaughty Review: How Many Naughty Women Were Here?

PlayNaughty is a free dating website, which promises to let you chat with naughty singles from across the...

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2024 Silver Singles Review: A Great Way to Meet Older Women Near You?

Online dating when you’re in your 50s or over can be extremely intimidating. Most dating sites cater to...

Screenshots we took reviewing Badoo
2024 Badoo Review: Free & Paid Membership Results For Guys

Badoo is one of the world’s most popular online dating apps, having attracted 380 million active users across...

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Our 2024 Easy Flirt Review: Many Weeks of Flirting or Frustration?

Our review of Easy Flirt reveals whether this website is the real deal when it comes to online...

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2024 4Club Review: Our Hookup Results After Months Of Use

4Club markets itself as the best online service if you’re searching for new friends, flirts or relationships. It’s...

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2024 Qwik Meet Review: Our Experience and Results After Trying It For Months

This Qwik Meet review will reveal whether this website really is the quickest way to meet a beautiful...

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2024 Shag City Review: We Used It For Months For These Results

At first glance, Shag City would appear to be the ideal website to find a hot date. After...

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2024 Review Of The Hot or Not Dating App: Is It Any Good To Meet Girls?

HotOrNot was an exceptionally popular website in the early 2000s. We started our Hot Or Not app review...

An outdoor picnic is one of the good first ideas to try
Our Favorite First Date Ideas For Guys Who Want to Have Fun

If you think all good first date ideas require you to spend a ton of money, think again....

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The Complete Review For 2024: Your Way to Meet Sexy Single Moms?

With a name like that, how can you resist? We’ve created this MomsGetNaughty review to help you decide...

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2024 Get Naughty Review: Is It the Go-To Website for Naughty Flirting?

When we first started our review of we found a site that markets itself as the online...

What is a guy thinking when he's kissing you?
What A Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You (The Top Answers)

Are you wondering what a guy is thinking when he kisses you? It can be useful to know...

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Our Complete Review of - A Lot of Fun or an Awful Waste of Time?

The first thing we found in our MeetWild review was a site that claims to be the #1...

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We Spent Months Reviewing FDating in 2024 And These Were Our Results

We decided to spend a couple of months putting together an FDating review after repeated requests. It’s a...

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Our Full Review of the Luxy Dating App: Is This "High-End" Dating App Worth Your Time?

We spent a lot of time putting together this review of the Luxy dating site. It positions itself...

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Our Experience and Review of Amateur Match Review - Our Results From Weeks of Use

This AmateurMatch review will reveal whether this website can legitimately allow you to explore your sexual fantasies with...

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10 Stellar Spots to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Croydon This 2024

If you’re looking for the best places to meet single women seeking men in Croydon, you’re in the...

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Top 12 Spots to Meet Hot Single Women Seeking Men In Leicester in 2024

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Looking for single women seeking men in Manchester can be overwhelming. This is such a vast and happening...

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How to Be a Good Conversationalist in 8 Easy Steps

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How to Get Girls in 2024 (Ultimate Guide To Making Her Want You)

If you’re wondering how to get girls, you’re not alone. It’s a common adage that women are a mystery...

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