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Our 2024 Easy Flirt Review: Many Weeks of Flirting or Frustration?

Our review of Easy Flirt reveals whether this website is the real deal when it comes to online dating. When you navigate to EasyFlirt.com, you’ll see this website paraded as the “Women’s Best Choice.” You’ll also see a ticker counting new members for the week, likely to be at least six figures. That’s a great omen for men.

But is it as awesome as it would appear to be? 

There are plenty of online dating websites that make big promises, only to disappoint members once they’ve paid for a membership. That’s why I was so keen to complete this Easy Flirt review for you. Read on to discover what to expect when you create an account at easyflirt.com.

How I reviewed Easy Flirt
After registering my details at easyflirt.com, I left my profile blank for 24 hours. That’s a great way to test if an online dating website is a scam. With dodgy websites, your profile will still be bombarded with suggestive messages from female profiles, even when it’s completely anonymous.

These are bots, of course. There are few real women who would reach out to a blank profile like this…

After this test, I bought a premium membership and sent messages to 50+ female profiles based in my local area. I then take note of how responsive they are. How many people view my profile? How many respond to my messages? Am I able to convince anyone to swap contact details?

This is the criteria we use to compare online dating websites. After all, what good are they if you’re unable to meet female members in real life?

For all BeyondAges reviews, we use the same profile pictures, bio and opening messages. This allows for a fair comparison across the board.

So, is this site really one of the most popular websites among women? Or is this marketing all just a sham? Read on to find out.

Our Comprehensive Easy Flirt Review

Don’t have time for a detailed breakdown of Easy Flirt? Below, I’ve added a basic summary of the website, rating its most important aspects out of 10. For context, these figures are compared to AFF, which we rank as the very best for arranging casual sex.

easyflirt.com logo Adult FriendFinder Logo

Our team rates each site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features each site offers, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive experience.

2 9.5
Quality of Women

Our opinion of how attractive the typical woman is that uses this site and how easy they are to connect with compared to other sites.

2 9

How many people are using this site to actually meet people compared to other sites.

1 9

How easy is this site to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other sites.

3 10
Privacy & Safety

Does this site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

4 10

Our opinion of how easily an average person will be able to achieve their dating goals with this site compared to other sites.

1 9

Will the time and money spent using this site pay off for an average person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

1 10
Our Recommendation

It didn’t take me long to realize that this site isn’t anywhere near as awesome as its home page would have you believe. In fact, there are plenty of signs that I was dealing with a very sketchy site and Easy Flirt is a really bad option. When you get right down to it, there is no way that we would recommend any spend any time using Easy Flirt. There are much better options out there that won’t waste your time or money.

Here are the most important things you need to know about EasyFlirt.com.

You can’t read or send messages until you buy a premium membership

After 24 hours, my blank profile had received messages from eight female profiles. However, I wasn’t able to read any nor reply. This is a common strategy among scam websites to tempt you into paying for a premium membership.

Inbox full of messages, but you can't read them with a free account

The messages were very strange

Once I signed up to a premium membership, I was able to read the messages I received. They were all very peculiar as if they had been written by a robot. I wrote a response to all of them but didn’t get a message back.

I messaged 50+ women and got no replies

I navigated to the search page to find 50 women in Columbus, Ohio. We use this city as often as possible in order to create fair comparisons between websites. There were barely 50 women in Ohio to contact, so I sent messages to the women as close as possible to me.

I received ZERO replies, even after waiting for a week.

Now you may be wondering what all these messages said. I should have taken a screenshot as soon as I read the messages because. . .

Easy Flirt deleted my account and charged my credit card triple!

Shortly after purchasing a premium account, the site tried to charge our credit card triple the monthly fee. I canceled the credit card to ensure they didn’t attempt to charge it again. So, not only will you find it incredibly difficult to find one woman to speak to on EasyFlirt.com, but you may also have to deal with unwanted credit card charges.

For me, that’s enough to dub this website an Easy Flirt scam.

Why would you use Easy Flirt when you can use AFF?

In case I haven’t made it obvious enough, there is no reason to sign up to Easy Flirt. If you want to experience a website packed with real women looking for casual sex, you should try AFF.

This website launched in the early 2000s and has grown a huge global user base of men and women looking for hookups and no-strings relationships. It’s easy to use, protects you against scammers, plus you’ll find that most members are happy to skip the small talk and get straight down to business.

THIS is the “Women’s Best Choice” for those craving quick and easy casual fun, anyway. Better yet, it’s currently running a free trial, so there’s no reason not to experience it for yourself right now!

Did we like anything about EasyFlirt.com?

In every review, we like to list the key pros and cons of using the website. However, I couldn’t stretch my brain far enough to find any advantages of using this site.

  • None
  • You have to pay to read or send messages
  • I received no replies
  • Clunky website
  • Easy Flirt tried to make extra charges shortly after I signed up to a premium membership

The profiles we found in our Easy Flirt review are super basic

There aren’t as many profiles to choose from on EasyFlirt.com, compared to other online dating websites. There aren’t as many attractive women (in and around Ohio, anyway) compared to other websites either. The profiles are extremely basic, though you can’t even view them with a free account.

EasyFlirt.com has a clunky, dated design

A dated design

The website itself looks dated – and is one of the clunkiest websites I have reviewed. The main dashboard suggests profiles for you to interact with. You can add search filters to find someone more suitable for you.

The messaging system is particularly clunky. To message someone, you’ll have to navigate to their profile, then click the tiny green “Write” button at the top of the page. This opens a new page where you can send your message. A lot of effort, especially when you consider the low likelihood of getting a reply.

You can’t read messages directly from your inbox page either. You have to click the message, which opens a new page. On top of that, I had trouble logging in to the website from the home page. In fact, I could only regain access to the website through the links in the website’s email alerts.

You can’t talk to anyone if you have a free account

You can’t message anyone or read your messages without paying for a premium membership. You’ll have to deal with spammy messages, the clunky inbox and the low likelihood of receiving a reply.

What can you do with a free membership?

Easy Flirt aggressively suggests you pay for a premium membership several times before you can navigate to the main dashboard. Once you get there, you’ll be able to view other members’ profiles. However, you won’t be able to read messages or send messages.

How much does a membership cost?

There are four types of premium Easy Flirt subscription you can pay for.

  • Free trial: $1.44 for 3 days
  • Bronze membership: $31.99/month
  • Silver membership: $32.99/month
  • Gold membership: $34.99/month

Three membership tiers

You get extra features with more expensive memberships, although none of them will make it easy to meet a great woman online. Plus, there’s every chance that the site may charge your credit card extra, regardless of what membership you choose. Honestly, you shouldn’t pay for any of these memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easy Flirt

What is the Easy Flirt URL?

The URL is www.easyflirt.com.

What is Easy Flirt?

Easy Flirt markets itself as a dating site. Using Easy Flirt requires payment, as there are no free features. After paying for a membership, however, we were not able to arrange a single date.

Who actually owns Easyflirt.com?

EasyFlirt.com is owned and operated by Global Digital Media SA and its affiliates.

How do you log into Easyflirt.com?

Enter your email address and password into the top right of the home page. Conversely, if that doesn’t work, you can access the site via the confirmation email they’ll send once you create an account.

How can I contact EasyFlirt?

You may contact EasyFlirt via mail (Global Digital Média SA,
rue Muzy 9, 1207 Genève, Suisse) or via email at [email protected].

Is Easy Flirt real?

EasyFlirt is an actual, usable site that requires payment before you can try out any features. However, even after paying, we’ve found no success with meeting anyone on the site.

Is Easyflirt.com legit?

EasyFlirt.com promises the “Women’s Best Choice” online dating website. Still, I messaged 50 women and received ZERO replies. On top of that, I received several spammy messages before signing up to a premium membership – only to get no replies from them either.

Is EasyFlirt a scam or fake?

On top of all the red flags mentioned above, this site attempted to make extra charges to our credit card. For that reason, I have no reservations about warning you away from the Easy Flirt scam.

Is Easy Flirt safe?

No. The site deleted my account and charged my credit card triple. I had to cancel the credit card to ensure they didn’t attempt to charge it again.

How do you log into Easyflirt.com?

Enter your email address and password into the top right of the home page. Conversely, if that doesn’t work, you can access the site via the confirmation email they’ll send once you create an account.

How do you search on Easyflirt.com?

You can search for members on the home page. You can filter your search by age and location. There are other criteria you can search, including occupation, education and income, if you wish.

How to search

What are Easyflirt.com alternatives?

We know of other options to EasyFlirt.com that we’ve had much more success using. We’ve reviewed over 100 different sites, some of which led to actual dates. We have a list of the best dating apps and sites for hookups that actually work.

How does EasyFlirt work?

You create an EasyFlirt account and log in. Upon doing so, you need to pay for membership to start searching for and chatting with other users.

Is there an Easy Flirt app?

Yes, however, the Easy Flirt app is only available on iOS.

How much does Easyflirt.com cost?

There are four types of premium subscriptions you can pay for.

  • Free trial: $1.44 for 3 days.
  • Bronze membership: $31.99/month.
  • Silver membership: $32.99/month.
  • Gold membership: $34.99/month.

How do you send messages on Easy Flirt?

To send a new message to a member, navigate to their profile and click the small green “Write”  button at the top of the page. To continue an existing conversation, go to your inbox by clicking “Messages” in the main navigation.

How can you use EasyFlirt for free?

No, you need to pay for membership to use any EasyFlirt features.

Can you send messages for free on Easy Flirt?

No, you need to pay for membership to message anyone on Easy Flirt.

How do you cancel your Easyflirt.com account?

  • Click the arrow beside your username in the top right-hand screen
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click “Parameters” in the menu on the left
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Unsubscribe”

How to delete your account 1

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