How To Meet Girls In College (The Foolproof Way That Works)

How to meet girls in college who are fun

If you’re wondering how to meet girls in college, you’ll be pleased to hear that most principles of good game still apply. However, some key differences can make or break your chances with college ladies.

These differences center around the fact that you’re likely to encounter the same women time and again on campus. It means you can play the “long game” of adding women to your social circle, then having them recommend their friends to you. In fact, it’s highly recommended you do it this way.

Read on to discover why “social circle game” is far more effective in college than spam-approaching random women.

Why and How to Meet Girls in College Using “Social Circle Game”

Cold-approaching women and being direct about your intentions can be very effective in most scenarios, but in college, there could be social repercussions.

Let’s say you creep a woman out, perhaps by being too polarizing or missing social cues. This is far more likely when you’re explicitly trying to pick her up. It happens to the best of us.

In most big city scenarios, you’d probably never see that woman again, so there’d be no long-term consequences. Yet, in college, it’s highly likely you’ll cross paths in the future. There’s also a chance that the creeped-out woman will warn her friends about you. Perhaps her friends warn their friends. Before you know it, you’ve developed a reputation as the creepy pick-up artist.

Using “word of mouth” in your favor

Now, let’s imagine you approached the same woman indirectly. You continued chatting, remained fun and friendly, then invited her to some party. Now, when you see her again, she isn't intimidated by you at all. She’ll probably introduce her friends to you. Instead of some random man, you’re now a cool guy that has been vetted and recommended by her friend.

It’s important to understand how powerful this is. Most women would prefer to date and sleep with guys they meet through their social circle. For starters, these guys are far less likely to present a threat to her physical safety. Sadly, women have to consider this.

What’s more, they’re less likely to endanger her social reputation. Women in college are particularly conscious about this. It’s not uncommon for college students to prioritize their popularity above everything. If she’s caught going off with some random man, she risks being labeled a loser or (even worse) a slut.

But what if she bags the guy her friends already know and love? That will send your status skyrocketing. As such, when you become that guy, you can expect to have all the women fighting for your attention.

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How to meet girls in college without hitting on them

It’s not difficult to meet women in college. There are tons of parties to meet girls, events to interact with them and clubs for you to join. There is bound to be plenty of women in your classes, provided you’re not studying one of the STEM subjects. By putting yourself out there and being social, you’ll have no problem meeting women.

So, the real question isn’t how to meet girls in college, but how to build an ongoing friendship.

If you both attend the same classes or events regularly, it’s simply a case of regular conversation, being cool and inviting her to some group event. The friendship will then grow organically. Psychology nerds can check out this Social Psych Online article to learn how mere exposure makes us like something more.

If you’re not due to regularly cross paths, you’ll need to offer some sort of value--a reason for her to want to pursue a friendship. If you were fun enough when you met her, it might be enough to swap social media details and invite her to parties. This isn't about hitting on her, it's about building rapport.

However, the key to attracting the best college women into your circle is offering value that other guys can’t. Perhaps you’re hosting an exclusive party at a cool venue with free alcohol. Maybe you know a professional photographer who wants to shoot women for free. If you were born into money, organize some extravagant trip and offer to pay. The cooler you are--or the cooler the event is--the more likely that women will want to become part of it.

Using social media to leverage “social circle game”

By swapping social media details instead of phone numbers, you’re far more likely to attract women to your events. For starters, they can learn more about you from your profile, creating the mere-exposure effect that builds trust and attraction.

While getting a girl's number is great, swapping social media handles means they can learn more about your event, provided you take cool photos and videos of it. If it’s a regular event and they see that the last one was awesome, you can bet they’ll be biting your hands off for an invite.

Let’s say your Instagram profile has lots of videos of you partying at one of your events. There are tons of attractive women fawning over you. Perhaps there are even celebrities in attendance. In this scenario, how much “attraction” would you need to build when initially meeting a woman? A better strategy would be to remain 100% friendly and unthreatening, swap social media details and let your profile build attraction for you.

From there, you could begin flirtation in the DMs or invite her to your event and put the moves on there.

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Your “social circle game” strategy

Your first step is to befriend 4-5 attractive women who attend your college. This should be enough to get the ball rolling. You can befriend more if you wish, but you want to get laid at some point, right?

Either way, these women are off-limits as far as romantic relationships. This is strictly friendship. Still, they must be attractive because these women are the most likely to be popular and have attractive friends. This is how the world works…

If you prefer, you can make a move on girls on campus with an indirect opener. Either way, you’re going to build genuine friendships with them. Get to know them. Give a damn about who they are. Tell them something deep and true about you to build an emotional connection. Do them favors if you have to. Whatever it takes for them to adore you as a friend.

How to meet girls in college through your event

Next, start organizing your regular group event. As the stereotypical hot college woman only really cares about partying, alcohol and Instagram photos, anything involving these is likely to appeal to the masses. You can think outside the box, but it might be harder to attract a lot of people to your event.

Invite your 4-5 “besties” and tell them to bring their friends. You can bet they’ll be more than excited to meet you. Even if some of them have a boyfriend, chances are many of them are single. Hooking up with them should be like playing a game on easy mode.

Don’t forget to take awesome photos and videos of the event to share on social media, so more women are excited to come next time. Of course, you can invite guys too. It won’t take anywhere near as much effort for them to attend. Aim for a high female-to-male ratio to boost your odds of hooking up but not so high that the women get bored and leave.

Perhaps the toughest part of this strategy--after initially befriending 4-5 college women--is not trying to hook up with them. Do resist the urge to make a move on them, though. Hooking up even once could complicate the friendship and ruin your chances of sleeping with her mates. It’s like eating the pregnant sow before it gives birth.

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What if I don’t want to organize events?

Perhaps you think organizing parties sounds like too much work. Fair enough. It’s natural for humans to want everything while offering nothing.

If you’re a naturally attractive guy, you’ll probably hook up at the bar, parties or even from direct daytime approaches. Yet, you’re running the risk of being labeled the “pick-up guy.” You can make friends with women and have them invite their mates to Olive Garden with you. Yet, you’re running the risk of everyone having better things to do.

The social circle strategy described above requires some energy to set up, but it’s plain sailing from there. By putting in the effort to create a great regular group event, you reap the rewards.

This strategy also works with women at the gym or at work

You can also use social circle game not just to meet girls in college, but also to get to know women at your gym, the office or any other environment where you see the same people time and again.

After all, it’s too risky to be labeled as the creepy pick-up guy at these places. It can become very awkward at the gym. You can get fired from your job. So, stop seeing the women as potential conquests, and start befriending them.

This will lead to easier romantic opportunities--and less potentially awkward moments--in the long run.

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