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How To Hit On A Girl In Any Location (Always Get Her Number)

Man getting a woman's phone number with ease

If you want to be successful at dating, I’ll show you how to hit on a girl and then get her number no matter where you are.

Being able to hit on women and get their numbers regardless of the location is a valuable skill to have. This is especially true if your goal is to date around and get lots of life experience under your belt.

The best part about it is that it’s not as difficult as most guys think, especially if you know the best methods and understand what works.

I’ll reveal them to you below so make sure to read every word!

Here’s how to hit on a girl so she gives you her number

First of all, it’s really easy to get a girl’s number. You can just approach her and ask for it. This can sometimes be all it takes, especially if you’re good-looking or charming. But if you need a little help with going up to women and just asking, check out this course on how to approach and attract women to get as many numbers as you want.

However, when you get her number without establishing some rapport, you might not even get a response when you text her. Girls will often flake on you since they’ll have no emotional connection to you.

That’s why I’ll show you how to hit on girls and get their numbers so you can eventually take things further. This requires a longer approach that can take 15 minutes to half an hour.

So let's say you want to get a hot girl at a party, what do you do?

You can approach her before your mind starts playing tricks on you and you psych yourself out.

But that’s exactly what every other semi-successful guy is doing. So how do you increase your chances of success dramatically while approaching women?

The answer is strong eye contact, body language and facial expressions.

These three things are important if you want to make a great first impression before you even attempt to hit on a girl. They’re at the core of hitting on girls and making it look effortless.

The way you approach and the impression you make will usually make or break your whole interaction.

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The best approach

Assuming you already have decent body language and can hold eye contact with women, immediately try to get her attention. Then lock eyes with her and maintain eye contact while you’re walking up to her.

At this point, make sure to flash her a genuine smile or a sly, cheeky grin, as if you know something she doesn’t.This works whether you want to meet girls in college or pick them up at a bar.

Don’t break eye contact when you do this, and don’t look down or look away because it’ll show that you’re unsure of yourself.

Let her be the one to look away first. Or if she doesn’t, keep maintaining this powerful eye contact with her until you’re next to her.

You can even nod at her while you’re walking up to her to signal your interest and the fact that want to say something important to her.

You wouldn’t believe how many guys don’t do this when approaching women, but this insignificant-sounding step is critical for better results.

It screens women and lets you know which ones are open to being approached by you depending on what reaction you get out of them.

It also creates intrigue and mystery, as most women will definitely want to know what you’ll say to them when you approach this way. This opens them up very nicely and makes things much easier down the line.

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Making a great first impression

Once you approach her and spark some intrigue while doing so, introduce yourself. Say something simple like, “Hi, I’m…  How are you doing today?”

If she’s open to talking to you, you can tell her pretty much anything you want.

In fact, the best thing to say when approaching women is exactly what’s on your mind at that moment, so your approach feels spontaneous and genuine.

Next, your ultimate focus is to just have fun with her, so she sees that you’re a great guy to hang out with. After all, you have to show the girl you're hitting on that she'll have more fun with you in her life.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this. For example, you can mention why you’re at that particular coffee shop or why you're working out at the gym. You can also ask her what she’s up to today. You can even comment on how you think her hair looks cool or how you noticed that she’s wearing your favorite band’s shirt. This opens you up to a topic of conversation that will build rapport.

You can also try and share your sense of humor with her by making her laugh. Tell her a silly pun or a joke you just heard. You can even segue into telling her a funny story about something you did.

If you’re at a club, ask her if she’d like to dance. Offer to buy her a drink or even suggest an interesting cocktail that she probably hasn’t tried before.

As long as she seems to enjoy your company, you can consider your interaction a total success. This is at the core of how to hit on a girl successfully.

Don’t forget to flirt

While you focus on having a good time with her, you shouldn’t forget to flirt to build some attraction to gradually make her comfortable with your touch.

There are lots of ways to flirt with a girl successfully, and each guy has their own style. If you’re an absolute beginner, start off with something simple. Tease her a bit or playfully touch her hand when you’re making a point. These are little things you can do that won’t make you seem too forward.

Because if women see you’re touching them just for the sake of doing so, they’ll become suspicious of your true intentions and think you’re being weird.

That’s why touching should be gradual and start off very slow. In places where it would feel comfortable for strangers to be touching, like on the hand, the shoulder, the lower back, etc.

Only after you’ve spent some time together and you know she likes you can you be more aggressive with it.

The same thing goes for flirting, in fact. Don’t lay it on too thick right away and start off slowly and playfully. Then ramp it up and flirt more aggressively when you see she’s really enjoying what you’re doing.

Make her feel special

Another key concept of how to hit on a girl is to make her feel special when you’re talking to her.

Basically, you could’ve approached absolutely any girl you wanted. So she’ll be wondering why you choose to approach her.

You can’t tell her that you went up to her just because she’s hot since that’s too generic and unimaginative. Besides, women don’t want to be judged solely on their looks, as this makes them feel objectified.

When you get to talking about things you have in common, add in a compliment about how she’s really fun or interesting to talk to. Comment on her sense of humor, or mention how you think she’s really smart.

Another reason might be because you simply liked how she carries herself when you saw her and you approached her because of that. Or you may have seen how she talked to people around her and something about that intrigued you.

Make her feel how interested you are in getting to know her more. She’ll be more likely to give you her number if you can spark this genuine connection with her. However, if she has a boyfriend, that's a different story.

Create a little spark of sexual tension

The final step before you get her number successfully is to create a little bit of sexual tension by making a move on her. Just make sure you do this at the very end of the interaction, just before you ask for her number. If you do this before you see she’s attracted to you, you might freak her out and make her think you’re creepy.

Sparking some tension is absolutely necessary because it’ll make sure you never land in the friend zone. Just remember to keep your approach in line with the situation.

If you’re both at a bar and you’re already a little tipsy, you can steer the conversation towards some naughty topics. You can start asking her increasingly more sexual questions to make her see you as a sexual guy. You can also start touching her a little more intimately if you think she’s open to it. You might even spot that she's waiting for you to make a move.

But if you’re at a public spot like a coffee shop or a park, opt for more subtle ways of sparking sexual tension. You can talk about things that might turn her on like how you’re really good at giving massages or making breakfast in bed.

Try to check if she’s open to more sexual flirtation before you open up any naughty topics. You wouldn’t want to creep her out by jumping right into sex talk when you’ve just met her!

Ask her out and get her number

You have now successfully hit on a girl, so it's time to make sure you stay in touch.

After you’ve approached her,  made her feel special and created at least a tiny bit of sexual tension, you can ask for her number no matter where you are.

If you’ve done everything correctly, nine out of ten women will have no problem with giving it to you. In fact, they’ll even look forward to the date because they’ll see just how great of a guy you are.

So how do you ask for it?

Well, you don’t really ask for it but instead, tell her she should give it to you. It’s a much more assertive way to get a woman’s number.

I often say something as simple as “Hey, I have to run now, but it’s been really fun hanging out with you. We should go grab some coffee another time, so let’s exchange numbers!”

Another way to get it could be by saying “Well, it’s been really great meeting you and getting to know you, but I have to go. Why don’t we exchange numbers and continue this conversation some other time?”

Even a simple “Hey, it’s been great talking to you. Give me your number and we can grab lunch or something” will work amazingly well.

And always say these things in a nonchalant way, like it’s no big deal.

The point is to simply acknowledge the fact that you’ve had a blast together and enjoyed each other’s company. Then tell her to give you her number along with a promise of more fun conversations together.

You now know exactly how to hit on a girl regardless of where you are and what you’re both up to. This method is universal and, if done correctly, it will make most women want to spend more time with you!


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