Approaching Women

Information and guides for single men on how to approach women in any situation. We cover what men need to do, what they should avoid, and how to ensure they have the best possible interactions with women.
Beautiful woman having fun on a date
Dating Beautiful Women Is Within Your Reach - 5 Tips To Make It Happen

If you’re like most men, you enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman, you may even ogle her...

Woman approaching a guy
The 8 Ways We Consistently Get Women To Approach Us

Are you tired of always making the first move?  Well, here’s the good news. There are lots of...

Beautiful fit girl at the gym
How Men Can Find, Attract and Date Fit Girls: Our 6 Big Tips

There are many things to love about girls who are dedicated to fitness. Aside from having an attractive,...

Good looking blonde woman drinking
10 Things You Need To Understand If You Want To Get Women

Men often complain that it’ll take an entire lifetime to figure out women, such is their complicated nature....

Group of men with approach anxieity
10 Surprising Ways A Lot Of Guys Have Reduced Their Approach Anxiety

Every guy has at least a little bit of approach anxiety before going up to a single woman...

She's giving off Signs a Girl Wants to Be Approached
7 Key Signs a Girl Wants to Be Approached (And What to Say After)

If you’re wondering about the signs a girl wants to be approached, then this guide is for you....

He's not sure what to do if she has a boyfriend
What To Do If She Has a Boyfriend But You're Attracted to Her - Doing The Right Things

Let’s say you meet this gorgeous woman. She’s charming, friendly and pretty much everything you want in a...

He's approaching women without being creepy
When and How To Approach Women: It's Not as Hard as You Think

This is a topic that comes up often with my guy friends and one I find so interesting....

Four attractive women getting approached by men
How To Approach Women in a Group With a Minimum Chance Of Failure

If you struggle with approaching a group of women, you’re not alone. Even as a woman, I totally...

A single woman you can meet
Where To Meet Girls: A Guide For The Single Man

It's not easy being single. Sure, it has its pros, but let's be honest, a woman's touch is...

Man approaching single women near him
Where to Meet Single Women Near You: What Works and What Doesn't

Are you fed up of constantly dating women that aren’t right for you? Perhaps you’re frustrated that you’re...

Avoid these crucial mistakes when picking up women
9 Extremely Common Mistakes Men Make When Picking Up Women

Wondering why you’re not good at picking up women? Do you get friendzoned at lightning speed whenever you...

He knows the secrets to picking up women at a club
7 Proven Methods For Picking Up Women At A Club With Ease

Wondering if picking up women at a club is the right choice for you? Well, according to the...

How to meet girls in college who are fun
How To Meet Girls In College (The Foolproof Way That Works)

If you’re wondering how to meet girls in college, you’ll be pleased to hear that most principles of...

Attractive man who knows how to hit on a girl at the gym
How To Hit On A Girl At The Gym (In 7 Simple Steps)

Have you ever wondered how to hit on a girl at the gym? You’d think the gym is...

Charming man picking up girls at the bar
10 Glaring Mistakes To Avoid When Picking Up Girls At The Bar (And How To Do It Right)

Ever tried picking up girls at the bar, failed miserably and wondered what on earth you did wrong?...

Man meeting a younger woman who is interested in him
Our 9 Proven Places To Meet Women Who Like Older Men in 2021 (Solid)

If you want to meet women who like older men, I have some excellent news for you: It’s...

Man getting a woman's phone number with ease
How To Hit On A Girl In Any Location (Always Get Her Number)

If you want to be successful at dating, I’ll show you how to hit on a girl and...

The type of place you can meet single women
Where To Meet Single Women in 2020 (10 Proven Spots For Success)

If you’re planning on going out and meeting many beautiful women, then you’re in for a treat! That’s...

Parties can be a great place to meet women but you'll have to be sociable if you want to learn how to get a girl at a party.
How To Get A Girl At A Party Without Being A Natural Ladies Man

If you've been wondering how to get a girl at a party but don't know the best way...

Clubs are just one place you'll find women but learning how to approach a girl in a club successfully can be tough. That's until you read our tips
How To Approach A Girl In A Club Successfully Every Time

Are you having trouble finding your groove and want to learn how to approach a girl in the...

The type of girl you want to approach in college
How To Approach A Girl In College And Get Her Interested Every Time

If you're a student and want to figure out how to approach a girl in college the best...

It's not too difficult to learn how to approach a girl at a bar, even one as hot as her
How To Approach A Girl At A Bar And Spark Her Interest Every Time

Today I’ll show you how to approach a girl at a bar in a way that’s intriguing and...

Learn how to approach a girl and get her to smile
How To Approach A Girl With Incredible Success Every Time - A Guide

A lot of men have trouble approaching women the right way. Anxiety, doubt, and fear start to set...

This lovely woman seems to be flirting but what does it mean when a girl smiles at you?
What Does it Mean When a Girl Smiles at You? (How to Capitalize on It)

It happens all the time. A woman smiles at a man and suddenly he thinks she's totally into...