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10 Signs a Woman Wants Your Attention You Need to Spot

Showing signs she wants your attention

What are the signs a woman wants your attention? As a man, you might be guilty of misreading a woman’s interest in you. So how do you know when a woman is flirting with you and trying to get your attention?

The greatest irony is that when you search online for the signs that a woman wants your attention, you’ll find tons of different cues but not all of them are accurate. She looks in your direction. She wears perfume. She tries to get close to you. The list goes on. We end up overestimating her interest.

However, women can do these things whether or not they want you to notice them. The key here is knowing if those cues are definite signs that she wants your attention. So in this list, we’ve compiled the many signs as well as explanations of why each sign shows that she really wants your eyes on her.

“Look at me!” – The Science of Wanting Attention

Studies have shown that men overestimate a woman’s interest in them. Especially men who were more oriented to short-term romances and are considered attractive. The magnitude of this misinterpretation of sexual interest was directly related to the woman’s physical attractiveness.  

What the studies tell us is that the vast majority of men have no idea how to read the subtle signs a woman wants your attention. This leads to harsh rejections, making a fool out of yourself in front of other people and feeling undesirable due to all the setbacks. 

When it comes to making a move on a girl, it shouldn’t be left to chance. The science shows there is a secret language of attraction that is universal. It’s spoken in facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, social proximity and other non-verbal cues. 

When you understand it, you will know the exact signs a woman wants your attention and the signs that she wants you to leave her alone. No more second-guessing. No more “make or break” moves. No more harsh rejections or feeling embarrassed because she turned you down. 

All you have to do is learn to identify the signs a woman wants your attention and then walk through the open doors. Sounds exciting? 

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Signs a Woman Wants Your Attention Online

Women have a lot of options with men online. It’s because it is easy to simp for a girl from the comfort of your bedroom. Yet it takes balls to actually approach her in person. So, if she is talking to you online, you’ve at least done something to spark her interest. 

Any kind of interaction is a good sign

If a woman is liking your statuses, sending you emojis, winks or any other small signal of interest online then you’ve got her attention at least. It’s so much easier for a woman who is not interested to ignore you online, so any type of response or engagement is a good start. 

Does she want to get to know you?

Getting to know each other over wine

We all know women love to talk and text. Some women will keep you talking and texting for years with no intention of ever meeting up because you are filling her need for validation or just being a convenient escape from boredom. But if she is making the effort to ask you questions to learn more about your life and who you are, it’s a sign that she is not just seeking attention but that she is also interested in you as a person. 

If she asks if you’re dating other women

Back in the day, I was texting this girl. I told her I was tired because I was up late last night. She got it in her head that I must’ve been having sex because she asked me straight up, “Were you having sex?”. 

I could tell it excited her because she was much more responsive to my texts and asked me if I was dating any other women. We’d been texting for months but as soon as she started asking about other women, I knew she wanted me.  

When a girl starts asking you if you are seeing other women, you can be guaranteed it is one of the signs she wants your attention. 

She sends you pictures of herself

Taking a selfie to send to a guy

When a girl posts selfies on social media it can be a sign she only wants attention in general. But when a girl is sliding into your DMs and sending you selfies, it is one of the signs she wants you to notice her. If that’s the case, then you better know how to compliment her on her photos!

There is one sign that will let you know for sure…

There is only one sign that you can count on for sure that she is interested in you. That is, she wants to meet in person. This is the best way to know if she really likes you or if she is just stringing you along.

But she probably isn’t going to ask you out directly. Instead, she might mention some events nearby that you might be into. She might even casually mention where she’ll be on a specific evening. You will have to take the risk by inviting her to meet up with you. If she was genuinely trying to get your attention, then she will be excited when you ask her to meet up in person. 

But you need to act quickly. The longer you leave it, the chances of actually meeting up decrease. This is because all the texting and chatting is killing whatever sexual tension is there. 

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Signs She Wants You to Notice Her

Noticing signs she wants you to notice her in real life is a lot easier than online because you can pick up on the nonverbal cues and energy, not just her words. Here are the most commons ways she will try to get you to notice her:

She is always around you

She will sit closer to you at a dinner table, make a point to walk by your desk at work, or position herself in your line of vision or somewhere you can easily find her. If she wants your attention, she will exert more energy by laughing, dancing or using expressive gestures to draw your eyes towards her. 

According to Dr. David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, “proximity is often the first step in becoming attracted to someone”. Of course, proximity doesn’t guarantee that a sexual spark will develop but repeated contact, in the beginning, definitely increases the odds.

One study revealed that a series of brief face-to-face contacts without even talking to the person increased positive responses. So it would make sense that a girl will use this principle to get your attention by always lingering around you. 

She makes eye contact

Making eye contact with a guy

After proximity, the second most powerful sign a woman wants your attention is eye contact. Once people are in close contact, eye contact is the next natural progression towards courtship. 

If she is interested you will catch her constantly glancing in your direction, holding eye contact when you speak to her and glancing at you even when other people in the group are talking. 

In one study, men and women were asked to stare into the eyes of a stranger from the opposite sex. Many reported that deep eye contact with an opposite-sex stranger created feelings of intense love. So watch out for eye contact. 

Physical touch

When a woman brushes against your arm, rubs her leg against yours under a table or playful slaps your shoulder it’s one of the signs she wants you. These touches might seem like an accident but she knows what she is doing. 

Studies have shown that sexual interest can be intensified with physical touch. The experience of mutual touching elevated the heart rate of the individuals.

Areas of the skin, known as erogenous zones, create sexual pleasure when touched. It's different for anyone, but for the most part, this includes the neck, ears, inner wrist and thighs.

But any type of skin-to-skin contact can be arousing. If a girl is serious about capturing your attention, she will find a way to establish some kind of physical contact with you. 

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She gets a little nervous around you

I was out at a bar with my friend and a gang of girls barged through the door. They were dressed in tight, revealing clothes with everything on display. They were caked with make-up, they were loud and they had sexual props with them - penis straws, inflatable penises and everything else you would expect at a Hen’s night.

My friend got excited. He rushed to offer to try to talk to one of them, thinking he spotted the perfect chance to get an easy lay. Little did he know, that flamboyant, overtly sexual displays are usually signs she only wants attention, not that she is trying to get your attention specifically. 

In fact, when a girl is interested in getting your attention she is more likely to become shy, clumsy and nervous around you. She becomes more self-conscious because she wants to make a good impression. 

Think of it this way, if you were at an interview for your dream job and you’re sitting in front of the CEO, are you going to be loud and flamboyant or quiet and self-conscious? 

She reveals information about herself

When she asks you questions about your life and reveals personal information about herself to you, it is another one of the signs a woman wants your attention. By revealing her vulnerabilities and authentic self to you, she is dropping her barriers and creating intimacy with you. Revealing intimate details about each other's lives will create deep attraction. 

Though too much information can lead to contempt so it is always important to keep an element of mystery about yourself. 

The science shows that men can tend to overlook the subtle non-verbal signs of attraction and overestimate their chances with women. Hopefully, you are equipped with the knowledge to spot when a woman is clearly trying to get your attention so you don’t fall into the trap of assuming she is more interested than she really is.

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