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How To Approach A Girl In College And Get Her Interested Every Time

The type of girl you want to approach in college

If you're a student and want to figure out how to approach a girl in college the best way, then stick around!

As someone who graduated almost ten years ago, I've had the most wonderful time in college with many different women. It's time I show you how to get the success I had and why approaching women in college is a bit different from many other places.

Because if you do it the wrong way, your college experience isn’t going to be as good as it definitely can be.

The key of how to approach a girl in college is to relax

College campuses are one of the most chill and relaxed places out there. That's why it's crucial that you feel at ease when you approach women. It's not a club and not a bar, so your energy levels have to be low and you should be pretty mellow. Otherwise, you'll seem out of place and women will label you as weird or creepy.

In other words, save the high-energy, balls to the wall approaches for nightclubs and concerts, where they belong. Though it is pretty easy to meet and approach college girls in a club!

It's also important to note that you can and should approach any girl on campus who you find attractive and who isn't in a rush somewhere.

This means that even if you see a girl studying in a library, you can strike up a conversation with her. She may look occupied with her studies, but she’s not in any rush to get somewhere.

This works because if you're at ease with yourself while approaching and your demeanor and tonality aren't any different than when you're talking to someone who you already know. Then there won't be any reason for the girl to not at least acknowledge you politely.

After that, you can engage in small talk with her and see if she gets into it and wants you to stick around. If she doesn’t, then move on and go talk to someone else.

What to say and what to do

As with anywhere else, there's no one best thing to say which will get you great results every single time. That's because each woman is an individual person with her own likes, tastes, wants, needs, and desires.

Remember this point because it’s one of the most important yet often-missed pieces of information when it comes to women and dating.

So, your best bet is to simply walk up to her and introduce yourself. Followed by whatever you think will make the interaction interesting, exciting, fun, or otherwise memorable. It also helps if she gives off signs that she wants you to approach.

Remember, you're there to talk to her, brighten up her day and see if she'd want to go out with you.

Also, as is the case with any low-energy environment, don’t begin flirting with her right off the bat. Instead, only start flirting once you're deep into small-talk and when you see that she wants you to hang around.

Unless, of course, you notice she’s instantly very interested in you because you’ve made a wonderful first impression.

The importance of learning small talk

Now then, don't know what to say and how to get into small talk? Then say something like "Hey, do you know where this classroom or that building is?" Or "Hey, what's up? I'm so and so. I thought you looked interesting and wanted to find out what your major was. What's your name?"

Even something as simple as "Hey, I've never seen you around, you must be new here. I'm so and so, what's your name?" does wonders for when you're learning how to approach a girl in college. It gets the ball rolling and there's no reason for her to reject a friendly and social guy who approaches someone in college. And it can quickly lead to some interesting chit-chat. It's also a simple yet effective way to approach girls at the gym.

Trust me on this, it's never easier to interact with as many beautiful women as it is in when you're in college. To make things even smoother, you can talk to these women like you would with your buddy. With all the regular questions like "So how's your week going?" and "What are you up to tonight?"

Because contrary to popular belief, it’s not the talking in a friendly manner that gets you “friend-zoned.” It’s being stuck in that friendly talk without ever showing your intentions and moving on to flirting and physical touching.

The direct approach

As a matter of fact, you may even try approaching women in college in a more direct way, which I prefer doing. But that'll significantly increase your rate of rejection, as much as it’ll save you some time. It's also a great rule of thumb for approaching girls at a bar.

By more direct, I mean saying stuff like "Hey, I haven't seen you here before but I thought you were really cute and wanted to meet you. I'm Andy, what's your name?"

This will make your intentions clear from the start. Which is why it'll mean you'll get rejected more often. Because some women are just not going to be interested in meeting you, or anyone else for that matter. There could be a million reasons behind the rejection, so don’t take it personally and move on.

However, I vastly prefer this direct approach to the other way since it saves you a lot of time if you're not into doing random small-talk with random women.

Although, for a beginner, I highly suggest you begin with small-talk. Because you'll get in a lot of practice talking to women under your belt. Which is amazing in itself if you're striving to learn how to become successful with women and people in general.

Plus, you'll only start flirting with these women once you've noticed that they're enjoying your company and having a good time with you. This will make sure you almost never get rejected because it effectively lets you screen for women who don't mind hanging out with you.

Just remember, you have to make your intentions clear eventually or you will get friend-zoned. Location is also important here, how you approach a girl in a club is going to be very different from how to do it in the library.

The fast-track to success with women in college

Finally, while the above ways are perfect for beginners and guys who aren't yet awesome with women, I'd like to talk about another way. A way of approaching women in college which will bring you massive results nearly all the time.

However, it's definitely not for everyone.

Basically, if you want your college experience to be unforgettable and to get laid every day, you have to become famous for throwing parties.

Guys who are very confident, good-looking and who regularly throw parties in college get laid pretty much whenever they want to. And by good-looking, I don't mean being naturally handsome with chiseled looks and having the body of a Greek God.

By being good-looking, I mean taking the time to get in shape so that you’re not a fat slob. And then getting your grooming, hygiene, body language, clothing style and similar things in order. Anyone can achieve that with a bit of effort and it’ll turn any below-average guy into a great catch.

And by confident, I mostly mean that you shouldn't be afraid of talking to women and not taking rejection personally. Nothing more than that.

College parties

But the last thing - throwing college parties - is where the real gold is. Find some good buddies in college who are also confident and cool, and then find a good location. You might even meet some more mature women at college parties, and it's pretty easy to approach women when they feel like they stand out.

Then simply go around the campus introducing yourself to every girl you find attractive. Say stuff like "Hey! What are you doing Saturday night, got any plans? Well, you do now, come to our party!" Or even "Hey we're having a huge party on Friday, you should definitely come along, it's going to be a blast! Everyone who's anyone's gonna be there and you'll meet loads of awesome people!"

Basically, once you become famous for throwing some good parties where there will be tons of women (because you've talked to them and invited them) and some solid and cool guys, you'll have it made.

Getting laid in college will be like shooting fish in a fish barrel. And your days of learning how to approach a girl in college will be over, then.

How to approach a girl in college is just getting to it

You now have all the necessary knowledge to approach, meet and eventually seduce attractive women in college. It’s time to put it to good use and start approaching.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the first few or even dozens of times. No one’s born with impeccable social skills and amazing charisma. Everyone’s had to learn as they go along and you’ll be no exception.

Don’t take rejection to heart and simply move on to other women if things don’t work out. The absolute worst thing you can do is give up after a few failed approaches. Because it’s easy to start believing that something’s wrong with you if you get rejected a few times in a row.

However, it’s the people who persist who get the most success in the end. And college campuses are one of the most excellent places to start learning all of this. Because there will be lots of new people there who are looking for friends and companionship.

Go make some friends, practice your social skills as much as you can and ask out the women who are enjoying hanging out with you.

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