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7 Key Signs a Girl Wants to Be Approached (And What to Say After)

She's giving off Signs a Girl Wants to Be Approached

If you’re wondering about the signs a girl wants to be approached, then this guide is for you. Knowing when and how to approach girls is a true skill. There are always those few guys who just instinctively know when to approach someone. But most men who have success with women have had to learn the hard way.

Most guys don’t naturally know when a girl is sending them a signal that she wants to be approached. The key is to pay attention to her body language, facial expressions and behaviors. But if you have no idea what those signs are, keep reading!

How can you tell if she’s just looking in your general direction or waiting for you to come closer? It can be tricky, but there are some sure signs you can look out for.

1. A woman scanning the room is a common sign she wants to be approached

A woman who’s interested in meeting new guys will be looking around to see who’s around her. This won’t be a one-time thing, either. She’ll likely scan the room multiple times. So, if you see a girl glancing around the room frequently, you’ll know that she’s probably open to being approached. This is the perfect time to approach.

A woman who doesn't want to be approached will keep her focus on her friends or whoever she is with. If she’s alone, she’ll likely be looking at her phone, laptop, book or whatever is directly in front of her. She won’t be looking around.  No matter how beautiful she is or how interested you are in her, don’t approach if this is the vibe she’s giving off. You’ll almost always get the brush off.

2. A girl wants you to approach if she looks at you then looks away repeatedly

If a woman glances at you, smiles, averts her eyes and then repeats the move a few times, it’s a pretty sure sign that you'll be welcome if you approach this woman. It’s sort of a game women play to capture a guy’s attention. So, if you catch her glancing your way repeatedly, it’s virtually guaranteed that she wants you to come over and talk to her.

While older women are generally more forward and may even approach you first, most girls love the feeling of luring a guy in with just a coy glance. This is just one of the many subtle signs women give away when they’re interested in you.

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3. She stands near you

If you’re in a crowded area for meeting lots of women, you may not want to read too much into this move. But, if you’re in a setting where there is ample room and a woman still stands near you, it’s a signal she’s into you. That’s especially the case if she glances your way to see if you’re paying attention to her.

A woman who’s not interested won’t continually find ways to be near you. So, next time you spot a woman who always seems to be where you are, take it as a sign. She wants you to make a move.

4. Her movements are exaggerated

While not all women do this, it’s a telltale sign for many single ladies. If you see a woman who is laughing loudly, flipping her hair a lot or gesturing with her arms, she may be trying to get your attention and she wants you to approach her at a club, a bar or wherever you are. Trust us, if this is her goal, she’ll be surreptitiously checking to see if you’ve noticed her.

5. Girls who want to be approached will smile and flip their hair

This is similar to the look and look away move. In this case, a girl will smile at you while playing with her hair.

Take the example of meeting girls at the gym. She may flip her hair off of her shoulders or twirl it around a finger while she's taking a break. If she makes eye contact and smiles at you when she’s doing this, it’s as good as her telling you out loud to come over and talk to her.

Speaking of eye contact...

6. Making eye contact

Remember, not every woman you make eye contact with wants to be approached. The key is knowing if it was accidental or intentional. When eye contact is accidental she will likely look away quickly. If, however, she stares for a while or keeps looking your way, she’s likely sending you a signal.

For example, you want to approach your classmate in college. She might be looking over her shoulder to check you out.

The way a woman makes eye contact with you will depend on her personality. A shy woman will likely glance at you quickly, glance away and then will check to see if you’re coming over. If you don’t approach right away, she’ll keep stealing quick glances at you. A more confident gal may catch your eye, hold your gaze for a few seconds and smile before looking away. Either way, you’ve almost certainly got the green light to approach.

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7. Girls want to be approached when they preen

“Preen” may be an old-fashioned word, but even modern women do it when a guy they like is looking at them. She may smooth her hair or adjust her skirt. She might even do this in the hope that you’ll pay attention to her hair or her legs. Before approaching girls at a bar, you can check if she's tucking her hair behind her ear while looking your way.

The key is that she’s subconsciously trying to make herself look more attractive to you. So if you notice any sort of spontaneous grooming happening, get over there and talk to her pronto.

What to do after you know the signs she wants you to approach

If you’re on the lookout for these five signs, you’ll never again miss an opportunity to approach a girl who’s interested in meeting you. That’s not the end of what you need to know, though. She may give you a clear signal that she wants you to come near. But that doesn’t mean your work is done and that she’s ready to fall into your arms.

Knowing how to act and what to say is key to making your approach a success. Your first job is to:

1. Make a connection before you approach a girl

To truly make a connection with her, you must engage her interest. That means having something interesting to say that will spark a conversation. Remember, you’re the one who approached her, so it’s up to you to get things rolling.

After you introduce yourself, you can make a comment about your social surroundings or compliment her outfit. Then follow that up by asking her a question that requires more than a yes or no answer. Remember, older women prefer a guy who can hold their interest, so don’t be afraid to show your humorous side.

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2. Successfully flirt

Once you know she’s into you, it’s time to turn it up a notch and start flirting with her. Try complimenting her in a unique way rather than the standard “you have pretty eyes” or “I love your smile.” Remember, attractive older women likely get a lot of compliments on how they look, so finding a new way to flatter her will set you apart from all of the other guys who have hit on her.

Find something that’s truly unique about her. It could be her laugh, her attitude or her intelligence and let her know. Telling her she has an adorable laugh or that you think she’s fun to talk to will warm her heart far more than telling her she’s hot.

Now that you know the seven signs a girl wants to be approached, it’s time to use this knowledge in real life! As long as you pay attention to her facial expressions, body language and behavior, you’ll be well on your way to successfully meeting more women.


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