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How You Can Use Fractionation Seduction to Land a Date

A man using fractionation seduction to attract a woman at a bar

What is fractionation seduction? You might have heard of it in recent discussions in the dating sphere. Is it for real and worth learning more about—or is it just another passing fad?

As it turns out, fractionation represents the next level of dating psychology. More and more men are learning about it, trying it out, and getting good results. And if you, too, want more success with women, then this might be the next technique you'll want to develop.

Let's get right to it.

The Psychology Behind Fractionation

Fractionation is a powerful psychological technique that can be used to build an emotional connection and attraction with a woman. It is an advanced form of conversation that can bring a woman's emotions to the surface quickly and efficiently. It has been used for centuries by master seducers, but it's only recently that its power has been revealed.

At its core, fractionation creates an emotional bond between two people. This bond is created by combining verbal communication and body language to evoke certain feelings in the other person. Doing this can intensify your partner's emotional response, which leads to intense feelings of attraction and connection.

These feelings can be so strong that she entirely gives you control of the interaction. And so she'll willingly go where you take her and do what you tell her. It's that powerful.

All that said, fractionation isn't limited to just the dating sphere. It is also massively used in spheres outside of it: in marketing, advertising, politics, religion, entertainment, and more. It uses the same principles and exerts a similar mesmerizing, addicting effect on people.

So, how does it work? Here are the elements of fractionation.

Establishing rapport

Building rapport with a woman at a coffee shop

The first element of fractionation is to build rapport with one's audience, target market, constituents, and so on. Your goal is to make them trust you enough to take the time to listen to you.

Here's why it's important: If your target doesn't trust you, they won't listen. And even if they did, you likely won't win them over. And so, building rapport with your target(s) is an essential ingredient of fractionation.

This is why intelligent politicians go down to the town halls to listen to their constituents. It's also why religious leaders pour their resources into charity, outreach, and ministries. And it's why, in dating, most interactions always start with small talk and banter.

Establishing the target's values

The second ingredient is to know the target's values. More specifically, it's to find out what's important to them—their goals, pain points, hopes, frustrations, and so on.

In many disciplines that use fractionation, this is usually done in advance. Companies do market research, politicians do polls, and marketers send surveys. The better they know the values of their target audience, the more effective their strategies will be.

The better and more targeted your approach is, the faster you build rapport and the deeper the connection you'll make with your target. But even then, that's not enough. You'll need the third and possibly the most crucial ingredient of all, as well:

The emotional thrill ride

This is where you put your target(s) on emotional ups and down. That means an alternating between emotional pressure and release, stress and relief, or pleasure and pain. And these thrill rides should be discrete—your target shouldn't notice them.

These hidden emotional thrill rides have been found to have a mesmerizing effect on the human brain. We momentarily lose voluntary control of our attention and let the speaker (or whatever is putting us through the emotional ups and downs) guide it.

As a result, we're more likely to agree with and follow the speaker's instructions.

This is why being able to tell a good story is a superpower. The best marketers, politicians, world leaders, and entertainment platforms are great at this. No wonder we get hooked on political ideologies, religions, social media, alcohol, video games, Netflix dramas, etc.

It's all about the emotional thrill ride. And you, too, should learn how to put people on it.

Getting the target to surrender

By "surrender," I mean to get your target to agree with the message. For politicians, this means getting people to vote for them. For companies, it means getting people to buy their products and services. For ideologues, it means getting people to join their movement, religion, or advocacy.

That's what surrender essentially means—saying "yes" to whoever put you on the emotional thrill ride. Fractionation has been the secret of charismatic individuals for centuries.

Now, what part does fractionation have to play in your love life? That's up next.

What is Fractionation Seduction?

Using small talk at first to attract a woman

As its name implies, this is fractionation used to seduce women in the dating game. The goal isn't just to attract or make them feel in love with you but to get them absolutely mesmerized. This makes fractionation one of the best techniques you could ever learn for dating.

Building rapport with a woman

The first step in fractionation is establishing rapport with your partner, which means making them comfortable enough to open up and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with you.

This can be a challenge for some men who aren't excellent conversationalists (or at least not yet). Does that sound like you? If so, don't worry--later in this article, you'll get practical tips on how to build fast rapport with a woman, even if you're meeting her for the first time.

Establishing her values

The next step is to find out what her values are. These are her principles, goals, fears, beliefs, and deal-breakers in life. All these are a glimpse into the "real her" she's hiding and clues to what puts her on an emotional thrill ride.

This is a challenging step, as she needs to trust you before she tells you her innermost values. Achieving that trust is difficult, but the techniques you'll learn later in this article should make it much more manageable.

Putting her on an emotional thrill ride

The third ingredient is, again, the emotional thrill ride. You need to put her on a rollercoaster of emotions. This is the most essential ingredient—it's not fractionation without it.

Again, some techniques work better than others at putting women on emotional thrill rides. You'll learn some of them as this article wraps up.

Getting the surrender

Finally, when your partner feels connected to you, she'll likely open up and reveal even more intimate details about herself, further increasing your bond.

When properly fractionated, she'll gladly say "yes" to anything you suggest. It may be to move to another location, meet you for a date that same night, or even go somewhere private with you. What happens next is your choice.

That's how fractionation works in dating and seduction. In situations where she'd typically say "no," or "I don't know," she'd instead willingly say yes.

Fractionation Seduction in Real Life

Now for the fun part. How do you use fractionation on women in real life? Let's go through all four ingredients and see how to best achieve each of them.

How to build rapport with women

First, start with small talk. Ask simple, harmless questions about her life and interests to learn more about her.

Try to assess if you have any shared connections or overlapping interests between the two of you, as these will break the tension and make her more comfortable with you.

Also, engage in active listening. Show her you're paying attention by reflecting on what she has just said or asking follow-up questions. Active listening shows your interest in her and builds rapport like crazy.

Here are some other great ways to build rapport with her.

How to establish her values

One way to find out what's really important for her is to pay attention to her body language. When she's interested in the conversation, she usually maintains eye contact and has an open body posture. She may also subconsciously or consciously mirror your movements and sway her body when you do.

If a woman becomes disengaged or unresponsive, she might turn her head away from you or stop making eye contact. Paying attention to these cues can help tell you what topics of conversation are important to her and which aren't.

How to give her an emotional thrill ride

Taking her on an emotional thrill ride

When the conversation touches on more personal or controversial topics, now's the time to put her on an emotional thrill ride. Here are a few recommended ways to do so.

First, tell a story that touches on one of her values. For instance:

  • If you've found that she likes hiking, you can tell her a true story about how you got stranded by a storm while mountain climbing, only to come out of it alive in the end.
  • If you've found she likes pets, you can tell her a true story about your favorite pet and how awesome it was—until it died suddenly.
  • You tell her any story about something that makes her feel fearful, flabbergasted, thrilled, relieved, etc.—as many wild emotions in rapid succession.

Second, you can insert a tinge of romance in your conversation here and there. For example:

  • You briefly discuss dating and relationships but switch to a non-romantic topic afterward.
  • You can mention an ex-girlfriend but return to the platonic conversation soon after.
  • You can briefly mention taking her to a specific place or event, then continue the conversation.

Third, you can ask her deep, theoretical questions and let her mind wander. For some great ideas, check out our article on great existential questions to ask.

You get the idea. These emotional thrill rides will make her feel hooked on you—and she won't even notice it. The more times you can pull it off in a single interaction, the better.

How to make her surrender

You'll know fractionation worked on her when you notice her bringing up romantic topics, flirting, and agreeing with you enthusiastically. What happens next is up to you.

(Quick Note: Here are some more telltale signs she likes you.)

Do you bounce her to a different location and keep the date going? Do you suggest going somewhere private? Whatever it might be, she's much more likely to say "yes" to you.

That's the power of fractionation. It's not a simple technique, and it needs lots of practice—but keep at it, and it just might be the last dating technique you'll need to master.

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