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Does She Want Me to Make a Move? 10 Ways Older Women Show You!

does she want me to make a move is a question you need to know

Does she want me to make a move?

Whenever you’re on a date with a charming older woman, it’s natural to ask yourself that.

Oftentimes, you’ll have to feel her out indirectly and guess as to whether or not she does.

Since it’s in your best interest to guess correctly, we’ve come up with a list of 10 ways older women show you that they want you to make a move – whether it be for a first kiss or to be asked out on a date.

Does She Want Me to Make a Move?

Here is how you know, these signs work regardless of where you met be it on the street or online (see our rankings of the best sites for dating older women if you have not tried online yet).

The signs women give off sometimes depend on where you are. Some places for picking up women tend to be pretty social. Women are more likely to be more receptive to guys hitting on them or at least chatting them up. However, there are exceptions.

Meeting women at a club can be more challenging because, while the women there are social and used to guys hitting on them, they tend to be extra guarded. They know that there are tons of guys there, so they only reserve their attention for the guys who truly catch their eye. So if that happens to be you and she shows you these signs, you better make that move!

1 – She suggests that you do something together

If the woman you’re interested in is a coworker or someone you just met, she may show that she’s interested in you if she suggests that you do something together.

Instead of wondering, “does she want me to make a move?” incessantly, look out for signs that she wants to spend more time with you. Does she ask you to lunch a lot? Does she often invite you to hang out after work? Maybe she likes to sit near you.

If any of the above are true, no need to start searching for new places to meet single women near you. Looks like someone's into you already!

2 – Does she want me to make a move when she flirts?

Technically, this falls under the category of women making the first move. But it's debatable if she's actually "making a move" since these hints are super subtle.

Regardless of the environment, the way she interacts with you speaks volumes. If she’s clearly flirting with you – frequently smiling, teasing, laughing, or even touching you – it’s her way of telling you that you should make a move.

Older women tend to be more forward than younger women in this sense.

They are direct and to the point, so if she’s flirting with you it’s probably because she likes you.

3 – She laughs frequently

Whether you’re on a date together or she’s flirting with you elsewhere, if she laughs frequently around you it’s a positive sign that you shouldn’t take for granted.

This is especially true in the places where cougars like to pick up single guys. These are known hot spots where if you're getting all these positive signals you should do something about it.

You can be sure that she’s strongly interested in you when she giggles or her eyes light up at many things you say – especially if you weren’t intending to make her laugh.

When you think, “does she want me to make a move?” consider the way she acts/is acting around you.

If it’s positive, chances are she does.

4 – She touches you warmly

Just like the previous example, the details of the situation are irrelevant.

If she touches you warmly – on the hand, forearm, shoulder, or thigh below the table – she wants you to make a move eventually.

This applies especially when you’re on a date together.

If it’s the first time you’re seeing each other, she may be shy about this form of touching at first.

But if the date progresses well, or when both of you have loosened up after a drink, it’s not uncommon for her to become more comfortable with subtle touching.

The more she touches you, the keener she is to kiss you.

5 – She’s receptive to your touches

On that note, the way she responds to your touching is just as important as how often she makes contact with you.

When you’re having a conversation, make sure to touch her hand or forearm every so often. In a way that feels mutually comfortable, of course.

If you’re going to cross the street together, lead her by placing your palm on her lower back. If she doesn’t tense up when you do this, she will become more receptive to you.

You’ll know she’s fond of your touches when she begins doing the same in return.

6 – She’s receptive to your proximity

Her receptiveness to you is important. Especially when it comes to your presence. But keep in mind that a woman being closer to you isn't an instant sign she's into you. If you're meeting girls in a crowded bar, then any woman might stand near you simply because there's no other place to stand.

However, if she acknowledges you and she doesn’t move away as you gradually close the distance between you, it’s a sign she’s comfortable with you.

When you’re on a date together, measure how receptive she is to your proximity.

Walk closer together or sit closer.

Read her body language.

If she’s visibly comfortable with you being close to her, it’s a sign that she wants you to make a move.

Don’t doubt yourself, and go for it!

7 – She moves closer to you

It’s a great sign if she begins to close the distance between you when you’re together.

Especially when you’ve been moving closer to her all along.

When a man and a woman continue to narrow the distance between them, what comes next is almost inevitable.

While older women may be more confident than younger women, they are still unlikely to pull the trigger on a first kiss.

But if she keeps moving closer to you, it means she’s giving you the green light to proceed.

8 – She gives you lingering eye contact

When you’re asking yourself, “does she want me to make a move?” it’s crucial that you’re familiar with the ways older women show you that they do in a variety of contexts.

And when it comes to lingering eye contact, you can be sure that regardless of the context, it’s a sign she wants you to take charge.

If she frequently looks at you, holds your gaze, or maybe even looks away when she’s caught… Make no mistake; she wants you to make a move.

9 – She plays with her hair

This one is a little bit tricky.

But the more you begin to recognize it, the more you’ll be able to understand what it means in each situation.

Women play with their hair all the time – especially when they are nervous.

And if you’re on a date with an older woman, always see hair playing as a good sign.

Especially when it’s accompanied by smiles, teases, and giggles.

In short, many times women will play with their hair to get your attention.

Which is usually a sign that she likes you and wants you to make a move.

10 – She encourages you to make a move

Lastly, the ultimate indicator that she wants you to proceed is if she’s generally encouraging you to make a move.

Read her body language.

Be attentive to her eye contact.

See how she responds to your touching – does she reciprocate?

Is she comfortable when you’re close to her, and does she move closer?

These are all signs that she’s encouraging you to make a move – whether it be asking her out or going for a kiss.

If in any doubt, listen to your gut.

If you ever feel that you should make a move – odds are, you probably should.

At worst, know that soft rejections are infinitely worse than lasting regret.

So next time you ask yourself, “does she want me to make a move?” consider the signs she’s giving you.

If she’s given you at least a few of the above, there’s a good chance that she’s waiting for you to pull the trigger.


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