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7 Proven Methods For Picking Up Women At A Club With Ease

He knows the secrets to picking up women at a club

Wondering if picking up women at a club is the right choice for you? Well, according to the dating expert Kezia Noble, in bars “women are more likely to be actively seeking a man to have fun with.”

Additionally, she says that bars create a “high energy” and more positive environment. After all, we’re all more relaxed when in front of a good drink, right?

So how can you use this to your advantage? How can you use the bar setting to effectively pick up women in the short amount of time you’re with them? Keep reading to learn how you can increase your success with women in this popular setting!

The Best Techniques for Picking up Women at a Club

Stop watching your friends pick up all the hottest babes while you’re left empty-handed. Here are the secrets to create instant attraction with a beautiful woman at your favorite bar:

Be charming to EVERYONE when picking up women at a club

Whether it's the bartender handing you a beer or that hot girl at the bar, be as nice and sociable as you can. This helps people respond positively to you and it increases your odds of catching the eye of a woman.

So why should you do this even if you're there to pick up women and not flirt with the bartender? First, this increases your social value. The more people interact with you and the happier they are around you, the more attractive you appear.

Women near you will instantly pick up on this cue and think, "Who's that guy who looks like the life of the party?" or "He seems so fun; just look at all those people enjoying his company!"

You've instantly won some points with them before you even approach!

Find creative ways to communicate, regardless of the loud music

Many guys have a terrible excuse for not approaching women at a club. They claim that the music is too loud, so the lady can’t hear what they say. Are you guilty of making this mistake as well?

This is where you should be creative when making your first move. Your move doesn't have to be a suave one-liner or a cheesy compliment. Instead, you can communicate with women through body language.

Catch her eye and give her a smile. Raise your glass as you approach her. Or simply be in her line of sight as you dance. These moves will put you on her radar so you can eventually approach her despite the loud music.

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The waiting game

Here's a different approach that can sometimes work for shy guys. It starts off with being patient and subtle. While yes, when you're at a club, the energy is high and you're probably itching to meet girls, but the waiting game does pay off.

Some girls are a lot more forward than others. Sometimes, women want to make the first move. But you have to throw the ball in her court first.

What you can do is scan the room for women who are also scanning the room. Find a few women who look like they're a little feisty and looking for some action. These women are generally pretty sociable and very confident, so they won't have an issue with approaching guys.

You want those women to notice you, so ideally, you should be in their line of sight. Then, when you know for sure that they can see you, make your "move" (and by move, we mean something subtle).

Smile at her, look her way from time to time. Give her an even bigger smile when she glances at you. And when the tension's almost unbearable, give her a confident look and tilt your head to indicate that you want her to come closer. Chances are she will.

Try the “push/pull” technique

Whether you're at a club for younger women or you're at a place where women go to meet older men, this technique works wonders. The push/pull technique is all about giving her hints that you're into her then leaving her hanging for a bit.

For example, you can compliment her, then leave her alone for a while. Alternatively, initiate touch on the dance floor, but then go back at the table with your buddies.

This will keep her interested and give her some breathing space between interactions with you. It gives them a challenge: that "will we won't we" feeling that make women want to chase after you.

When picking up women at a club, make friends with their friends!

Women at the club always consider the opinion of her friends. When these girls get a little tipsy, they know that their judgment isn't the best. So they rely on their buddies to help them decide if the guy chatting them up is worth their time.

So if you bring a woman away from her friends without notice, they’ll get worried. Her pals will likely start looking for her, potentially ruining your seduction efforts.

Avoid this by making friends with the other women in her social circle as well. Offer them a drink, or hang out a little with the whole group, showing them that you’re a nice person. However, make it clear with your words and body language that you only like the woman you want to seduce. If you start practicing your pick-up lines on her bestie, she’ll get jealous!

When you feel that the right time has arrived, you can ask her friends to borrow her for a minute.

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Find a girl who’s alone

Would you prefer to avoid dealing with four or five women at a time? Then, approach a lady who’s alone. Usually, women who are not afraid of going out for a drink on their own are strong, independent and charming.

Additionally, there’s a chance that a lady alone in a bar is there to attract a potential partner. Maybe her friends aren’t available for a night out, but she still wants to maximize her chances to get laid. No need to wonder if she wants you to make a move, because chances are she'll welcome a little interaction to check if she's into you. And if she is, she’ll definitely appreciate a little companionship!

Lastly, you don’t need to seek approval from her friends. Away from the judgemental gaze of the other ladies she knows, she’ll unleash her full potential!

Avoid bringing up conversations that are too serious

Talking about politics or sensitive topics doesn’t help with picking up women in a club. Remember that the ladies are there to chill out. They want fun, light-hearted conversations!

In addition, try to avoid talking about her exes or breakups, even if she brings up the subject. You don’t want her to see you as a shoulder to cry on because it’s the easiest way to get friendzoned!

Let her whine for a few minutes, then move the conversation on her hobbies, her favorite drinks or her pets. Anything goes, as long as it’s a fun and happy topic!

Wear something that will catch women’s attention

This is particularly effective in bars and clubs, where you have to compete with many other guys for the ladies’ attention.

Invest in a few pieces of jewelry that are very attractive. Less is more, so it’s best to wear just a beautiful ring than a dozen cheap-looking pieces. Same for clothing and accessories: Make your outfit more noticeable with a single item in a bright color.

For example, if you’re wearing a regular black suit, you can add a little pizzazz to your look with a colorful necktie. If you’re a “jeans and T-shirt” kind of guy, wear some colorful sneakers, and you’ll have all eyes on you!

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The easiest way to pick up women at a club: find a wingman

Bringing a buddy with you when going out to meet women at parties has many benefits. First of all, it gives you instant social value without the effort of socializing with strangers. Secondly, it can make you way more confident.

In case of rejection, your wingman has your back and he’ll make sure you have a great time anyway. Also, if there aren’t many ladies to approach in the bar, you won’t end up alone!

If none of your buddies are willing to act as a wingman for you, you can even hire a professional one. Many dating coaches, both male and female, offer this service to help their clients get more success with women.

Avoid drinking too much

While picking women in the club scene, getting a little drunk may be tempting. Many guys think that alcohol can give them more courage to approach women. Instead, too many drinks can actually harm your chances of seducing beautiful ladies.

When you’re drunk, you may come on too strong, causing the woman you like to reject you. This doesn’t help at all to create attraction! Additionally, you won’t have sexy body language at all.

Have a low-alcohol drink before starting to approach women if you need to boost your confidence a little. Then, abstain for the rest of the night.

Picking up women at a club can be easy and fun. So start planning a night out ASAP to use these techniques!


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